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  1. QUOTE (chw42 @ Jun 23, 2016 -> 12:08 PM) Interesting indeed. So if this does happen, who's the replacement? What about Caleb Porter or Oscar Pareja?
  2. So since Monday, Jurgen Klinsmann has gone from 40-1 to 1-3 to become the new manager at Southampton and Ladbrokes is reporting that 95% of the money they have taken in the past two days on that prop has gone towards Klinsmann. Interesting.
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    QUOTE (JenksIsMyHero @ Jun 22, 2016 -> 12:45 PM) I don't remember him being bad to the point where he had no purpose but to be as evil as possible. He obviously was awful to Theon, but that's about it. We'll see how he is in the books going forward (e.g., if Sansa is sent to him), but he was no more evil or sadistic than Joffrey. IMO the show played him way up to be a clear villain in the show. edit: i mean the guy is in the Bolton family, so he's obviously sadistic. But I didn't remember him being the focal point of villainy for the books. He's a bad dude, don't get me wrong. Off the top of my head: Theon, obviously Rape/torment of Jeyne Poole Flaying of the spearwives Hunting games with women He most likely poisoned his brother growing up He was the one who killed the "Stark" boys Lady Hornwood murder
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    Euro 2016 Thread

    Iceland finished second in their group!
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    QUOTE (JenksIsMyHero @ Jun 22, 2016 -> 10:08 AM) I wondered the same thing, but thought maybe that was on purpose. Sansa is the "new" generation of Starks. She's not making the same honor/pride mistakes that her father, brother and step-brother have made (or keep making, in the case of Jon). More likely though it was for the sake of audience satisfaction, since Ramsay really wasn't that much of a villain in the books. ??? Yeah, he totally is.
  6. QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Jun 21, 2016 -> 11:01 PM) Friends don't let friends play in the MLS. The MLS is hurting the USMNT. I have no doubt about that. Argentina is way better but Klinsmann totally f***ed up this roster. He put us in a position with really no chance. Zusi, Beckerman and Wondo have no business starting against Argentina. Especially when we had 2 players who actually have quickness and ball skills rotting on the bench. Would have been nice to have someone like Feilhaber as an option in the MF too but JK apparently hates him. And Morris up top would have also provided some speed. JK's tactics and roster decisions are brutal and a major detriment to our team. I seriously hope he gets fired before the Hex starts (i know this won't happen though)
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    Sports Betting

    Like Sweden +.5 and Croatia today
  8. Decent game overall...better teams would have punished us early on though. Zardes is really brutal at the international level. He seems like a really good kid but I just don't know if he's cut out for the USMNT. At least as a starter.
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    I think they are possibly just combining the Brotherhood Without Banners with the Brave Companions. Lady Stoneheart's MO is to hang people so that is also why there are people speculating that we may be about to meet her
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    QUOTE (bmags @ Jun 6, 2016 -> 11:11 AM) The Hound better be a big role coming up. Because to introduce a character in the last 3 seasons to kill them off in the same episode seems very Lost spider episode to me. CLEGANE BOWL 2016!
  11. QUOTE (SoxPride18 @ Jun 3, 2016 -> 08:35 PM) Anyone else see the rumors of Arsenal buying Jamie Vardy from LC? Also, rumors are that Tottenham want to sign 19 year old striker Breel Embolo Rumors are rumors during the silly season, but the Vardy to Arsenal seems very likely to happen unfortunately. As for Spurs, they're also considered "favorites" for Batshuyi, Slimani and Wanyama too. They're obviously not signing them all.
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    **2016 TV Watercooler Thread**

    QUOTE (Brian @ Jun 1, 2016 -> 03:42 PM) Shameless coming back early in October instead of next January. That's awesome. QUOTE (BigHurt3515 @ Jun 2, 2016 -> 12:48 AM) I wonder why? Are they going to do more episodes or just switch when it is on The Affair moved up to November too. I wonder if this means Showtime has new programming coming in the winter?
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    Parents Stuck With Their Kids

    QUOTE (Quinarvy @ May 29, 2016 -> 05:40 PM) Well, Obama just turned that on it's head. Should have said I was thinking along the lines after this law got passed. http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/cnsnew...st-pay-salaried Looks like that only applies to those making less than his arbitrary threshold, however.
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    So Benjen...are we supposed to believe that he is the same and the CotF healed him or is he also now some sort of supernatural being? GRRM has specifically stated in the past that Benjen is NOT Coldhands, so it would kind of irk me if the show actually calls him that at some point.
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    Sports Betting

    QUOTE (pettie4sox @ May 27, 2016 -> 08:15 AM) I am thinking about betting on some soccer friendlies... yay or nay? If yay, which look good. I bet a lot on soccer but I usually stay away from friendlies. You just never know who is going to show up.
  16. QUOTE (3GamesToLove @ May 25, 2016 -> 02:48 PM) That could be a pretty critical match! I've never seen the USMNT in person. I've followed them since early '09 and was SO excited when it was announced they'd play Honduras in a WCQ at Soldier Field that summer...until I learned my cousin was getting married in Kansas that day. Then I was in England when they played the friendly against Poland, and was never brave enough to pull the trigger for any of the Gold Cup semis or finals here. This'll be awesome, though. If anything, better than a WCQ. Should be a hard-fought match with Costa Rica, too. I'm also lucky enough to get to see Messi and Argentina, plus a semifinal........and Jamaica/Venezuela. You might want to skip that one. That has dud written all over it
  17. QUOTE (3GamesToLove @ May 25, 2016 -> 02:14 PM) International tournament season! Anyone going to the Copa America? Due to a StubHub listing error I was able to get venue passes (tickets to all four matches at Soldier Field) for a fraction of the price. I'm pretty pumped. I'm going to the USA-Paraguay match in Philadelphia. Super excited!
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    QUOTE (CrimsonWeltall @ May 25, 2016 -> 01:05 PM) PSH That's the best material on the show right now. Agreed. The High Sparrow storyline just isn't translating well at all to television
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    QUOTE (CrimsonWeltall @ May 23, 2016 -> 03:00 PM) Mmmmmm Very interesting. GRRM has specifically said is NOT Coldhands so it might be more likely he just appears as is.
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    QUOTE (bigruss22 @ May 23, 2016 -> 11:19 AM) It's mentioned in the books, some secret passages that only members of the Night's watch can walk through and such. Coldhands mentions in the book that he is not allowed to cross beyond the wall. Related, how is Bran supposed to get anywhere without Hodor? Could this lead to the introduction of Coldhands? Also, seeing these visions in the show, I can't wait until we get to "see" them in the books now.
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    2016 Republican Thread

    QUOTE (StrangeSox @ May 20, 2016 -> 10:50 AM) Buehrle how do you feel about Trump now that he's decidedly not 'getting money out of politics' but is instead pursuing standard GOP fundraising? I imagine it's the politcal candidate version of "doesn't matter had sex!". "Doesn't matter got nominated!" is the theme for many Trump (and Bernie) supporters
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    Vacation/Travel Thread

    QUOTE (Chi Town Sox @ May 17, 2016 -> 02:58 PM) I've been to Ireland 3 times, I would do one night in Dublin and then leave. It's a city, that's it. It's not what Ireland is all about, you'll have a much better time renting a car and driving around and seeing the sites, truly incredible. In London, I thought the London Eye was very overrated, London doesn't have much of a skyline and it's $$$$ The Cabinet War Rooms were fantastic, must do. Highly recommend Stonehenge and a visit to Bath is very cool (day trip), Tower of London is cool. Learn to take the Tube the first day, best way to get around and extremely quick/efficient. The food in London is great, no matter what anybody tells you, they just didn't do their homework. Some of the best chefs in the world operate in London. Nightlife - if you are into dance music, fabric is one of the best nightclubs in the world, a bodysonic (subwoofers connected to the floor) dance floor. It's open through the night and usually until noon the next day it not, later. Definitely pop into any interesting pub that you may see. If you are looking for a cheap/decent place to stay, you could stay at the London School of Economics in their dorm suites. It was a very good price compared to other places. Also, the easyhotel is very cheap but VERY small. Just for reference (not knowing your price points) Thanks for the tips. We're actually taking a day trip to Cork and Cashel so we'll only have 2 days in Dublin. Then we're taking the ferry to Wales and will spend one day in Anglesey going to Caernarfon and Snowdonia then heading on to London the next day. The Tower of London is a must for me and we have a day trip planned to Bath and Stonehenge also actually. We spent part of last summer in Rome and Paris and found their subway systems very easy to use. How is London's? Any specific places you ate at or things you ate there that you'd recommend?
  23. QUOTE (bmags @ May 16, 2016 -> 11:23 AM) Was watching Bundesliga on Saturday, which I never really find time for. Was interesting watching the shock of Stuttgart falling to relegation. Yeah that was sad for me. We lived there for a few years growing up when my dad was sent there on business. Always had a soft spot for them.
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    QUOTE (KyYlE23 @ May 16, 2016 -> 11:15 AM) She knew he flayed people for fun. And yea, thats a tough "one scene and out" for her character Did she? Trying to put the timeline together but how well was Ramsey known before he took over Winterfell? Osha ran away when Theon took the castle. Depending on where her character has been, it's conceivable she was truly unaware how sadistic he was.
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    Airport Security

    QUOTE (pettie4sox @ May 12, 2016 -> 04:54 PM) I make them frisk me every time. I was cool with the metal detectors but the x-ray machines are bulls***. I don't really get the outrage over them. Not at all a big deal to me.