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  1. Kid Gleason

    Sports Media discussion

    QUOTE (Athomeboy_2000 @ Jul 22, 2014 -> 09:43 AM) I have to say, I'm not missing Mac on The Score. Is he gone for good?
  2. Kid Gleason


    Could this season actually be much better than most were expecting???
  3. Kid Gleason

    2012 Tournament of Bad

    Yup, LittleHurt mentioned that. Thanks just the same, though. I look forward to it.
  4. They still love to swing at that first pitch, don't they? That still irks the snot out of me.
  5. Ahhhhh, I work at a school, so it is nice to have the whole day off for this. My enthusiasm for this season is at an all-time low. My interest in this season, however, is at an all-time high. So many new things to watch, and so many questions about how it might be. Could be interesting from a train wreck stance, or interesting from an experimentation with cool results stand point.
  6. Kid Gleason

    2012 Tournament of Bad

    Hope whatever it is that he gets it all sorted out. I liked him on AM1000, but have really grown to like him back at the Score. I never heard any of his original Boers stuff, though.
  7. Kid Gleason

    2012 Tournament of Bad

    My parents both use debit cards, and they're in their 70s. I don't see a topic for it, but does anybody know where the heck Danny Mac has been? Is he battling demons again?
  8. Kid Gleason

    Penn State horror story

    He did just hire some high power guy, so we might wait and see what happens. I'm betting the old twit goes down something fierce.
  9. Kid Gleason

    Penn State horror story

    Has anybody brought up the fact that in the role that Joe Paterno was in, coach (teacher?), that he would have been a mandated reporter? His duty was much more than just telling his bosses. His duty was to report this to the proper authorities, which involves calling the proper phone numbers. Good ol JoePa(thetic) dropped the ball on what his profession required him to do. He is just one gigantic dolt.
  10. Kid Gleason

    Penn State horror story

    Somebody on another board I go to, who works at Penn, says this is about to get MUCH worse. Take that for what it is worth. Which isn't much. But ya know, might want to brace ourselves for some uber-ugliness.
  11. Kid Gleason

    Apps I'd like to see

    I wish more apps would make versions available for different devices. I am not talking iOS or Android, but rather make some of these apps still iPod 2nd Gen compatible. I see numerous ones that are iPhone 4G only, and there is really no reason for them to be. I get the ones that have camera use, but the ones that are just stupid programs (like the cool IMDB trailer one) should be open to more devices. I know, they do this to make us upgrade and such, but still, if they can make an app that talking to the aliens in another galaxy, surely an app can be made compatible with all devices. No?
  12. Kid Gleason

    Ozzie Guillen Appreciation Thread

    I think the BIG story here is that Joey Cora will be leaving and he won't be able to creep me out with his weird looks any more.
  13. Kid Gleason

    Speigel vs Cowley on WSCR

    The whole thing was a draw, IMO. The winner was the one you agree with. Both made valid points, and both sounded like irrational idiots. Nobody was going to be swayed by that whole little bit.
  14. Kid Gleason

    Speigel vs Cowley on WSCR

    That was fun!!! It actually fit in quite well with everything else baseball in this town this year.
  15. Kid Gleason

    What bugs/creatures/whatever freak you out?

    Bigfoot. No s***. The idea of bigfoot scares the crap out of me.