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    Good news for Gload fans

    I still don't understand how only a handful of games in the OF and a couple bad plays makes someone a bad defensive player. just because a guy is thrown at a position for one game and has a bad day doesn't mean he's a bad defensive player. for a sport that is 162 games in length, some really do put too much stock into a couple games.
  2. Molto

    Jose Contreras's Demands

    While both Garland and Contreras are talented and can both easily repeat what they did in 2005, I would hope the Sox avoid signing Contreras for the money he's asking. Prior to 2005, neither of these guys ever reached their full potential. Now perhaps they finally have figured themselves out and will be good to go for a few years, but for a team to give three year deals for nearly $10 mil a year each to two guys who are coming off their breakout season ... that just isn't logical. Putting faith in one of them to never revert back to their old selves is one thing, but thinking both of them are going to repeat '05 and do it through '08 is iffy.
  3. Molto

    Check out this Tribune Headline

    you're reading way too much into it. Harris and Perez are gone, therefore the Sox did subtract from their team.
  4. Molto

    Smoking Ban Passes in Chicago!

    QUOTE(LowerCaseRepublican @ Dec 8, 2005 -> 12:26 AM) What a concept -- personal choice of where to work and where to frequent...or better yet the owner of the establishment choosing to have it be smoking or not getting steamrolled in the name of a "We know better than you" uber-nanny. For f***'s sake, sometimes fun costs you. I don't smoke but I'm not anti-smokers. same here. in fact, I hate smoke, but I don't think this is right. leave it up to the owners. if the customers or employees have a problem, leave.
  5. Molto

    Clemens to Become a FA

    $20 million is a lot to ask considering he did nothing when they really needed him in the World Series.
  6. Molto

    Ozzie to be on the Score today

    whatever Guillen decides now, or even on April 1st, isn't set in stone for the rest of the season. Just because he says Uribe will bat second, and even if Uribe is batting second on opening day, it doesn't mean they can't change that as the season progresses. No harm in trying.
  7. Molto

    Twins trying to acquire Luis Castillo

    QUOTE(Balta1701 @ Dec 1, 2005 -> 03:52 PM) But...their offense struggled mightily for the first part of last year - Martinez and Boone took forever to heat up, and that won't necessarily repeat. Hafner could improve agian next year too. They also have more young guys to plug in - I think they have a replacement for Broussard ready who could be very good. Also, there's still room for improvement in some of their pitchers - Sabathia always seems to me to be bette rthan the numbers he puts up, so they could still improve there too. Their offense also struggled early in 2004. So it's happened for two years, who is to say that'll change next year.
  8. Molto

    White Sox acquire Jim Thome per ESPNnews

    Rowand is a top-of-the-line centerfielder, no denying that, and he looked to be a great teammate and class guy. Bears fan, says he wants to stay here his whole career, got snubbed a lot in his early years. BUT, when you look at Rowand, outside of his defense, what did he really do this year? His offense was average and down the stretch, his defense tensed-up. In the playoffs, he wasn't challenged at all in center, so his defense wasn't needed, and he did nothing on offense. You put Brian Anderson in center for the playoffs, and the results are probably the same. Emotionally, the trade stings, but getting a hitter of Jim Thome caliber, who is also a class guy, has to outweigh that.
  9. Molto

    Good SI article on the call

    I've been arguing this exact point since last night. Paul didn't toss the ball because of Eddings call.
  10. Molto

    Official ruling

    QUOTE(Texsox @ Oct 13, 2005 -> 08:43 AM) This has happened once in over 100 years, I don't think we need to eliminate the tradition of umpires having different mechanics over one problem. I think the differences are a part of baseball I wouldn't want to lose. It's part of the charm, the character of the game. That's a good point, but if everyone is going to go crazy over what the umpire physically did, then the motions need to be straightened out. And this has only happened once over a hundred years because catchers usually place the tag or the batter usually concedes the out by going to the dugout. Nonetheless, I still don't buy Paul's decision, because he didn't toss the ball because of the umpires call, but because of an assumption he had.
  11. Molto

    Official ruling

    I don't really care what the Ump did as far as signals go because of two reasons: #1 - One, he was making those same motions all day. #2 - The Angels are arguing he made the fist, but they weren't waiting for it. Paul threw the ball and ran off the field before Eddings started to make his call. Paul assumed the umpire saw him caught the ball. The key thing in my opinion is what Eddings said, because Paul wasn't paying attention to what Eddings was motioning (Paul had his back turned the whole time). And since Pierzynski first tried to avoid the tag by bending his back and then ran, you have to question if Eddings called him out. I think it was a weird play and I think MLB needs to come up with a universal out call, but Paul's decision to throw the ball didn't happen because of Eddings fist. He did so because he thought he caught the ball.
  12. Molto

    Everett and Crede make this team weaker

    QUOTE(FlaSoxxJim @ Sep 16, 2005 -> 03:48 PM) And Mark Buehrle, Freddy Garcia and Jon Garland made the rest of the team lose all ability to run bases how exactly...? Is the inability to run the bases more important than the three top pitchers of the Sox not performing? when you're pitchers are giving up 5-6 runs in 5-6 innings, you shouldn't count on wins consistently. This team as a whole has struggled, but a team that is built on pitching can't have your three best pitchers pitching the way they have been. I don't buy completely the whole overused crap either. Buehrle hasn't been pitching good because he hasn't been pitching good. he's tipping his pitches and needs to work out his mechanics a bit. Also, it isn't like Buehrle has helped himself throughout the year by giving up a lot of hits, when he was pitching good or bad. Garland hasn't been throwing inside and Garcia has just struggled. None of them look like they are tired to me though. Don't get me wrong, I like Buehrle, Garcia and Garland (if it weren't for them, the Sox wouldn't have built that huge lead, but they are the ones who haven't been stepping up and getting the job done, especially Buehrle, the team ace. This whole team is at fault, but if any group of players should be blamed for the team's struggles, it should be these three.
  13. Molto

    Everett and Crede make this team weaker

    you do know our rotation has been very mediocre over the last month, right? no position player right now is responsible for the Sox's recent struggles. it all falls on Mark Buehrle, Freddy Garcia and Jon Garland.
  14. Molto

    Torii Hunter Thinks He'll Be Traded

    Why would you guys want to trade for an average hitter who has missed time over the last two seasons, and has played in only 98 games this season with a season-ending ankle injury. Oh, and he's making $8 million a year. Why? For his defense? Just because he looks good on offense against us at times, doesn't mean he'll be a good offensive player when he's with us ... he'll need to have some offense and stay healthy in order to be worth $8 million and whatever we have to trade to get him in my opinion.
  15. Molto

    Roster shuffling news

    QUOTE(southsider2k5 @ Aug 30, 2005 -> 07:30 AM) When you get sent down, you can't be recalled for 10 days. That's why they sent down Anderson right away, so that they can get him back quicker. But with the September callups, I wouldn't think the rule would apply. Isn't the purpose of that is so teams don't keep on bringing guys up and down for matchup reasons. With September, the rosters are expanding anyway.
  16. Molto

    Timo is the best

    QUOTE(GoSoxGo @ Aug 26, 2005 -> 02:04 AM) :rolly :headshake :puke Ozzie sounds exactly like Dusty Baker talking about Neifi Perez and why he won't play young guys like Ronny Cedeno and Matt Murton. the difference is the White Sox have a shot at making the playoffs. The Cubs don't.
  17. Molto

    Any broadcast journalism students here?

    QUOTE(Kogs35 @ Aug 21, 2005 -> 04:41 PM) columbia in downtown chicago I just graduated from Columbia. It's a good school, although I think it's too expensive considering the equipment they have. However, pretty much all of the teachers in the department have or are working in the field, from NBC to the Tribune, so you are with people who have ties and can give some good tips. I can't say it is top of the line though ... I can't speak for other schools.
  18. Molto

    White Sox Radio Show

    I apologize for the great difference in volume of me and Jason. I should have had Jason's level a littler higher. Yossarian, you are right on both ... my Chicago accent is very noticeable.
  19. Molto

    Everett to not play today

    QUOTE(CYGarland @ Aug 9, 2005 -> 02:06 PM) Perez can't hit for avg, power, obp, and is HORRIBLE protection for PK, or anyone else for that matter. If this isn't blatantly obvious i don't know what is. I understand that, but many here are making it seem as though Perez in the lineup anywhere is an automatic loss. He batted 5th yesterday and went 2-for-4, which is better than pretty much anyone else in the lineup at this point. Should he batting 5th? No, but nobody else is doing much right now and he was one of the fewproducers in yesterday's game so it is not a terrible move. For the record, I don't care much for Perez either and I want Everett in the lineup, but he's looked a lot better on offense over the past few weeks than a few guys in the lineup.
  20. Molto

    Everett to not play today

    QUOTE(CYGarland @ Aug 9, 2005 -> 01:57 PM) TIMO SHOULD NEVER HIT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LINEUP AGAIN!!!!!! If Ozzie wants him to bat 8th or 9th fine, but 5th?? Now that's RIDICULOUS. You didn't really make a point there. He said he went 2-for-4 and was blamed for the loss and because he will be playing a loss is expected. some of you guys really need to stop being, what's the word ... dumb. Whether Perez bats 5th, 9th or on the bench, this offense is struggling, with Perez being the least of their problems.
  21. Molto

    BBTN finally.

    QUOTE(Milkman delivers @ Aug 9, 2005 -> 10:42 AM) Wait, the fans punched Pods in the face? he didn't punch him in the face. he did swing at him though ... looked like he was trying to knock the ball out.
  22. Molto

    Soxtalk Softball Game

    I'll be there, so I'm in.
  23. Molto

    Metrodome has Mice

    QUOTE(Benchwarmerjim @ Aug 2, 2005 -> 05:27 PM) I always knew Metrodome was a piece of crap hahahaha when I played in that stadium a few years ago I saw quite a few of them running around in the dugout.
  24. Molto

    Biggest Soxtalk Man-Crush

    I actually like this poll, as it shows how biased some posters are towards Bajenaru.
  25. Molto

    Bar near the Cell?

    QUOTE(LosMediasBlancas @ Aug 2, 2005 -> 11:45 AM) Taking clients to the game Saturday. Can you guys suggest a bar to go to before the game at like 3:00? I'm looking for like a nice bar and grill type place, with maybe a beer garden. I'm otta touch with the neighborhood. Suggestions and locations? the closest bar is Jimbo's on 33rd and Princeton. That's the most popular I would say ... even though the owner is a Cubs fan.