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  1. BMAC3520

    McCarthy likely to start at Texas

    Wait... is that me on the right or on the left? I'm offended if it's me getting my ass kicked. Unfortunately... the rest of the pic is pretty accurate.
  2. BMAC3520

    Thanks for the Support..

    Guys I'd like to thank you all for the support you've given me during this run I've had. It's definitely been nice to look on here from time to time to read encouraging and positive posts. It's been a great season and I'm looking forward to the postseason. I'll be throwing game one of the playoffs so I'm turning my attention towards that... Tonight's loss was just not going with the right pitches and not executing the others in that third inning, and to a team who hits as well at Chattanooga, you're going to have innings like that. Rex was right when he says that I'm not relieved that I lost to take off the pressure, I don't care if i never lose again, it'd be fine with me... The lack of execution on the team tonight was nothing to be concerned with, we clinched last night so today was kinda of a downer, that and they had the biggest human rain delay of a pitcher throwing for them. I've seen better atmospheres at funerals... This website along with Future sox are starting to catch on in the organization so keep up the good work, and I'm sure we'll all be more than willing to help...Except for Bullard (he's an ass). Anyways guys thanks again and if you ever have any questions feel free to e mail me. By the way I weigh 207 as of yesterday, and I've never thrown a cutter!
  3. BMAC3520

    Charlotte vs Kannapolis

    Yesterday Kann vs. WS was pretty boring overrall. It was freezing out and no one came out to the park to watch. WS ended up winning 3-2 but it was just two teams trying to finish as fast as possible to get to the clubhouse. Kann vs. Charlotte today was also pretty boring due to lack of attendance. Wright threw for Kann against Charlotte and looked pretty strong for five innings, he takes off tomorrow for KC. Schnurstein had two hits I believe off Grilli but Charlotte won 8-5. Really a shame that no one came to these game, they could have been pretty fun had there been some emotion.
  4. BMAC3520

    Intimidators Set Roster

    Just to set the record straight on all this, I thought I would take away the speculation and give you guys the down and dirty. We are stacked here in Kann. Our rotation is Miller, Tisch, Me, Haigwood and Rodriguez. In my opinion it has to be one of the strongest rotations top to bottom in the minor leagues...Kelly was a 6th rounder out of Pepperdine, he will rotate with Brandon Bounds at 1st base this season...John Russ out of Frank Phillips JC and the 8th rounder last year had shoulder surgery at the beginning of ST and rather than going through rehab decided to retire, so as of right now he is no longer with the organization...Rodriguez missed last season with an elbow injury not shoulder, from the start of ST it hurt him and continued all year, it was a frayed ligament and no surgery was required, he is in great shape now and his arm is as healthy as ever...Haigwood blew out his knee last year in an extended ST game and missed all year, he is fully healthy now and is poised to have a great year, he has some of the filthiest stuff in the organization.
  5. BMAC3520

    Bullard Chat

    Yeah Michael Clayton and the boys were unreal this year. I sat six rows up and watched them smash the Soooners and the Heisman winner all over the field. Just wait til next year, they'll be even better. And if Baj comes on this board again, please feel free to let him know.
  6. BMAC3520

    Bullard Chat

    I'm sure more guys would be interested in doing chats, I know I wouldn't have a problem, but I think the best way to do it, would be to have people personal message their questions in over a certain period of time, and then we can answer them with the question copied in the text. Somewhat of a baseball america chat, and the player would get to choose which questions to answer. Just a thought.
  7. BMAC3520

    Camp under Ozzie

    Jerry's camps had much longer days with more busy work, and everyone seemed a lot more uptight. So far Ozzie's has been relaxed with the attitude of get your work done and get out. A very noticeable difference.
  8. BMAC3520

    Spring Training

    The minor league games typically start at 1. But it can change. It's pretty easy to get in and there is more than enough room to watch games. Spectators aren't frowned upon at all, unless they are being boorish or messing with players (not really an issue). The games are typically pretty boring, at least from a player's perspective, but I can imagine them being interesting for someone just checking out prospects. If you have any other questions, I'll do my best to help.
  9. BMAC3520

    Sleeper Prospect

    Little Rookie WHATS? Guys what we have here is a simple case of jealousy. You see Bullard is mad that he's now the third tallest player in the organization and not the second ( no one's catching Rauch), and that's why he's so bitter towards me. Actually he's a great guy he just holds a grudge.
  10. BMAC3520

    Sleeper Prospect

    He developed it once he got to Great Falls and has been fine tuning it this offseason. He also put his head on straight after the debacle at Kannapolis, so he's good to go now. I don't know if he'll be big on prospect lists because of his age but he will certainly be someone you guys will get to know.
  11. BMAC3520

    Baseball America's Sox Top 10

    I have no problem with Sweeney at #4. He is as legit a hitter as I've ever seen. For an 18 year old his poise and presence in the box is unreal. Soon enough the Sox will have two of their second round outfielders starting for them.
  12. BMAC3520

    Sleeper Prospect

    My two sleepers are Sean Tracey and Daniel Haigwood. Tracey is 90-95 with a filthy cutter and new changeup with control, and Haigwood has the best stuff I've ever seen. Once he is good to go with his knee injury he will shoot through the organization.