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  1. Its all Robert

    6.25 games

    Logan Glass with the Knights. That’s quite the jump. What’s the story behind that?
  2. Its all Robert

    5/14 Games

    Blake Rutherford with his 5 HR this season. His batting average is also up. He’s still relatively young. I wonder if getting dropped from the 40 man roster motivated him. If he can sustain that power he might be worth a look/trade.
  3. Its all Robert

    5/11 Games

    Future Sox had a good podcast with Sox Hitting Coordinator Andy Barkett recently talking about their philosophy. It’s a good listen. My hope is that the Sox organization is improving their development of prospects. Seems like the future Sox guys were impressed.
  4. Its all Robert

    Cleveland at Sox-Game one, 7:10 CT

    That ball boy might be tougher than some of these players.
  5. Its all Robert

    4/30 Games

    Ramos’ production has to warrant a move to Birmingham soon. Hopefully he gets a least a taste this year of AA.
  6. Its all Robert

    4/12 Games

    His start looks promising. He’s still very young. I hope he adjusted to playing stateside.
  7. Its all Robert

    A's interested in Andrew Vaughn/Sox in Montas

    I’m skeptical that this will happen but for what it’s worth Kath didn’t play on Sunday (albeit that’s not abnormal on Low A) and Kelley oddly enough hasn’t started a game yet. Seems strange given his high draft status that he wouldn’t get top of the order treatment.
  8. Reese has only caught Kopech in any game action since he was traded. Might be a good spot due to some relative familiarity. Also, Kopech’s off speed stuff has been a little wild. Might be good to have a defensive catcher behind the plate despite his not so great stats against lefty’s.
  9. Leury Legend with the day off? Something is definitely amiss.
  10. Its all Robert

    4/9 Games

    (First post… long time lurker) Good to see Thompson with a quality start. 73 pitches through five is good progress.