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    Hurricane Katrina

    I got this from the CNN article on the story I feel bad for the guy, but he put it on himself not evacuating the city when he had the chance.
  2. HighHeat45

    Someone... please help me to understand..

    Maybe she is one of those people that have multiple cars and had her I Pass in the other car at the time and forgot to move it, so had to go through the cash lane. She did say she had an i pass.
  3. HighHeat45

    Who controls...

    Obviously parking in a handicapped spot when your not handicapped is stupid, but what do you guys think about a handicaped person parking in fire lane or those no parking zones even when spots are available? I see that way more at work than people parking in handicaped spots and its just as bad IMO, but you never see them get in trouble.
  4. HighHeat45

    Benson Final Offer

    QUOTE(DukeNukeEm @ Aug 18, 2005 -> 07:49 PM) You dont know anything, I MEAN ANYTHING, about Football. That is the most ignorant statement regarding Football I've ever read. Im glad your not the bears GM You: Hello Cedric, how much money do you want to make CB: I want 100 million for every time i touch the ball You: Deal! see you at practice.
  5. HighHeat45

    A's unvail new stadium plan

    What city will they be playing in this time around?
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    Grossman's Season Basically Over

    I missed the game and was praying to god this was a bump from last year when i clicked the thread
  7. HighHeat45

    Madden 06

    If you upload your guy from NCAA it just gives him a generic dark skined look, and since im really white i couldnt use my guy...
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    Nightengale's Griffey/ Sox update

    What does Griffey have against Tucson?
  10. HighHeat45

    That kid who fell from the balcony

    QUOTE(SoxFan1 @ Aug 10, 2005 -> 12:26 AM) Well, I was right anfd you all were wrong. The dumbass jumped...I rest my case. Keep b****ing... How where you right, all you did was say it was funny the guy fell, you didnt say it was funny he jumped
  11. HighHeat45

    Which state is worse?

    We just drove out to colorodo on 80 at the beginning of july so i know all about this. Id say nebraska is worse. And we stayed in lincoln too heads but it wasnt that bad. Our hotel was the nicest one we stayed in the entire trip, i think it was an embasy sweets.
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    Hey SNB, do you know the requirements be a general student at U of I, im goin into senior year with a 3.5 gpa a 24 on my ACT and am about in the 30% of my class.
  13. HighHeat45

    Madden 06

    I put 5 dollars down to pre order this in like june and i dont really want it anymore... Im obsessed with battlefield 2
  14. HighHeat45

    School Started today

    QUOTE(Soxnbears01 @ Aug 8, 2005 -> 03:54 PM) eh, i had a bad experience with a random roomate last year. My cousins roomate this year is a guy from india with the same first and last name (like shri shri or something)who speaks almost no english. He should have a fun year.
  15. HighHeat45

    Peter Jennings Dies

    QUOTE(redandwhite @ Aug 8, 2005 -> 01:29 PM) That was probably it. When was it announced that he had cancer? I think in April.
  16. HighHeat45

    How'd you find this place?

    QUOTE(Kid Gleason @ Aug 3, 2005 -> 11:32 AM) Similar thing for me. But it was, I am pretty sure the name I will get correct, NorthsideSoxFan or something close. I am not so sure he posts too much here now. I was on the MLB board though, and I made a complaint, or he did and I commented on how I would like to see a more "mature" board. Thought I had found it. silly me. I also have never been back to the offical one, except to watch the implosion of Ncor. Anybody ever hear from him again? I actually think it was me who gave you the link, or at least it was someone in the exact same situation as you...
  17. HighHeat45

    Ever said something wrong

    At work today this guy comes to my line and i say "hi, how are you today?" and the guy says "im terrible i miss my ex-wife".......what the hell are you supposed to say to that. I just said "oh, im sorry" then nothing else was said between us....
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    QUOTE(kapkomet @ Aug 6, 2005 -> 08:24 AM) No s***. It's not like we're not around. Kind of reminds me of a story of someone who once said, "I'd like to see the day where [you] post without having all the admin powers". Well, here we are, still posting; we don't have to take our toys and go elsewhere. This site rocks, and we know it. Seriously, don't worry about it. It's all good. That's all that needs to be said. I think this is different.. im sure you guys either asked to take get your admin status taken away or at least were asked to, not just log on one day to see your not an admin anymore...
  19. HighHeat45

    Who writes checks anymore?

    At the grocery store I work at you have to be registered to write a check, and fill out a little card and the manager looks it over and puts in in the system, but the whole process can take like 3-5 minutes and that clogs up the line a ton if someone comes in that isnt registered. I would say i get about 30-40 checks on an eight hour shift though, alot of people use them.
  20. HighHeat45

    Computer Problem

    QUOTE(DonkeyKongerko @ Aug 2, 2005 -> 10:55 PM) I messed around with my video card once trying to make it faster and now there's little glitches in the textures in a few games. I think it also has poor cooling which leads it to overheat rather quickly. Make sure your cases and especially the video card and CPU are well cooled when you're playing graphically intensive games. Thats what i think happened to mine, i tried running on high settings when i was on low, and it was a little slow, but i think it just overheated... Thanks for the help everyone
  21. HighHeat45

    Computer Problem

    I was playing a game online on my PC and all of sudden the screen went orange texturey color and it kept repeating the same phrase someone said over and over and over again. So i held the power button for 5 seconds thinking the game just crashed, but now when it turns on alll i get are a ton of very thin colored bars across the screen and it makes no noises as to sound like its starting up. My dad thinks its my hard drive, but it might also be the video card. Does anyone know what it could be so i dont buy the wrong thing?
  22. HighHeat45

    Toronto Airport crash

  23. HighHeat45

    Computer Problem

    No i bought the game so i dont think its a virus with that at least. My uncle works with my dad and does all of the companys computer s*** and he usually looks at peoples computers when they have problems with them, but then ill have to wait until monday to find out and wont get it fixed till HOPEFULLY tuesday or wednesday
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    Chocolate Still #1, Island Deserted

    Why does michael bay get to keep on making movies?...i guess pearl harbor sucked, just a little bit more than i miss you
  25. HighHeat45

    59 World Series

    My grandpa went and he still has his ticket stubs.