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    Price rising for Sale and Q

    I don't have any faith in the Sox to pull this off correctly, but dealing Sale and Q (along with Abreu/Robertson/Frazier) could land enough prospects to truly turn around the franchise. I think at this point I would sign up for this.
  2. ChiSox_Sonix

    Harold Baines back on HOF ballot

    QUOTE (Thad Bosley @ Oct 3, 2016 -> 02:48 PM) Just 16 home runs and 134 hits separates him from being just shy and a near shoe-in. The combo of the 16 homers and 134 hits would have put him in a very exclusive club of guys who had 3,000 hits AND 400 home runs. If you check the records, I believe there are fewer than ten who have accomplished both feats (admitting I haven't looked at this stat in a while). I thought back in 2001 when Frank Thomas went down with a season-ending injury and they plugged Baines into the DH slot that he would get there. But he was 41 at the time and had just flat run out of gas, and they ended up releasing him in June of that year, if I recall correctly. So close, yet so far, unfortunately. And the 1981+1994 strikes very well could be the reason he doesn't just have them. I do agree that he's probably one of the very best of the Hall of Very Good players, but still, he has a better argument than some others in the Hall.
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    2016 Fantasy Football Thread

    QUOTE (raBBit @ Oct 3, 2016 -> 11:42 AM) I need 24.3 from Odell Beckham Jr. and Blair Walsh. It's a 1/2 PPR. Do I get it? Yes
  4. ChiSox_Sonix

    2016 Fantasy Football Thread

    Someone in my league (2QB, PPR) traded Big Ben and Rashad Jennings for Ryan Fitzpatrick, Ryan Mathews and Danny Woodhead (17th round keeper). That's so annoying.
  5. ChiSox_Sonix

    New 2016-17 Soccer Thread

    Bob Bradley hired at Swans. Finally getting his chance. He's earned it.
  6. ChiSox_Sonix

    2016 Fantasy Football Thread

    QUOTE (raBBit @ Sep 21, 2016 -> 02:20 PM) As someone who is holding Josh Gordon in 2 leagues. I am disappointed to hear that he has a warrant for his arrest for failing to provide a DNA sample because of a woman claiming he's the father of her kid. I know there's no rhyme or reason for the way the NFL penalizes the players and there's obviously no precedent for the treatment of a guy like Gordon but what happens here? NFL has already said it doesn't affect his status or ability to come back in Week 5. So I'm hoping they're actually serious about that too
  7. ChiSox_Sonix

    2016 Fantasy Football Thread

    Came into last night down 68 points with Antonio Brown and DeAngelo Williams left to play. Ended up losing by 0.4 points Also, in my other league that has weekly payouts to top scorer, I had second most points by only 1.3 points because the refs refused to do their job and review the Kirk Cousins non-INT with 18 seconds left that they wrongly called an INT on the field
  8. ChiSox_Sonix

    2016-2017 NFL Thread

    QUOTE (Kalapse @ Sep 9, 2016 -> 12:01 AM) Wait, didn't Simeon kinda suck tonight? Holy f***, calm down NBC. Nah. He looked pretty decent for it being his first game. One pick wasn't his fault, the other was just a bad decision. He looked fairly poised and has decent athleticism. Carolina is a good defense. QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ Sep 9, 2016 -> 10:38 AM) Denver went headhunting all day yesterday and the refs didn't stop it once. Poor show for their concussion safety protocols Denver is an incredibly dirty team. I can't believe the refs let them get away with basically all of those hits.
  9. ChiSox_Sonix

    2016 Fantasy Football Thread

    QUOTE (bmags @ Sep 8, 2016 -> 03:51 PM) Guys, need help. Death is not an option. Do I start Rawls Or do I use one of Jay Ajayi or Arian Foster week 1. Seems like thread consensus is Rawls. Foster. He'll get hurt but he's not hurt right now and he's supposed to start QUOTE (maggsmaggs @ Sep 8, 2016 -> 05:03 PM) Flex starter advice (non-PPR, standard scoring): Spencer Ware or Donte Moncrief? Ware
  10. ChiSox_Sonix

    2016 Fantasy Football Thread

    QUOTE (ChiliIrishHammock24 @ Sep 8, 2016 -> 12:06 AM) Do I start Decker or Baldwin in non-PPR, standard scoring. Ugh, I can't decide. Decker projected for 9.1, Baldwin for 9.2. Decker QUOTE (SoxAce @ Sep 8, 2016 -> 08:05 AM) Pick two guys. Stefon Diggs, Julian Edelman or Allen Hurns for week one. Obviously A.J. Green is automatic, but for some reason I like Diggs alot with his playmaking even with Bradford at QB. Edelman also has a questionable QB (and I'm already starting Gronk) and Hurns is hit or miss every week. I'm leaning toward Diggs over Edelman, but I want to see everyone's opinions on it. I also have a flex option as well FYI, but I have Forte currently set there. (T.J Yeldon is intriguing too though..) Edelman & Hurns. I'd wait to see what the Minnesota QB situation looks like before starting any of their WRs
  11. ChiSox_Sonix

    2016 Fantasy Football Thread

    QUOTE (ChiliIrishHammock24 @ Sep 6, 2016 -> 10:53 PM) Spencer Ware is not available. I currently have 2 offers out to other teams. Hopkins for Elliot, and Baldwin for Forte. Here is the roster of the guy who I have been negotiating with so far... 5 Julio Jones, Atl WR 16 David Johnson, Ari RB 25 Doug Martin, TB RB 36 Demaryius Thomas, Den WR 45 Jeremy Hill, Cin RB 56 Kelvin Benjamin, Car WR 65 Coby Fleener, NO TE 76 Ryan Mathews, Phi RB 85 Blake Bortles, Jax QB 96 Adam Vinatieri, Ind K 105 Tyler Lockett, Sea WR 116 Texans D/ST D/ST 125 Derek Carr, Oak QB 136 Stefon Diggs, Min WR 145 Charles Sims, TB RB 156 Devontae Booker, Den RB QUOTE (knightni @ Sep 7, 2016 -> 10:23 AM) I thought the same thing. KC doesn't play the run well so Woodhead will be fine. Rivers will dump off to him a lot. Houston is out, Mauga is out and Hali will be limited. That's 3 of their 4 starting LBs
  12. ChiSox_Sonix

    2016 Fantasy Football Thread

    QUOTE (ChiliIrishHammock24 @ Sep 6, 2016 -> 05:36 PM) It is NOT PPR. Scoring is the same for both positions, except RBs get an extra point for 200+ yard games. If it's not PPR then that is a fair trade.
  13. ChiSox_Sonix

    2016 Fantasy Football Thread

    QUOTE (ChiliIrishHammock24 @ Sep 6, 2016 -> 03:28 PM) No, he countered with that. I countered with Keenan Allen for Doug Martin. The 30th pick for the 26th pick. I think that's about as fair as we might get. He hasn't replied yet. If it's PPR I would not do that if I were you. Keenan is the better player. Your RBs are not that bad that you need to be giving away players at a discounted rate to get one. Also, stop using draft position to determine what makes a trade fair.
  14. ChiSox_Sonix

    New 2016-17 Soccer Thread

    QUOTE (SoxPride18 @ Aug 25, 2016 -> 03:03 PM) Go Tottenham! They got just about the best UCL draw possible so that was nice. Also, Coutinho, Can and Origi probably out for Saturday which would be great.
  15. ChiSox_Sonix

    Winner Winner Chicken Buffet

    QUOTE (bmags @ Aug 21, 2016 -> 10:27 PM) Didn't see the game. Unshocking to see Q dominate Obviously Chris Sale has better stuff, but I've been beginning to wonder whether or not Q is the better pitcher. At least post-ASG i've been much more confident with Q on the mound
  16. ChiSox_Sonix

    **Gary Johnson 2016 election thread**

    QUOTE (illinilaw08 @ Aug 12, 2016 -> 11:14 AM) The Libertarians and the Green Party both have a bunch of nutty policies the further down their platform you get (no income tax, no public education, and no Social Security are big ones from the Libertarians). But I suspect a lot of that is because they are fringe parties and with the small size of the party, the platform can be swayed by the fringe elements. If the Libertarians can use this election to mainstream some of their ideas and really become small government (not no government) and socially liberal party, they might actually find some legitimate traction. They absolutely have a bunch of nutty policies. They are far, far from perfect. But their basic premise of fiscal conservatism and social liberalness align with myself pretty well. They are also competing with two of the worst possible candidates we've ever had, so there's not a high bar for them to surpass.
  17. ChiSox_Sonix

    **Gary Johnson 2016 election thread**

    QUOTE (DrunkBomber @ Aug 11, 2016 -> 08:17 PM) Socially liberal, smaller government. Also, not Trump or Clinton. Basically this.
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    Zika is Wreaking Havoc of Sorts

    QUOTE (RockRaines @ Aug 2, 2016 -> 10:50 AM) Yes, we cancelled a wedding trip to the DR for this weekend because of it. More than half of their guests did. My wife and I are beginning to think about having children and one of my closest friends is getting married in DR in April. I'm really on the fence about whether I am going to be attending for the same reasons.
  19. ChiSox_Sonix

    Home remodel

    This may be way too general, but has anyone ever remodeled their kitchen? We are talking about taking out a wall to make the 1st floor more open, new sink, new cabinets, new counter tops. Possibly adding an island and/or a breakfast bar. First of all, do you need to get a permit for interior work only? We were hoping to get stuff done for around $10-12K. Just wondering if anyone has experience going through it and if that is a reasonable expectation. We don't need super fancy or top of the line everything, we're buying a house in pretty good shape except the kitchen is straight out of 1955. Just curious about other's experience here. Thanks! Edit: We already have a brand new dishwasher and would not immediately replace the refrigerator so those would not factor in to costs.
  20. ChiSox_Sonix

    **2016 TV Watercooler Thread**

    QUOTE (bmags @ Jul 11, 2016 -> 11:56 AM) Did anyone watch the night of? I did. I thought it was really well done.
  21. QUOTE (danman31 @ Jul 8, 2016 -> 12:08 PM) Just throwing it out there: Jozy Altidore scored four fewer league goals with AZ (same team Janssen is coming from) his final season before going to Sunderland. Not unfair. But I still believe Jozy would have looked a lot more capable, at least in a backup capacity, had he been on a more competent team. Those Sunderland teams were abysmal. Janssen is going to be getting service from Eriksen, Lamela, Dier, Alli and has two fullbacks who can competently cross the ball into the box. I think he'll be fine.
  22. ChiSox_Sonix

    2016-2017 NBA Thread

    QUOTE (Y2JImmy0 @ Jul 5, 2016 -> 10:39 AM) I bet it is. Those people didn't do anything though. It's not the fault of people who live in Oklahoma that Clay Bennett brought them a basketball team. Now, burning jerseys is dumb as hell but Kevin Durant basically just ended their franchise. That is true. Although they did celebrate and revel in the fact that they got a team, even though it was at another team's expense. I do enjoy the fact that the owner is getting screwed more, but I don't feel any guilt at all in reveling at their current displeasure either.
  23. ChiSox_Sonix

    2016-2017 NBA Thread

    I would have preferred if Durant had gone elsewhere, but the irony of OKC fans whining about having a player of theirs "stolen" has been so awesome. Westbrook is going to leave after next year and that franchise will go into the s***ter. No marquee free agent is going to choose to go live and play in Oklahoma City. It may be petty, but who cares. As a Sonics fan who has never forgiven the league for what they did to Seattle, watching OKC fall into the flames is the next best thing to actually getting a team back.
  24. ChiSox_Sonix

    2016 Catch All Thread

    Does anyone know of a way to download videos from Netflix or Amazon Prime? I'm going to Europe next week and would love to pass some time catching up on some shows that otherwise can't stream over a planes Wi-Fi. Not sure if this is even possible though.
  25. ChiSox_Sonix


    QUOTE (TaylorStSox @ Jun 23, 2016 -> 02:02 PM) Maybe I'm not remembering correctly, but there have been several references to the Mad King hiding caches of wildfire all over King's Landing. Tyrion had Varys looking for it and Cersei had Qyburn looking for it. I knew what they were talking about immediately. The Lannister arc has been pretty obvious for a long time. Cersei is going to burn down King's Landing and kill Tommen. Jaimie is going to kill Cersei and himself in his redemption arc. I sort of agree, that Jaime is the valonqar, but why would he kill himself in the process? I agree that it seems pretty obvious what Cersei/Qyburn are doing in the show right now. Edit: If Tommen dies, who becomes king from a legal standpoint in the show? In the books it would be Stannis then Shireen (right?), but in the show?