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  1. The Beast

    Jeremy Reed has a new job

    It looks like he’s the incumbent hitting coach and coached with the Angels and Brewers before. Too bad his career didn’t make him an every day player but he played a decent amount. Wonder what he would have been with the White Sox if he hadn’t been traded.
  2. The Beast

    Job Thread

    Cool. I’ve studied data science off and on over a few years and have worked on data projects at work. If I stay with my current employer I will graduate with my master’s degree next May. But I’m really trying to get into health care on the data analyst side to now so I may leave and continue my education if the new employer pays for the last two courses. Writing code is where it is at. JavaScript and Python seem to be the most useful to me, along with SQL. It can’t hurt to have languages on your resume and see if an employer will take a chance on you even if you have a basic understanding.
  3. The Beast

    Job Thread

    What are you using SQL, Python and R for, Jack?
  4. The Beast

    2019 World Series

    This umpire loves calling one ball on each side of the plate on the corners. What the heck? At least he did it consistently to both sides.
  5. Why is Covey still here? He sucks!
  6. The Beast

    Hahn SOTU

    Having Covey and Detweiler out there in 2020 is unacceptable.
  7. The Beast

    Hahn SOTU

    And let someone like Maddon take over, screwing over Renteria twice in the process.
  8. The Beast

    Cubs thread 2k19

    And it is unfortunate that he will lose his job over the next 72 hours. He can be the sacrificial lamb, but it’s not his fault the players underperformed this year.
  9. The Beast

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    They tempered their tone today. That is why I said vintage Dan Bernstein, the one that roasts callers.
  10. The Beast

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    I wish you and people like you making similar arguments would call into the Score and get roasted by vintage Dan Bernstein.
  11. The Beast

    Job Thread

    Do you think students could take prerequisites at a community college and then transfer in for the doctorate degree? Just asking in case I ever were to do this.
  12. The Beast

    Job Thread

    What were there backgrounds, did they already have a science background? What program includes the prerequisites and graduate coursework?
  13. The Beast

    Job Thread

    Do you know if they had kids or what their backgrounds were in? I was average in science in high school and haven’t taken biology or chemistry since then and I never took A&P or physics. But that doesn’t mean trying as an adult wouldn’t work. I think that helping people would be a great thing to do, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be physical therapy and it instead could be nursing, but I am looking for something where I could get more job satisfaction and earn enough to live and provide for a family. (Which is something I didn’t think of when it came to undergrad.)
  14. The Beast

    Job Thread

    If I were to spend on another career path, the cost would be entirely on me. Aside from the mortgage and my wife’s graduate program, along with the kids we would have, we don’t have any debt. We aren’t rich but we aren’t poor either. The current job that I have is getting boring and I have kept it to have a secure income and for them to pay for my school. If I can’t find a job before the year is up, I will probably stay there until the middle of next year, when they can pay for the next two classes and I won’t owe them again. I have a class going on right now and I have multiple weddings this fall, so unless my next job started in November, I don’t think I could start a new job right now. But I do find value in interviews and intend on applying for new roles while trying out new projects related to the data science skills I have been learning so that I can practice those skills and keep them fresh.
  15. The Beast

    Job Thread

    I wonder what you and others would say about finishing a degree, finding out from working in a field that it isn’t for you and going back in your late 30s, 40s and 50s to retrain for something else that is in demand. I’m guessing it is possible with some personal sacrifice (like selling a house for a cheaper home elsewhere or not taking vacations and working while in school), even with kids.