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  1. This is not a winning strategy. Any good owner would realize this and fire the GM or at least the manager, but this is the White Sox, led by Jerry Reinsdorf.
  2. When they went up 3-1 I thought, okay, maybe they’ll get to the bridge and make it another save for Hendriks. Then things fell apart and they didn’t get a home run. I switched to an episode of Seinfeld. It ended and I saw they were down 8-3. I said, “good move” to myself and went to bed. This team is so damn predictable it isn’t even funny…and I am the idiot who paid for tickets for next Tuesday night’s game. At least the tickets 17 rows behind the dugout cost $50 on StubHub instead of $78 on whitesox.com.
  3. Do we know when Anderson got hurt, or if he’s had this injury for an extended period of time?
  4. The Beast

    Market/Financial Thread

    If I remember correctly, don’t some of those professional jobs require professional degrees here too? The most ridiculous part about protecting minimum wage jobs from immigrants is that there are jobs they take that other people will not take. So the anti immigration folks don’t have lots to stand on with their arguments. Use a guest worker program in the way you describe and see what happens to the economy. Like it or not, they will be the minority over time.
  5. Lol wow. Is this why Cease and Graveman won’t get the vaccine?
  6. Just got a great deal on StubHub for the Houston/Sox game on 8/16. Section 139, row 17, seats 7-8 for $81. Normally are $78 apiece. At least I’ll see a World Series contender live. The tickets were $47 before the game started. I waited and they went down $8. Niceee
  7. Yep. He’s under contract so as long as he keeps hitting, he can fuck off and be DH. Stop bringing the strippers to TLR’s office.
  8. Well Eloy can fuck off. He’s under contract and his injury history suggests he shouldn’t play in the field. They aren’t part of the problem but they have value, the other two do not.
  9. I always thought they should deal one of Jimenez, Vaughn or Sheets…and maybe Moncada. They needed to deal one of those guys to bring in some different talent if they aren’t going to sign anyone.
  10. How about this lineup? Anderson - SS Robert - CF Jimenez - DH Abreu - 1B Vaughn - LF Pollock - RF Zavala - C Harrison - 2B Moncada - 3B