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  1. Taz

    5/17 Sox @ Royals Game 2 | 6:10PM CT

    If we win this one my lady says she will give me a nice surprise later. Now that could just mean some apple pie but still lol.
  2. Taz

    5/17 Sox @ Royals Game 1 | 1:10PM CT

    That Witt seems like a right arrogant prick. Or is that just me?
  3. Taz

    5/17 Sox @ Royals Game 1 | 1:10PM CT

    Harrison seems like a nice guy...but he's straight horseshit at the plate.
  4. Taz

    5/17 Sox @ Royals Game 1 | 1:10PM CT

    Should have let finish that inning Tony. Oh well, let's get some more runs gents.
  5. Taz

    5/17 Sox @ Royals Game 1 | 1:10PM CT

    Will miss the first one due to a staff meeting. Though I suppose can fake that I have the runs to get out of it? Come on Sox!
  6. Taz

    Sox Reportedly Calling up Davis Martin

    Watched him play at WS and Charlotte, was impressed. Congrats and good luck to him!
  7. Taz


    Great job by Cueto and obviously nice to get a win; just wish this offense would fill me with a bit more confidence.
  8. Taz

    5/16 Sox @ Royals 7:10PM CT

    Having to watch the KC feed and one of their announcers looks like one of my professor's from college who always smelled like piss. Just throwing that out there.
  9. Taz

    5/16 Sox @ Royals 7:10PM CT

    That was a horseshit top first
  10. Taz

    2022 Catch All

    2019 Cherokee but want something a bit better on gas.
  11. Taz


    Pretending to contend and pissing the fans off for lack of effort.
  12. Taz

    Site issues

    Hopefully gets fixed, I need an outlet to vent.
  13. Taz

    Site issues

    Well hopefully better by tomorrow; hard to use right now for me. Really slow loading threads, and taking forever for a post to go through when click submit reply. Sure it will be just fine.👍