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  1. The Beast

    Job Thread

    I would find a way to take the position for a year, get the skills under your belt, take the hit financially and then leave for somewhere else once you have gotten the experience. It’s easier said than done but those are my initial thoughts.
  2. The Beast

    Job Thread

    How significant would the pay cut be and could you manage? Would the skills you obtain help you after a year of employment and would that give you enough to use those skills at another company making more money? And is there a chance to counter for some more money?
  3. The Beast

    Job Thread

    Wasn’t Trump trying to do something like this with hospitals in terms of price transparency? It was one of the only things I applauded him for, even if it will be fought in courts.
  4. The Beast

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    I heard some players were injured headed into camp but they weren’t major injuries. Grandal was one of them. Are they something to be concerned about in terms of missed time? Also has there been any updates on Jake Burger?
  5. The Beast

    Job Thread

    For some people, they do fall into their work instead of picking their career.
  6. The Beast

    Job Thread

    I would love to hear more about the 403(b) and your last post on healthcare. Very interesting stuff.
  7. The Beast

    Job Thread

    This is the kind of reason why I feel the Filibuster should come back. To debate and discuss is one thing but to flame and bash is another thing. As an independent moderate who is passionate about politics I have heard from the most liberal and conservative people and though I don’t always agree, it is healthy to have these discussions if done in a respectful way. I’m glad both of you guys got to talk things out over PMs. That might be our only option for political talk on this site.
  8. The Beast

    Job Thread

    True and pensions are definitely a tough issue, even though I am worried my wife won’t ever see her pension because of the unfunded pensions in Illinois, the loopholes in how people can get them from multiple jobs (retired from one, working another) and the fact that the state can’t reduce the 3% COLA or change benefits. My concern is mostly with these reasons and the administrators, along with those leaving the state. So I guess we will have to contribute to an IRA or 403(b) for her retirement. Benefits are definitely a fascinating topic even if they are debatable in Illinois.
  9. The Beast

    Job Thread

    The cost and the benefits that unions bargained for their members. My wife is a teacher and I work in insurance, so I have a bit of an idea on what schools and union employees get. These benefits matter.
  10. The Beast

    Betts to Dodgers

    Better than whining after the offseason they had, and I didn’t like the Mazara trade. Long story short, they probably didn’t have anything to give up to get Betts and Hahn probably didn’t want to give up something for Joc in the short term.
  11. The Beast

    Betts to Dodgers

    Then let’s get the Wahmbulance out here.
  12. The Beast

    Betts to Dodgers

    Exactly. Betts wasn’t going to happen and who knows if Peterson’s asking price was a king’s ransom that they couldn’t meet?
  13. The Beast

    Betts to Dodgers

    SoxFest came and went. Why don’t you write to the front office or call 670 and complain? We don’t know what has been going on behind the scenes.
  14. The Beast

    Betts to Dodgers

    And some Sox fans need to get the fuck over it.
  15. The Beast

    Betts to Dodgers

    I’m sure Hahn would have given up Kopech for Pederson. #Green What makes you think Hahn won’t make an acquisition at the trade deadline?