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    Mark Buehrle to retire?

    QUOTE (WhiteSoxLifer @ Nov 9, 2015 -> 01:49 PM) Mark Buehrle has not retired yet, according to his agent, Jeff Berry, who is at GM meetings. Still possible Buehrle pitches in 2016. https://twitter.com/jonmorosi/status/663773659639767040 Any chance the Sox bring him back on a one-year deal so he finishes his career where it all started?
  2. aboz56

    In-season managerial changes a risk, BUT

    I think Robin seems like a nice guy, respect the hell out of him as a player, but this just isn't working. This team should be better than what it is. Ultimately, the manager has to be responsible, right? If this team was winning, he would be getting a ton of credit, so it's fair to criticize and question him for what's currently transpiring. We're past Memorial Day and this team is nowhere near contending. I suppose there is still time to "figure it out," but sometimes there's a case to be made for shaking things up and trying something different. I don't think he's a terrible manager by any means and I'm not confident that someone else would do any better, but this season is going nowhere fast and it's incredibly frustrating to watch.
  3. aboz56

    4/17 - White Sox vs Tigers

    No tag was applied from what I saw. Regardless, still have to look at it.
  4. aboz56

    4/17 - White Sox vs Tigers

    So we have a leadoff hitter that can't get a bunt down and a shortstop who can't get a tag put down. What a great start to the season.
  5. aboz56

    Adam Eaton

    You'd think a leadoff hitter would be able to get a bunt down, but apparently that is not the case.
  6. aboz56

    The Adam Dunn Appreciation Thread

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Sep 1, 2014 -> 02:29 PM) That people made it personal? How is it personal to say that he's awful? It's just stating a fact.
  7. aboz56

    Do the Sox have any plans to honor Adam Dunn next week?

    I suggest a video montage of all his strikeouts before the game, but that might delay first pitch a good half hour or so.
  8. aboz56

    The Adam Dunn Appreciation Thread

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Sep 1, 2014 -> 12:38 PM) Totally. Unless Adam Dunn kicked your dog, I don't get the personal hatred for him. Save that for the real d-bags in sports who drive drunk, use drugs, beat their wives, etc. It's not personal, people just don't like him because he made a lot of money and was terrible. What's the issue?
  9. aboz56

    The Adam Dunn Appreciation Thread

    This guy basically stole $56 million from the White Sox (and yes, I realize it was an AWFUL signing by KW). Whether he was a nice guy or a good teammate is irrelevant to me. He was sold to the fanbase as a major addition and was an epic fail. Good riddance.
  10. aboz56

    7/27 - Sox vs Twins

    I'd like to say I'm surprised, but I'd be lying.
  11. aboz56

    Closer? 'We don't really have one'

    The bullpen is a disaster. Needs to be addressed in the offseason, whether this team plans to contend or not.
  12. aboz56

    Flowers and his magic glasses

    QUOTE (scs787 @ Jul 26, 2014 -> 12:24 AM) Hilarious.
  13. aboz56

    Yanks on Danks

    For any team willing to take him off the hands of the White Sox, I'll offer a courtesy shuttle to the airport for Johnny.
  14. aboz56

    Sox Draft Carlos Rodon> Draft Day Discussion Thread

    Rodon come on down?
  15. aboz56


    Tanking for the No. 1 pick. 4.5 games out. Gotta keep pace.
  16. aboz56

    New banner - Jake's gone and PK's a corpse

    My vote is for a banner of the Rally Crede holding Jason's newborn.
  17. aboz56

    Peavy appreciation thread

    Relatively short thread and for good reason. Overall, his tenure in Chicago was a disappointment. Not saying he didn't compete, but never really performed up to expectations that many had when he was acquired.
  18. aboz56

    The continuing fall and decline of PHT.

    This is all pretty simple. It's Jason's fault.
  19. aboz56

    White Sox draft day one thread

    Baseball America: "Tim Anderson could crack next year’s Prospect Handbook as Chicago’s top prospect. If he’s not, it will at least be a spirited debate." http://www.baseballamerica.com/draft/2013-...round-analysis/
  20. Apologize if this has already been posted, but just came across this: http://espn.go.com/chicago/mlb/story/_/id/...action-baseball
  21. aboz56

    Buehrle back in four years?

    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Jul 26, 2012 -> 12:09 PM) I think the most amazing thing about all of this is that aboz posted it I'm only back to harass Jason.
  22. aboz56

    Beckham - could this be it for him?

    QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Jul 25, 2012 -> 12:39 PM) As much as I complain about Becks, his defense is incredibly valuable and he is in the back of the order. I just wish he'd get his head on straight and at least improve his approach at the plate. He swings at some awful crap and really has a problem staying closed. Really really love his defense though and I see significant value in the fact that he's cost controlled and heady in the field (and on the paths). This. His approach has been terrible, but he's hitting low in the order and his defense is tremendous. For the defense alone, you at least ride it out the rest of this year and then revisit his role again after the season. Even then, I'm not sure you get rid of him.
  23. aboz56

    Mark Buehrle Appreciaton Thread

    Remember being at the Cell for Buehrle's debut. And always making sure I was near a TV when he was on the mound. Loved watching him pitch for the Sox. Always took the ball. Was never a distraction. Competed despite not having the best stuff. Was a great guy in the club house and off the field. And won games. A lot of them. Hard to imagine him pitching in another uniform, but certainly realize he had to take the deal that was best for him. I'm just sad it couldn't be in Chicago.
  24. aboz56

    Buehrle Signs with Marlins | 4 yrs $58 mil

    My favorite Sox player ever not named Frank Thomas. Thanks for the memories, Mark, and good luck in Florida. I'll still root for you.