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  1. The Beast

    Ticket Codes

    There used to be a Yelp thread with codes, but I think that has since been shut down. Now I just go through my ticket guy and get discounted tickets in the outfield for the games I want to go to. I never pay full price to go to the game.
  2. The Beast

    Nest vs Ring

    That is all I would need it for. And to upgrade our broken doorbell to something better.
  3. The Beast

    Something I want everyone to know.

    I agree and there should be a short leash. There should be good debates and if there are personal attacks, there should be quick suspensions. This is an important election and I would welcome substantive discussion on the issues.
  4. The Beast

    Nest vs Ring

    Is the $100 Ring still worth getting? I know it doesn’t have the capabilities of the other Ring doorbells but it would replace a non functioning door bell. Also, is there a monthly fee?
  5. The Beast

    Something I want everyone to know.

    Agreed with these posters. I especially liked reading threads where I could learn from people who knew more about issues than I did so that I could see things from different points of view. Heading into an election year, having the Filibuster would be great in terms of education and discussion. But I understand why it went away.
  6. The Beast

    Top 10 baseball videogames

    Yes, All Star Baseball 99 was in my top three, along with MVP 2005 and MLB the Show 2007. I loved the sounds tracks of the two PlayStation games too.
  7. This thread went from Theo and Hahn to Renteria versus the field, to Marcus Semien in Oakland, to Hawk’s moves as GM and finally to economics. Got to love Soxtalk. Open up the Fillibuster, we can handle it! #Green
  8. The Beast

    White Sox Sign Robert to Extension

    Nice move, so I guess they won’t be trading him for Arenado. Great!👍
  9. The Beast

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Their next hires and players for the new offensive unit will be of critical importance to the team next year. Nagy and Pace can’t mess up on these hires or acquisitions or their asses will be in the jackpot.
  10. The Beast

    Sports Media discussion

    That’s why I like Bernstein and McKnight. They talk about the Cubs and Sox and they bring analytical perspectives. Mac used to be a Sox fan and talked about them until he started drinking the Cubs koolaid and listening to his boy Parkins.
  11. The Beast

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Why isn’t anyone confident they’ll bring in Mariota for Trubisky to compete with? Keenum and Smith wouldn’t be good enough competition for Trubisky.
  12. The Beast

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    The offensive line’s effort was awful today, letting many linemen easily get to Trubisky. The rushing yardage they had from scrimmage this year was at times offensive. I would also like to know the advantage of quick passes to the outside in that offense. They seem to yield a few quick yards at a time but then get shut down almost immediately.
  13. The Beast

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Continuity. Consistently firing coaches and GMs can lead to perpetual rebuilds.
  14. The Beast

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    I have a feeling Mitch’s competition will be out of Tennessee. Either Tannehill or Mariota.
  15. The Beast

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Put Mahomes on the Bears with this team and they wouldn’t be rolling like the Chiefs are with how many holes this team has. Mitch is a symptom of the problem but he is not the main problem.