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    Hummel FINALLY getting back on track

    I saw him twice last summer and didn't really care for him, but maybe he will turn into something decent. You never know, he could still turn it around.
  2. Right now, Buehrle doesn't deserve more than a 3 year deal worth no more than $12 million. That is more than fair based on compensation guys like Zito and Pujols are currently getting. In a few years, we can talk big money with Buehrle but at least give him a considerable raise after his first two seasons.
  3. aboz56


    No matter how you look at it, if we lock up the nucleus of Mags, Konerko, Buehrle, Crede and Borchard long term and add a solid arm, the Sox will be in good shape to win the Central for years to come. Look at it this way, once all of the Twins players (Hunter, Jones, Doug, Rivas, etc.) command more money, that team will be split up. I'd even like to see us maybe go after Hunter or Jones when they are ready to bolt the Twins cities. If the Indians lose Thome, write them off for a while. Tigers and Royals, well, don't even need to mention them. Neither has shown a commitment to win. I hope the Sox realize that if they can lock up those 5 core players, this team could dominate a weak division for a few years, maybe more.
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    Great move, although I'd like to see him and Mags signed through about 2008.
  5. Old News, it was posted yesterday.
  6. http://chicagosports.chicagotribune.com/sp...sox%2Dheadlines Pretty ignorant if you ask me. Hopefully he learned his lesson.
  7. I've been informed that the Sox have signed Mark to a one-year deal worth $500,000. Just wanted to pass that along.
  8. aboz56

    Sox Sign Mark Johnson To One-Year Deal

    He may not throw out runners well, but he is by far a better defensive backstop than Paul or Olivo at this point. No one who knows baseball would question MJ's abilities behind the plate, although he doesn't have the greatest arm, he stops the ball and digs it well. $500,000 for a lefthanded hitting catcher is not bad, although he isn't a starter.
  9. Meanwhile, Beane is out looking to move some salary (Cory Lidle to the White Sox for catcher Mark Johnson is a possibility) and add a center fielder if that player meets the Oakland criteria. http://espn.go.com/gammons/s/2002/1113/1460204.html Gammons has officially lost it. If KW did this trade, I would officially be a KW fan regardless of his past screwups. If Billy Beane did this trade, they should fire him so he can go to Boston.
  10. aboz56

    LSU had to have had some angels on that field

    Bears won't get Saban, he is LSU 4 Life.
  11. 11/11/2002 07:36 am ET MLB stars lose again in Japan, 8-2 By Barry M. Bloom / MLB.com Mark Buerhle was knocked out of the game by a Hideki Matsui line drive. Then the Major Baseball All-Stars were KO'd for the second straight night by their Japanese counterparts. The slugger nicknamed "Godzilla" stunned Buerhle during a four-run fourth inning Monday night. Although the Chicago White Sox right-hander flicked his glove up and ducked his head, he took the shot off the top of his left shoulder and immediately left a game Japan won 8-2 in the Fukuoka Dome. The play went as an infield single. "It's just sore. It's a bruise," said Buerhle, who has a bruised left shoulder and may pitch again in his spot Saturday, the next to last game of the series. "It feels like some one punched me in the shoulder. I saw it coming back at me and just tried to get out of the way. I think I just turned my shoulder at it." ------------------------------------- Remind me again why he is playing over there. If he gets seriously injured, I am going to be extremely pissed.
  12. aboz56

    Buehrle Hit With Line Drive On Japan Tour

    From what I read now, the Sox asked him not to go and he went anyway, so it's his own fault if he gets hurt.
  13. aboz56

    LSU had to have had some angels on that field

    I was at the game, it was unreal to say the least. Never seen anything like it before. Just glad LSU came out on top.
  14. aboz56

    Best Beatles album ever

    Just wondering what you guys would pick. Personally, I rank em like this: 1) Revolver 2) Sgt. Pepper 3) Abbey Road 4) Rubber Soul After that, it's a crapshoot.
  15. aboz56

    Best Beatles album ever

    White Album and Help! are excellent as well.
  16. aboz56

    Sox Top Ten Prospects...

    What about Stewart and Sanders, both clearly out pitched Valentine in the AFL...
  17. aboz56

    Sox Top Ten Prospects...

    Nice report... BUT, where are Malone, Ring, Josh Stewart and David Sanders. Malone and Ring have gotta be on this list and with the way Stewart and Sanders outpitched Valentine in the AFL, I am wondering why they were left off.
  18. aboz56

    Dusty's Son

    The Sox had a kid in their dugout all season, his name was K-layton. However, he wasn't as cute as Dusty's son.
  19. aboz56

    Parque feeling slighted by Sox

    Parque is done for, the only thing I would sign him for is Comiskey Park beer sales vendor.
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    What does this thread have to do with Foulke?
  21. aboz56

    Baseball Announced Top 10 Moments

    What happened to Olivo's HR in his first MLB at-bat?
  22. aboz56

    Thomas rips Williams

    Stop b****ing Frank and don't let the door hit you on the way out. I'm with KW on this, Frank should be GONE!
  23. aboz56

    A Ring for Barry's Finger?

    I'm not personally a Bonds fans, but I'd like to see him win a ring. Also, I cannot root for Anaheim after the beating they gave the Sox early in the season. I believe one of the games was 19-1 or so. I think Scioscia is an asshole personally and I'd like to see him drilled in the World Series. Go Giants! (thanks for Felix Diaz by the way)
  24. 2 things: 1) Durham won't be on the A's next season, they won't pay him what he wants (6 or 8 million a season). If Kent leaves SF, they could pursue Durham or the Braves could give him a look because they aren't pleased with Lockhart/Giles. Other teams could enter the fray as well. 2) As far as I'm concerned, Frank Thomas being off the team will be a great thing. I loved Frank back in the day, but he is now just a distraction to the team. Even if he returns to form, I'd rather save the money and sign a pitcher. We'll have plenty of offense with Mags, Konerko, Lee, Crede and the supporting cast. We need a pitcher, not another bat. Thanks to Frank for what he's done for the Sox, but his time here should be over.
  25. aboz56

    Williams answers questions

    You can thank me for the Buehrle question: Dear Mr. Williams, I was wondering what steps are being taken to ensure that Mark Buehrle remains with the White Sox for a long, long time. I am aware that he is not up for arbitration yet, but will the White Sox make keeping Mark Buehrle one of their top priorities? Thank you for your time. Alex Bozich, Bloomington, Indiana He has been a top priority since the day that he stepped on campus. There were some attempts that were publicized last year, some overtures that we made to try to get him signed through some of his arbitration years. Obviously, there was not a meeting of the minds. At this point in time if his people would like to come back, and we've made it known, that if his people would like to come back and revisit that offer or make another offer we are very open to doing that. But it's got to make sense for both sides. While I'm very hopeful for something to come along those lines there is the option of just taking this on a year-to-year basis.