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    Most Overrated TV Shows

    QUOTE (shipps @ Jul 29, 2008 -> 11:30 AM) HEROES Says the guy who enjoys watching The Hills and midgets.
  2. Molto

    Soxtalk Softball Part II

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jul 14, 2008 -> 09:55 AM) Too tall. I can supply my own tee you big jerk. I keep one handy, along with a softer softball (safety reasons), for situations like this.
  3. Molto

    Soxtalk Softball Part II

    QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Jul 14, 2008 -> 10:33 AM) He prefers the term, miniature italian. I will play only if I'm allowed to hit off a tee.
  4. Molto

    Negative Catch All ~ House of Blues

    QUOTE (Sox It To Em @ May 5, 2008 -> 10:20 AM) Actually, it isn't. Pitcher W-L records are virtually meaningless because they depend on so many other factors besides, y'know, the pitcher's own performance. W-L is still important (perhaps not as important as ERA and innings) because it shows the pitchers ability to win a game in some cases. If a pitcher shuts out a team for six innings, gets two runs of support in the top of the seventh and then gives up two runs in the bottom of the seventh, that says something. It doesn't mean the pitcher sucks, but he obviously couldn't run with a lead. Being able to finish off the opposition when given a lead is pretty important. ERA and BB/K ratio doesn't show that.
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    White Sox @ Blue Jays 12:07pm CSN-HD

    QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ May 3, 2008 -> 02:11 PM) That is what I would do. Get Fields up and ready and slowly turn to getting the next player moved. I'd be keying in on a stud SS prospect, a stud young outfielder, and a stud pitching prospect (who you could pencil behind Floyd/Danks). Oh, I would still have interest working something with the Dodgers involving Billingsley (he's not had that great of a start to the season). If you don't get a SS, move Thome/Konerko and than Contreras in the off-season (or at the deadline if the club is out of it) and make a massive push at Furcal to jump into the offense (cause this team can still compete next year, hell I think even with moving Paulie/Thome, you can compete this year, but you'd have to be able to get enough teams to help you out and be willing to trade relatively early in the season which is a bit tough). You still like Furcal, jas? I say that to the point that you'd want the Sox to sign him this off-season? Wouldn't that take 3-5 years and $15 mil a year?
  6. Molto

    White Sox @ Blue Jays 12:07pm CSN-HD

    QUOTE (fathom @ May 3, 2008 -> 02:03 PM) I'm really concerned KW will panic now and trade Fields and Poreda for Roberts. Not that far-fetched to think. Roberts is a lead-off hitter that would only improve the Sox on paper, which they already are good on. Nothing would change.
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    White Sox @ Blue Jays 12:07pm CSN-HD

    QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ May 3, 2008 -> 02:03 PM) A healthy Dye has a very good approach. He gets cold but he's really the least of the squads worries. I'd make moves to try and get building blocks that are major league ready and consider moving Dye to LF or DH after dealing Paulie/Thome (with the idea you get two young potential stars out of the deal and 1-2 B prospects). Dye/Swisher/Quentin becomes your knew 3/4/5 and you find a leadoff hitter. AJ stays at 6, Crede at 7 and you slide Fields and other guys acquired into the lineup. Clearly it is all speculative, but Kenny could do far worse than moving those two guys becuase if you clear them the team gets a lot younger and should actually get more talented (long term, short term you take risks but again I say they haven't produced nor have we won recently anyway so try to build a more defensive base/speed lineup with younger guys who should continue to improve (which will fit since you are building a rotation around guys like Javy/Mark who still have a couple years left, plus Floyd/Danks who are getting better and better and maybe one other young prospect like Broadway or someone acquired via trade). The Sox rotation is rock solid, so why not try to retools the offense to something that can actually improve as opposed to an offense that is only getting worse. I don't like to assume I know what KW and Ozzie are thinking or aren't seeing, but I honestly feel that they don't see Thome and Konerko as part of the problem. I really think they are chalking it up to guys being cold and giving them time to come around, because if that wasn't the case, one of these two should've been traded/not signed to a five-year deal a couple years ago. I'm OK with Dye ... I think the problem is this team has a decent amount of outfielders that I'd rather see play. You're right. Ideally Dye is moved to left or put in a DH role, because I think he's easily the smartest hitter of the three.
  8. Molto

    White Sox @ Blue Jays 12:07pm CSN-HD

    QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ May 3, 2008 -> 01:47 PM) I hate Jim Thome. There, I've said it again. It has nothing to do with him, he'll get his stats but he's not a winner. I f***ing hate "sluggers". Give me hitters who can also hit for power. Guys like Adam Dunn, Jim Thome are losers plain and simple. They don't know how to truly hit and because of that it is all "hit" or "miss" with them. I still say the offense has a lot of the tools, it just needs a bit of a tweaking (ie move Thome or Konerko and make some adjustments and try to get yourself a legit leadoff hitter so you can move Swisher down in the lineup). I came to this conclusion after the first three months he was with this team. He can say all the rights things to the media and be a nice guy, his approach and the way he goes about the game is poor, and like you said, not that of a winner. What's a shame is the problem with this offense revolves around the guys making the most money and are in the middle (Konerko, Thomas, Dye, although I have less issue with Dye).
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    For those looking to register and can't figure out how, there are now links at the bottom of the site to REGISTER and LOGIN. Just scroll to the bottom ... look for green text.
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    Spring Harvest

    more Darick Maasen Cartoons
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    I am a powerful admin, and I shalt ban all here.
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    and I still have three times as many posts as you, and you spend all day on here you slacker. get back to work.
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    isn't there a soxtalk thread of the week or month that this should be nominated for? pretty freaking insightful.
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    Chicago Sports Tonight

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    Sorry, that link wasn't active online. It is now.
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    show starts at 9:00
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    sorry guys ... the url has been updated. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/chicago-sports-tonight
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    SSR Live!!!!

    here's your stinkin' link... http://www.soxtalk.com/podcasts/october24.mp3
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    SSR Live Download

    Just setup a Skype account (it's free), let us know who you are, and we'll give ya a call.
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    SSR Live Download

    October 17 - MP3 DOWNLOAD
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    SSR Live

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    SSR Live

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    Need Directions to The Cell from I-55

    It's only a few minutes/seconds once you get on the Dan Ryan from the 55 and off at 31st or 35th, so no alternate route is really needed. If you think it's going to be really congested though for the game, he can just get off at Ashland, take a right, left on Archer, right on 35th.
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    Soxtalk Softball Info

    Cumberland to downtown Jackson stop. Get off, go upstairs to Red Line, take it south towards 95th and get off at Sox/35th. Get off the train, turn left, walk to 33rd street exit. Take left and walk straight. You'll run into the park.