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  1. man hands

    I Gone!

    NOOOOOO!!! Bull, you are the last of my amigos with the Sox! You, Smitty and Biko...wow, this sucks!! Gonna miss you man and your interesting outbursts. Keep throwing that slide piece! Call you soon. Later, Baj
  2. man hands

    Happy Birthday!

    Bull, You're an idiot! What do you want me to do, come up to you and ask for my birthday present! You're a dork. I'm like 36, it's no big thing anymore! See you tomorrow. Baj QUOTE(Bullard @ Mar 21, 2005 -> 09:35 PM) Happy Birthday asshole, thanks for not telling me. Its not like our lockers are next to each other!!!!!!
  3. man hands

    Kris Honel

    Honel--> they are taking it very slow with him. his elbow and shoulder are ok. they are just being very cautious with him and slowly getting him into a throwing program. he'll be down for a while still...at least that's what it looks like Wing--> he is seeing Dr. Yocum in L.A. and I think he will be having shoulder surgery on his labrum! Not 100% positive on that, but that's the rumor. Sorry for the dissapointing news! Baj
  4. man hands

    Jim Bullard Chat Transcript

    Bull, You don't have to answer every question. Always giving me up! Also, you ever hear of April 1st...some people have fun on that day and mess around and play jokes on FOOLS like you! Just having some fun with you. Sorry to everyone if I messed up your chat with Bull. I know that he actually enjoyed it (he told me). BULL ---->
  5. man hands

    minor leaugers

    Come on guys, just come on out and ask what you think of US?
  6. man hands

    Bullard Chat

    Ya, you beat us...oh well. I was kind of rooting for Westy anyway!
  7. man hands

    neal cotts lovefest??

    I totally agree with you! I guess as fans we expect a lot at the major league level and when we don't see instant results, we get frustrated.
  8. man hands

    neal cotts lovefest??

    You know what, you don't have to apologize for posting what you feel. I know how frustrating it is when a pitcher is walking everyone. that is the worst! I just take it personally I guess when you write off a guy that has so much talent, that is the hardest working dude in the organization and is so freakin young. Because like I said earlier, I may still play, but I will always be a baseball fan first and foremost, and as a fan, I will give a guy more than 4 starts before I send him back to Dawson's Creek, as you mentioned earlier By the way, not comparing the two at all but...did you ever watch Nolan Ryan? Not the best control in the game! c ya Baj
  9. man hands

    neal cotts lovefest??

    Well, that's great. I need all the fans I can get! You never know where the organization sees you fitting in. The higher up you get, the more of a log jam it is. I honestly feel that I belong in AAA this year, but they may put me back in AA. We'll just have to see. I also need to stay healthy for another full season before they even give me an honest look! And I wouldn't expect anything else.
  10. man hands

    neal cotts lovefest??

    By no way was I suggesting all you do is bash players. I have actually never really heard any bashing going on. I was just upset that that post was so anti-Cotts. I mean that is fine if that person really believes he doesn't belong, but I can't believe that you feel that was an objective post. the other thing is, most likely, whether it be this year or the next, Cotts will be in the major leagues, most likely for the Sox and I just feel if people are true fans of the game and of the team, they will support 23 year old kids trying to get their feet wet. anyways, enough of that.
  11. man hands

    neal cotts lovefest??

    That is the most ridiculous post I have ever heard! Granted, I am a little biased as I am friends and teammates with Cotts, but I am still a baseball fan, first and foremost. You are correct is saying that Neal and Foulke should not be compared. they are totally different pitchers and to compare them is just silly. But still, as Rex has posted, his #'s are ridiculous (opponents Batting Average, K's per 9 inn.), he is only 23 years old and he only made 4 starts. Give the kid a chance before you bash him. I guess this is the place to bash players, which is your right, but I can't wait till that kid shoves and you jump on his bandwagon!! Baj
  12. man hands

    Sox Top 10 Prospects

    thanks!! My strongest asset is my heart and work ethic. Weakest would have to be the fact I have had 3 arm surgeries (2 elbow, 1 shoulder) Although 2 of those were before I was even 18! Also the fact that RH relievers that throw low to mid 90's are a dime a dozen. Can't wait to get to Tucson! Been working hard. Later , Baj
  13. man hands

    Sox Top 10 Prospects

    Thanks Rex! Always appreciate the kind words. Ya, that 8 run debacle killed me, but oh well, it's part of the game Go OU!!! I can't believe Westy got a ring already!!
  14. man hands

    Sox Top 10 Prospects

    First of all, thanks for the support. Second of all, a lot of times you read about a guy in college or high school or even the minors throwing 97 MPH, for example and then he gets into the minors or majors and then his velocity drops. This isn't always the way it is though. Many times that 97 MPH you hear about happened once or twice and the kid usually throws anywhere from 91-95! It's a wierd situation because now everyone expects that 97 when he averages 92-93 (which is still hard) In the minors they are trying to put the whole package together: mechanics, location and speed. And they always say velocity doesn't matter, but you and I both know that if you're throwing 99 as opposed to 89 then you'll get to the show a lot faster!! Baj
  15. man hands

    Sox Top 10 Prospects

    Honestly, I would not be playing this game still if I didn't believe I could make the big leagues. I see myself as a reliever with some major league team (hopefully the Sox). Most likely a set up type guy. I just need to stay healthy and put up solid and consistent numbers. As for this year, I feel I should start in AAA, but of course I can't rule anything out. I'll just work my ass off in spring training and see what happens. Oh yeah, and a guy that will surprise you...I'm not trying to stroke his ego when I say this, but Bullard. I think he will definitely surprise some people, maybe not on this site, but at least the higher ups in the organization will be surprised at how nasty he is. Later. JBaj