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    2018 Travel Thread

    Has anyone been to Malta? We are thinking of stopping for a few days when we are in Europe this summer. It looks beautiful and there are a lot of historical sites which seem interesting, but I don't know anyone who has ever gone. Would love to get some feedback or thoughts if anyone has traveled there before
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    Fangraphs Top 131 Prospects List

    Surprised it took this long for this post to show up
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    Jake Burger re-tears Achilles

    A guy I play basketball with tore his achilles in a game (upper 20's) a few years ago and then re-tore it shortly into the recovery progress. He said he was just doing basic things around the house. He said his doctor told him it's not unheard of for that to happen during the early stages of recovery if there is an awkward step or slip. All anecdotal, but this could just be a fluke thing that occasionally happens. Hopefully it is at least
  4. ChiSox_Sonix

    Jake Burger out for season with ruptured Achillies Tendon

    QUOTE (GenericUserName @ Feb 26, 2018 -> 05:04 PM) I basically had that same reaction when I strained my achilles Same with me. Went down like a rock and thought it was torn when it happened to me. Luckily it wasn't and I was back to full strength in about a month. It's possible it's not torn, but it sure doesn't look good.
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    Rating the Rebuild: Completed Year 1 Edition

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Oct 3, 2017 -> 10:53 AM) What better offer was out there? I sure haven't heard it. Just a hypothetical thought I had, but if that Quintana trade had been made first, does the Sale trade change at all? If the Sox really did want Devers over Moncada (and Boston said no is the rumor), would the fact that Chicago traded Jimenez for Quintana have changed their mind?
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    QUOTE (bigruss22 @ Aug 28, 2017 -> 10:00 AM) It was a decent finale, could have been better but it had a lot in it. My first impression after the episode ended was Westeros is f***ed. I was talking to a buddy and he brought up Dany's visions in Qarth, and there was one with a snowy throne room, between that and talking about the number of people in King's Landing I'm pretty sure that the dead will make it there. It got me thinking about the last time the white walkers attacked and Azor Ahai, started reading up on it again. It'll be interesting to see if there are any parallels between then and now. Unless the snow in the throne room was a reference to Jon Snow QUOTE (bmags @ Aug 28, 2017 -> 10:22 AM) So what do we think happened in the cutaway from when Tyrion figures out she's pregnant and she lies that they'll go north? I think Tyrion offered to make Cersei's unborn child Dany's heir to the Iron Throne in return for the truce should see become victorious. So when he saw Jon/Dany get it on, he realized his plan could become in jeopardy if Dany were to become pregnant. I don't know if he is aware of Miri Maz Dur's prophecy or not
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    This episode was so bad. I absolutely love this show, but I can't get over how bad that episode was. 1) First of all, the plan to capture a wight was dumb from the start 2) So it took the group a couple days to find the wights, correct? But then Gendry ran back to the wall in what, hours? 3) Random wight walking party just out scouting? Then they kill the white walker and the wights day except, conveniently, just one of them? 4) How convenient was that raised elevation rock in the middle of that frozen lake? 5) So the wights just surrounded the group for what, 2-3 days? Or was it just hours? But then when they had rocks thrown at them (with ridiculously incredible aim) they decided "oh s*** son, no they're asking for it, ATTACK!" 6) Fastest raven ever. That raven made record time from the wall to dragonstone 7) Props to the dragons for their speed in getting to the North as well 8) Random baddies pop up out of the water just at the right time only when Tormund happens to be right at the edge. 9) Jon fell into water in freezing temperatures. That should kill you in minutes, if not hours. But thankfully to the fastest horse ever he makes it back to the wall. Phew. 10) Oh, hi Benjen! Oh, bye Benjen! Just seriously ridiculous. I love this show, and I really try hard to not be a book snob. But this season the writing has been fair, at best. But this episode, this was so bad. The writing was terrible. I get it, it's fantasy, but the scenarios that played out are so just far out of the realm of plausible. Everything is way too coincidental and convenient. It's sad because it feels like the writers are just sick of the show and have thrown in the towel. They want it over and are rushing through. The end game here should have been another 25-30 episode. Instead they are rushing and packing it into 13. And it's showing.
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    I loved when Davos told Gendry he was glad he made it because he thought maybe he was still rowing. I laughed at that. The Jaime/Bronn swimming to safety thing was really annoying. When (if?) the books ever get released I think the route the story takes to get to the end is going to be so massively different at this point. It really feels like they are now rushing things and relying too much on plot conveniences
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    Players weekend

    QUOTE (Quin @ Aug 10, 2017 -> 11:22 AM) Because they loathe change. A coworker is a Yankees fan and hates that THIS is how names get put on their jerseys. I can get that. Or they can simply just think it's silly and dumb because they think it's silly and dumb. Kind of like the "Turn Ahead the Clock" Jerseys they wore in the early 90's. No harm, but there is a reason they never did it again. Nothing to do with "change". Not going to affect whether or not I watch the game or whatever. It's not that important. But not everyone has to like or agree with everything that happens either.
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    Players weekend

    Looks like i'm in the minority of people that thinks this is just dumb Just a marketing gimmick to drum up money for the league
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    Reverse Standings Thread

    This is probably a dumb question, but is the Rule V draft order also determined by the same standings? So if we finish with the worst record we get the #1 Rule V pick in December? That in and of itself could net us a nice prospect with some of the guys who are going to be left off 40 man rosters (looking at the Yankees specifically) Also, can you pick up multiple guys during the Rule V?
  12. ChiSox_Sonix

    Will Eloy Jimenez get to AA this year?

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jul 27, 2017 -> 11:47 AM) The simple post is WHY? Look at our 2018 roster, and tell me why he needs to spend any time on it. That is going to be a mid 50's wins horrible team. With where he is now, let him finish in A ball, and start in Birmingham next year. He has already moved once to come to the Sox, no need to have him move again for a month in Birmingham. If he destroys Birmingham, bump him up to Charlotte after the All Star Break and let him finish there. The absolutely soonest we should look at him in Chicago is after the Super 2 deadline in 2019. There is no good reason with the roster construction we currently have to rush the guy up here. Zero. I mean, if he pulls a Miguel Cabrera down in AA next year I don't think it behooves anyone to just let him sit. Assuming he will have to acclimate to the ML level anyways, better get it started earlier rather than later if we are more competitive than planned next year and look to be competitive a year early in 2019
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    Will Eloy Jimenez get to AA this year?

    QUOTE (BigHurt3515 @ Jul 27, 2017 -> 09:56 AM) Bringing him up sometime would start his clock would it not? IF we are not planning to compete til 2020 what is the point of bringing him up sometime next year? Not if it is in September, I believe
  14. ChiSox_Sonix

    Will Eloy Jimenez get to AA this year?

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jul 26, 2017 -> 10:09 PM) Forget about him until AT LEAST 2019. No way. If he gets sent for a cup of coffee in AA this year (which I think he will) and then to the AFL and performs, he'll begin next year in Birmingham. If he is cruising along in June/July there is no reason he can't be called straight up from AA. True, it doesn't happen as often with hitters, but it does sometimes happen. I'm not saying it's the more likely outcome, but it is not at all unreasonable to think he's in Chicago mid-year next year or as a September call-up
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    7/26 Games

    QUOTE (Jake @ Jul 27, 2017 -> 09:06 AM) Courtney Hawkins made a change that cut his strikeout rate from about 50%, which was on the verge of getting him booted out of pro baseball, by half to below 25%. What does it mean? Well, it means he may have gotten things figured out enough to play minor league baseball until he's sick of doing it rather than until he gets released and exiled. I too have noticed a definite change in his stat lines since he came back. Someone mentioned previously that he wasnt't healthy earlier in the year. Not sure how much, if any, that played into his struggles. I don't have much hope he ever makes the major leagues, but if he maintains his turnaround through the rest of the year I think he has bought himself another year in the org in 2018. And I would support that. Zero risk for us to send him back to Birmingham next year. If he's brutal again by July give him the ultimatum to switch to the mound or be let go.
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    I'd keep Jose around. He wants to be here, he's a good player, his contract isn't absurd and he will be a positive influence on the young guys. Unless someone makes a stupid good offer for him (they won't), he's worth more to our organization as a member rather than a trade chip
  17. QUOTE (raBBit @ Jul 18, 2017 -> 10:55 PM) For those catching up, four players. Rutherford, Clarkin, Clippard and one more. Supposedly an A baller. It's not Mateo, Florial or Solak. Tate or Garcia maybe?
  18. ChiSox_Sonix

    Q traded to Cubs/Jimenez, Cease ++ to Sox

    QUOTE (StrykerSox @ Jul 13, 2017 -> 07:58 PM) Ok, the Reed thing makes me wonder, and I want some input from older folks... Back in the day, late 1990s-early 2000s, I was a pre-teen so my actual understanding of prospects was pretty limited, but it seemed like we had a pretty kickass system. Rauch, Reed, Owens, Borchard, Sweeney, Honel, Hummel, Malone, Wells, Fogg, Barcelo...just to name a few. None turned into anything for us, and very few did anything for anyone else. (I admit I may be squeezing together players from different eras too). So, that said, was our farm system ever like this? This post makes me really sad. We were loaded with pitching prospects back then and for various reasons they basically all flamed out. Can you imagine if even two or three of Rauch, Wells, Fogg, Barcelo, Munoz, Malone, Honel, Stumm, Ginter had reached their potential?
  19. ChiSox_Sonix

    Q may get moved "sooner than you think"

    QUOTE (SouthSideSale @ Jul 12, 2017 -> 02:32 PM) Agree wholeheartedly. Why else wouldn't you start him Friday? I think it is because they believe something is close. You can't just not pitch him until something gets done, but this also buys you a couple extra days to complete your deal before you are forced to pitch him. No one will really bat an eye that he is scheduled Sunday instead of Friday, but they would if he was scheduled Tuesday or Wednesday.
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    Vacation/Travel Thread

    QUOTE (BigSqwert @ May 15, 2017 -> 11:39 AM) Seattle: A bit of a drive down I-90 but Snoqualamie Falls is pretty neat to check out especially if you're a Twin Peaks fan. You can do some short hikes while there. People swear about this place but I'm vegan so never went. Discovery Park is awesome. It's in the city and has a bunch of trails that go through forests and waterfront with a lighthouse. Stunning views of the Olympic Mountains on a clear day. Lots of great breweries. The Museum of Pop Culture is fun to check out. It's right by the Space Needle in case you wanted to see that too. EDIT: Try to check out a Mariners game if they're in town. Great ballpark and there are plenty of bars/restaurants in the neighborhood for before and after the game. I'm going to be in Seattle for two days for work next week. We're staying in Pioneer Square. Any particularly interesting restaurants or places in the vicinity? Won't have more than a couple hours a night to get to see the city
  21. ChiSox_Sonix

    Most Airlines just don't seem to care

    QUOTE (KagakuOtoko @ Apr 10, 2017 -> 11:52 AM) United sucks. I don't know why anyone would fly with the big 3. They are absolutely garbage. I actually don't mind Delta at all. I've generally had pretty good experiences with them. I hated United even before seeing this though.
  22. ChiSox_Sonix

    Tigers @ White Sox- 4/6/17

    QUOTE (chitownsportsfan @ Apr 6, 2017 -> 03:15 PM) The book on Jose is def out. 12 innings into the season and we get this. Never change, game threads
  23. ChiSox_Sonix

    2016 Fantasy Football Thread

    QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Nov 4, 2016 -> 11:19 AM) As long as Jameis and Evans are alive going foward ha. I had Evans going so no complaints here besides the fact Jameis tried to kill him on that one play. They seemed fine. They have 10 days to recover. But yeah, that was an incredibly dumb play by Winston in that situation on the 2 point conversion
  24. ChiSox_Sonix

    2016 Fantasy Football Thread

    Couldn't have asked for a better start than having Jameis Winston, Julio Jones and Mike Evans all going last night
  25. ChiSox_Sonix

    2016 Fantasy Football Thread

    I'm doing well in this superflex league, but this is my regular starting lineup for this week: QB- Brady (bye) RB - Ware (probably hurt) RB - Coleman (probably hurt) WR - Brown (Big Ben is out) WR - Hopkins (Bye) TE - Pitta Flex - Dalton (Bye) And I can't even use my bench: Jeffery - Bye Howard - Bye Like I said, I'm doing well at 7-1, so it's fine, but this is the most absurd situation I've ever had a team in before. I think I'm going to drop my kicker to sign a WR but it's gonna be a bad week.