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    Sox will NOT appear on Tonight Show

    QUOTE(SleepyWhiteSox @ Nov 1, 2005 -> 04:36 PM) I was told that it was said on mac, jurko, and harry on am1000 (light teasing from a cubs fan). They won't be on either show. If true, f***ing assholes. I heard that on MJ&H too. I dont know why Leno bumped them, but Letterman was supposed to have them on November 7th, but changed their mind because they said it will be "old news" by then.
  2. HighHeat45

    Funniest Plays of 05

    When Scott Podsednik hit a walk off home run to win game 2 of the world series.
  3. HighHeat45

    Opening Day, April of 06.

    Im planning on getting an Ozzie Plan and i should get tickets with that.
  4. HighHeat45

    Looking for a picture

    Im looking for a picture that was in the sun times today. It has Konerko giving Jerry the last out ball and Hawk is right inbetween the two of them in the backround smiling. If anyone can find this for me online i would greatly appreciate it.
  5. HighHeat45

    SNL Tonight

    My guess is he will be on that news thing they do. Weekend update i think its called.
  6. HighHeat45

    Rumor: AL Playoff OF tests positive for steroids

    Too many things went right for us for it to be one of our guys.
  7. HighHeat45

    White sox to be on Oprah tommorow

    QUOTE(Tony82087 @ Oct 28, 2005 -> 09:08 AM) Who is on? I know they replay it at like midnight on 7, so Ill catch it then if its worth it. Most of the english speaking guys were there. She asked questions to a bunch of people, but i never saw Paulie.
  8. HighHeat45

    Rumor: AL Playoff OF tests positive for steroids

    It cant be Jermaine, they knew who it was before the game and i doubt they would have given the MVP to Jermaine if he was the guy, no matter how good he did.
  9. HighHeat45

    The Official Parade Thread

    Im still trying to get my mom to call me in to school. We were off today for Parent teacher conferences and its the most pointless thing to go back friday and have the weekend off, its the unofficial senior ditch day really. My Trig teacher even told our class that there is a quiz on friday, but she will have all the kids who dont show up take it monday and everyone else can have a day of no work. Id much rather take my no work day tomorrow. That is really my only class that involves work so I should be good.
  10. HighHeat45


    Right when Blum came to bat i got the feeling that we had to have traded for him for a reason. He hasnt done anything significant for the team yet and he was gunna do something right then, and he did.
  11. HighHeat45

    Dont stop believin' on Itunes

    I noticed that Dont Stop Believin is the 38th most popular song on Itunes today. You can thank Joe Crede for that
  12. HighHeat45


    If those were really picked by the players, at least Damaso has a sense of humor. Oops i did it again
  13. HighHeat45

    A.J. says Pods called it

    AJ actually said he called it in the cages before the game, not as he walked to the plate.
  14. HighHeat45


    I ordered a black Jenks jersey last night. Ive been wanting to do it for a while and this game sealed the deal.
  15. HighHeat45


    Anyone see the lady in the Angels jersey and angels paint on her face in the front row of all the sox fans still at the game. WTF was she doing?
  16. HighHeat45

    Anthony John Pierzynski

    I completly agree. AJ has become my favorite player the past month or so. I liked him alot during the season, but the way he has been playing and handling being in the playoffs has made him my favorite. He has been like the spokesman for the team ever since we clinched. Im definitly gunna ask for a Pierz jersey for X-Mas.
  17. HighHeat45

    Hey White Sox fans!!

    He isnt Doug.
  18. HighHeat45

    Twins Offseason Updates

    I heard on Mac Jurko and Harry the other day that the twins are gunna offer their richest contract in team history to Konerko this offseason.
  19. HighHeat45

    Game 1 thoughts

    The bunt dye put down on the first pitch in whatever inning was the the worst call all season. It made no sense at all and even if it somehow worked and he got on i still would be saying that.
  20. HighHeat45

    Los Angeles @ Chicago - ALCS Game 1

    I never want to see a bunt again.
  21. HighHeat45

    The Widge

    QUOTE(southsider2k5 @ Oct 11, 2005 -> 08:44 AM) The Jaime Burke fan club is going to be P.I.S.S.E.D. at this thread Yea, but i liked widger alot. Im more pissed about casanova getting called up over Burke. I guess we didnt want to put ourselves at too much of an advantage in september
  22. HighHeat45

    AL Central Champs T-shirts

    QUOTE(Steve9347 @ Oct 10, 2005 -> 07:23 PM) I was at a local sports store today, just scoping out some of the White Sox gear, when I noticed that all of the AL Central Champs t-shirts with players names on the backs were on sale for $7.50. I asked why this was, and under infielders they forgot to list JOE CREDE. I don't know if this was universal or if it was just a random batch of shirts, but I felt pretty bad for Joe. They even included Blum! But no Crede! I read that they started making the shirts when Crede was on the DL and they took the current roster at that time.
  23. HighHeat45


    How in gods name did you find this thread with searches turned off?
  24. HighHeat45

    Bandwagon Jumpers

    QUOTE(GoRowand33 @ Oct 9, 2005 -> 09:29 PM) I agree up until 2000 I rooted for whoever I wanted to(I was 10) I then jumped on the 2000 sox bandwagon but haven't let down, closely following just about every game since Thats how I pretty much was too. I was always a sox fan, but didnt watch alot of games and couldnt name everyone on the roster, but then my family got tickets to a playoff game in 2000 when i was 12 and even though they lost i really started getting into baseball . The next year I started paying really close attention to the team and ever since ive been hooked.
  25. HighHeat45

    Hernandez Wallpaper

    He was smiling... That's right. You know, that, that Duke smile of his. He had it on his face right to the very end. Hell, if they didn't know it 'fore, they could tell right then that they weren't a-gonna beat him. That old Duke smile. Oh, Duke. He was some boy. Cool Hand Duke. Hell, he's a natural-born world-shaker