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  1. To the left of the flash player are MP3 links to the latest shows.
  2. Weird, everything else sounded pretty normal when I listened. I guess the whole elbow and ER and stiches thing made you more manly, jas. Good show, BTW. Site has been fixed and updated too.
  3. His voice probably sounds deeper while listening on flash. The record settings weren't set right, so it slowed everything down just a bit.
  4. Molto

    Soxtalk Softball Info

    Yes, please try to be as sure and as accurate as possible regarding if you'll be there and how many people will be joining you, if any, so don't just say you'll be there and then bring 7 people with you.
  5. Molto

    Selig pondering postseason changes

    Problem #1 with current first-round format: You play 162 games and then are a couple games away from it all being for nothing. In football you play 16 games a season, so one-game elimination works. In the NBA, they play 82 games, so even a 5-game first-round makes sense. But in baseball, you can go out and have a 100-win season and then lose three out of five to an 80-win team. There is really no point in having 162-game schedule then. Problem #2: Every team plays 162 games with a five-man rotation, the fourth and fifth guy coming into play roughly 40 percent of the time. But come first-round of the playoffs, who cares about them two? As long as you have a couple really good starters, you're good to go. Once again, why play so many games during the season then? Problem #3: The home-field advantage, in some cases, is pointless. If there is a team that won 10-15 more games than their opponent during the season, does one game at home really make that much of a difference? In a short-season, yes. Fewer games, fewer road games, but when you are talking about 81 games on the road, one game in a five-game series doesn't mean anything. Problem is, all you can do with a five-game series is go 4-to-1, and that would completely screw a team in certain situations (Like the Yanks/Tigers series this year). The current system could definitely use some tweaking. First, I'd shorten the season though.
  6. Molto

    Soxtalk on the Air: Show 25

    QUOTE(greasywheels121 @ Sep 20, 2006 -> 01:57 PM) Nice job with the show Mario. All your assessments on who should and shouldn’t get the blame are pretty spot on. And I think you brought up some strong and accurate points on Konerko and Thome, and where they lie in the scheme of the 2006 Sox. Their numbers are great, but there’s more than just the numbers to baseball, and they both could have been a lot better. I’m a bit bias with Crede; however, this has been an incredible season for him. And he’s doing a lot more than he’s ever done for the team for the course of the season; I don’t feel he deserves as much blame as you give him. I know it’s got to be tough to fly solo on those, but you did a good job. Looking forward to the next one. If I were to pick another position player to go with Dye in terms of not getting blamed, it would definitely be Crede. He's batting 6th, 7th in the lineup and has had a remarkable year compared to past years. He's exceeded expectations and has still held his own defensively. My only prob has been his refusal at times to make an adjustment to that low and outside pitch. I can tolerate a player like Dye going in a slump because you know and see the approach and mindset is still there. He's just a little off, but in cases like Crede, he seems to be trying to do too much with pitches. Like I said though, of the guys I put blame on, Crede is really low on the list. I may have sounded/been hard on him since I lumped him with Pierzynski, Konerko and Thome, three guys I've been very dissapointed with in either their approach offensively or just flat-out carelessness. Really, all three have lost some of my respect, if that means anything. Not really too fond with their play. Thanks for the feedback. Definitely tough for me going solo. Hopefully Jason will be back by next show.
  7. Molto

    Gload in left?

    With time, I think Gload can turn into a solid defensive left fielder, which is all he would need to be considering the bat he'll bring and the small salary he'll be earning. He hasn't really gotten a fair shot in the OF. He's played a few games and has looked bad on a couple plays ... that's not enough to really judge someone, especially at a position that they haven't really put time into.
  8. Molto

    Liriano is back

    I don't think he needed to feel pain to see this coming. He has a wild delivery and snaps his elbow. The Twins could have sat him the rest of the season and brought him back next year and this would've happened. Maybe not three innings in, but this injury was going to happen. It was just a matter of time, which is what more people are starting to say. It's why I really was confused with all the attention people were giving to his comeback. This shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone the first time it happened. Where the Twins screwed up is not noticing his delivery. Then again, doesn't look like many did.
  9. Molto

    SOX VS ANGELS.... Garcia 1 hit gem

    QUOTE(tealeafreaderii @ Sep 13, 2006 -> 04:29 PM) whats Freddy's velocity? doesn't appear to be throwing that hard. haven't paid much attention to the radar.
  10. Molto

    SOX VS ANGELS.... Garcia 1 hit gem

    QUOTE(Jenks Heat @ Sep 13, 2006 -> 03:59 PM) I am watching the game via this. Is it junkball fred or is he thowing the hard stuff. based on his most recent starts and through five innings today, Garcia seems to be learning how to pitch, which is nice to see.
  11. Molto

    Twins vs. A's - 9/13/06

    QUOTE(Rowand44 @ Sep 13, 2006 -> 01:48 PM) I made a post right after his initial injury that I thought he'd maybe get 1 or 2 more starts and then he'd get hurt again and would be out for the year. Liriano is a stud but he's going to have injury problems throughout his career. yep. his arm lags a bit too far behind, causing it to whip too much. If he learns to control himself and drop a few miles from his fastball, he'll be very good. Until then, anyone talking about the Twins having two aces and being the favorite to run away isn't paying much attention. none of these injuries should come as a surprise to anyone.
  12. Molto

    Twins vs. A's - 9/13/06

    QUOTE(RockRaines @ Sep 13, 2006 -> 01:34 PM) wow, we all know he rushed back, and look what happened. Pop goes the elbow. they didn't rush him back. He has a flaw in his mechanics that will always cause this elbow problem. And until that is fixed, I would be shocked if he'll ever be healthy again.
  13. Molto

    Gamethread: 9/12, Sox v. Angels

    QUOTE(shawnhillegas @ Sep 12, 2006 -> 10:02 PM) I think tonight will really be the game the flame went out. Somehow, I think I still believe...but if we are 2.5 out before Oakland, and with Liriano returning tomorrow, if my life depended on it, Id vote against the sox. just curious, what's all this talk about Liriano returning being such a big thing? He's a rookie pitcher who started off really good and is coming off the dl. I could see if the guy was proven, but he's a rookie with a rather serious mechanical flaw imo. there is no guarantee the kid is going to pitch like he did, and even if so, there are three other days (minus Santana) the twins have to play in a rotation. Plus, they have 10 straight games on the road I believe, where they haven't faired nearly as well in comparison to the Metrodome.
  14. Molto

    Keep last night's lineup for good

    QUOTE(greasywheels121 @ Sep 7, 2006 -> 03:11 PM) I love your Saturday lineup Mario. I feel we'd be best suited with the OF of Sweeney, Anderson, and Dye down the stretch. However, that won't be what's put out there the most of the time. And it shouldn't be. Here is the question: does Ryan Sweeney deserve to be in left field more than Rob Mackowiak, Pablo Ozuna or Ross Gload? You can maybe say so for Gload since it'll be risky throwing his glove in the outfield this late, as he's going to have some rough games until he gets situated. But can you honestly say he deserves it, or is more suited, than Ozuna and Mackowiak? Both have hit over .300 all year. Ozuna has been the Sox's best leadoff hitter and main sparkplug and Mackowiak, with all the frustration that goes into him playing centerfield, is a proven hitter who is more than capable of handling left field, especially after roaming a tougher spot in center all year. If Guillen announced today that Sweeney was the starting LF for the rest of the year, that would be pretty dumb. If Sweeney performs, great, but at this time, you can't simply overlook the job the bench players have done all year, so if you're going to take the job from Podsednik, which they should, and give it to ONE person, which they shouldn't do, it should at least go to Ozuna or Mackowiak. QUOTE(SoxAce @ Sep 7, 2006 -> 03:12 PM) ^^^^^^^^ Mario, You have been missed. I think I've made like 6-7 posts over the past week or so, which probably tops what I had the previous two years combined. Always lurking and observing, never posting.
  15. Molto

    Keep last night's lineup for good

    I think the Sox need to take advantage of something they've had all year and something that's very good: their bench. You hear a lot about needing a set lineup and not changing it and this and that, but I think makes sense if you have guys who are fringe starters that need regular playing time. With guys like Ozuna, Cintron, Mackowiak and Gload, they've proven this year (and in years past for some) that they can play a couple times a week and still produce. Because of that, you don't HAVE to have Sweeney in left everyday, or Anderson in center everyday. This wouldn't be the most popular idea, but just go with it and play guys as you go. For example, with this series against the Indians, where I believe the Sox face two lefties in Lee and Sabathia: Thursday lineup vs Lee: LF - Ozuna 2B - Iguchi RF - Dye DH - Thome 1B - Konerko 3B - Crede C - Alomar CF - Anderson SS - Uribe Friday lineup vs Byrd: CF - Sweeney 2B - Iguchi RF - Dye DH - Thome 1B - Konerko C - Pierzynski 3B - Crede LF - Mackowiak SS - Uribe/Cintron Saturday lineup vs Carmona: LF - Sweeney 2B - Iguchi RF - Dye DH - Thome 1B - Konerko C - Pierzynski 3B - Crede SS - Uribe/Cintron CF - Anderson Sunday lineup vs Sabathia: LF - Ozuna 2B - Iguchi RF - Dye DH - Thome 1B - Konerko C - Pierzynski 3B - Crede CF - Sweeney/Anderson SS - Uribe It wouldn't have to be this, but what you would essentially be doing is keeping the heart the lineup out there and just mixing in the other guys (Uribe, Cintron, Mackowiak, Anderson, Sweeney, Ozuna, Podsednik, Gload). Not sure I would like to see Sweeney all of sudden get more PT than an Anderson, but he looks like he can play both LF and CF and if produces, then you gotta go with him. And with the rest of them, it's hard to justify starting two over the others, aside from Podsednik, who has been rather bad. You need Uribe's glove, as you do with Anderson, but Cintron and Mackowiak (in left) adds offense. Ozuna is their best leadoff option right now. And Gload ... he's the best hitter of the bunch. Once again, these lineups don't have to be THE lineups, but it's just the general idea of getting everyone involved and not having to worry about guys getting out of rythm because they are all pretty used it.
  16. Molto

    Small ball myth

    It's about having options in your offense. Obviously, if you have the ability to hit home run after home run all the time, then yeah, but there are days when you can't. There are days when you are facing a good pitcher and a hit, let alone hits are hard to come by. So what do you do? Try and hit the ball really really hard even when the pitcher has your number, or take a more basic, easier approach and get the guy over or in. It's about having the right mindset as a hitter and saying, if I'm not going to get a hit, I better at least put the guy behind me in a situation where he can get a hit or drive in a run. "smallball" won't score you a bunch of runs, and to rely purely on that you better have a GREAT staff, but being able to do so will help a team big time in certain situations. late in games when a run or two are hard to come by. I mean, if you go through 6-7 innings and you only score 1 run and you're down 2-1, you can't go up there expecting to simply hit a homer or put a few hits together. Confident that you can do it? Yes, but be realistic and say, "hey, if we get a guy on, we gotta score him the easiest way possible." that's where a "smallball" approach comes in a handy.
  17. Molto

    Small ball myth

    Why do some people have to associate last year's team as a smallball team or longball team? They didn't win because of homers and they didn't win because of smallball ... they won because of both. Their offense, as bad statistically as it was, was versatile. Overall, they were just sound. Waited for the other team to screw up and then pounced on the opportunity, whether with a key hit, a key stolen base, a key squeeze play a key homer.
  18. Molto

    Jimbo's in danger of closing!!!

    I'm not even so sure, if Jimbo's were to close, a new bar would even go up. I believe the area around Jimbo's is considered a dry zone, and Jimbo's was grandfathered in, so I believe any new business there can't be a bar. Then again, clout can do some crazy stuff, but I think many of the people on that block aren't too fond of a bar there anyway, so that may just become what many lots are becoming, a house or condo. I know it's pretty hard to start a bar in the area though, as residents usually vote against it. QUOTE(Dick Allen @ Aug 31, 2006 -> 05:17 PM) There's always Schaller's and Shinnock's. We don't know the entire story. This has been around for a couple of weeks, even the dates. Jimbo is playing up to the media making it look like they are giving him 30 days and he's just shocked by it. I don't know why the owner of the building doesn't want him open if there are playoffs. They must be feuding. The truth with the entire story as far as what has been communicated between the 2 parties over the last few months probably falls somewhere in between what Jimbo claims and what the landlord will claim. I just wonder, does anyone go to Jimbo's on a non-game day? I can't imagine he being too busy. Maybe he does a decent lunch, but I remember going in there back when the crowd at USCF was about 5000 people and some tumbleweeds, and the place was dead. from what I can tell, living pretty close by, it's typical bar business aside Sox games. probably just a group of regulars, and then when the Sox are in town, bam, packed.
  19. Molto

    Jimbo's in danger of closing!!!

    QUOTE(LVSoxFan @ Aug 31, 2006 -> 02:22 PM) Well I agree, hence my Wrigleyville comparison. You're right: what are they gonna do for the rest of the year? yep. I'm sure a lot of businesses across the country ignore that question when they decide to throw a bar or restaurant up just because there is a stadium near by, and then get bitten in the ass by it.
  20. Molto

    Jimbo's in danger of closing!!!

    QUOTE(Cerbaho-WG @ Aug 31, 2006 -> 12:04 PM) Well, you'd be quite wrong in that regard. Parts of the South Side, especially in Bridgeport, are going to boom within the next ten years. it's already boomed. the market is definitely slowing now ... more sellers than buyers. the area is and will continue to grow though, just not at the crazy pace it was at a year ago. this is purely business. is it s***ty? in a way, yes, but it's business. when renting or leasing, you are renting or leasing. it's not yours, so something like this shouldn't come as a surprise. as far as putting a bar east of the Dan Ryan? there has been talks of that happening for years now. Putting a business there based on hope and then on top of it doing it because of the business you'll get 81 days of the year, doesn't make sense. A sports stadium will help businesses that already exist, but you can't just start a business because of the traffic you'll get 81 days a year, what about all the other days? East of the Ryan is a wait-and-see.
  21. Definitely. Even if you don't like the show, let us know what we could do to make it better. I appreciate that feedback though ... I had a feeling I did that a few too many times during the show. Weird, because I think me and Jas have some good chemistry considering the distance. I was just off, in some instances, WAY off.
  22. I'm aware. Keep in mind though that we are doing the show miles apart and this was probably the first time in a while that this problem happened. I was just out of whack when it came to cutting in. I wasn't purposely cutting him off or interrupting, I just thought he was about to finish a thought. It happens.
  23. http://www.chicagosportsreview.com/intheme...ew.asp?c=182073 good read, my thoughts exactly.
  24. Molto

    Was Guillen Out Of Line Last Night?

    here's a take on it some may find interesting... http://chicagosportsreview.com/inthemeanti...ew.asp?c=180572 personally, I think what Guillen did was uncalled for. you don't openly yell and rip a player in the dugout, especially after the player did nothing to deserve it. I get why he would mention Montero after the game, he's not going to say he had Tracey in there to hit someone, and the demotion, while weird at first, makes sense now with the Riske acquisition. still, horrible decision by Guillen...
  25. you are such a liar, jas. you practically threatened not to do the show unless Sanford and Son was played. it's like that every week with you, all these damn demands like you are some big time celebrity...