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  1. NO!!MARY!!!

    Since 1990 who is the Sox 2nd best player?

    Oh Good freaking Lord. The internet is obsessed with this stupid crap.
  2. NO!!MARY!!!

    Kris Bryant

    Not going to happen. And remember when many media members were indignant when they thought the Sox were refusing to trade with the Cubs? They will be equally indignant at the thought of Kris with the Dreamy Smile being traded to the Scum Team.
  3. NO!!MARY!!!

    Tony La Russa

    You lost me with the “goof” comment and how they would win because Hoyt and blah blah. Cannot take the rest of this post seriously.
  4. NO!!MARY!!!

    State of Chicago baseball: the tipping point

    Please cry me a river with this stuff. Yeesh.
  5. NO!!MARY!!!

    Play-off First

    It is true. 1906: beat Cubs 4 games to 2 1917: beat Giants 4 games to 2 1919: lost to Reds 5 games to 3 the rest have been listed. Cue “well, when you’ve been to the playoffs only X amount of times!!!!!!!” And blah blah blah
  6. NO!!MARY!!!

    Jim Thompson

    Charlie Finley was long gone by 1988. I believe you are thinking of 1975. He was going to move the A’s to Chicago had the Sox moved to Seattle.
  7. NO!!MARY!!!

    Jim Thompson

    That’s a myth.
  8. NO!!MARY!!!

    Sox just lost most embarrasing DH in 120 years of MLB

    No!!! Don’t you dare spoil the pity party!
  9. NO!!MARY!!!

    Sox just lost most embarrasing DH in 120 years of MLB

    This thread title wins the “Dumbest Thread Title In the History of the Internet” award.
  10. NO!!MARY!!!

    Disco Demolition Review...

    This is true. I read, I believe in an interview of Mike Veeck, that the second game COULD have been played. Order had been restored and the field was clear. The umpires called it off because they were spooked by the events of the first game and the riot. It was the Tigers who felt that they shouldn't have to make up the game, as it wasn't an "Act of God" that caused the postponement, but rather was the White Sox's fault.
  11. NO!!MARY!!!


    WSI isn’t completely down. I am able to access the forums and my blog, but not the main page
  12. NO!!MARY!!!

    Cubs fans and Sox fans... not so different?

    QUOTE (robinventura23 @ Jun 17, 2009 -> 12:07 AM) I remember watching Steve Garvey hitting the ball through Durham's legs. I remember my parents laughing at it too. It was actually Tim Flanerry who hit the fateful ground ball that fatefully went through Durham's fateful legs.
  13. NO!!MARY!!!

    Fun Topic : worst deals in Sox history

    Ya know, in my haste to put up my last post, I forgot to include "road not taken" deals. In other words, worst deals that the White Sox did NOT make: Dave Nicholson for Rocky Colavito-Rock was offered to the Sox even up for Nicholson before the 1964 season, when they could've used him. Ed Short turned it down. Floyd Robinson for Frank Robinson- no fault of the Sox. Short tried to trade for Frank after 1965, when the Reds put him on the block. The Reds said no to the Sox. They much preferred the services of Milt Pappas, who went 30-29 in two years for Cincy. Purchasing contract of Ernie Banks-the White Sox were offered the contract of Banks by the Kansas City Monarchs before the Cubs. They saw Banks in a Negro League All-Star Game and were unimpressed.
  14. NO!!MARY!!!

    Best deals in White Sox history

    Alright, we're having our fun with the bad trade thread. Let's do the opposite. What do you feel were some of the best deals in White Sox history? Me, obviously I feel that any trade that led to the building of the 2005 champions was a great one, but I'll name three anyway: Matt Karchner for Jon Garland Mike Cameron for Paul Konerko Carlos Lee for Scott Podsednik- I'll admit I was extremely skeptical about this one at the time. some others: Douglas Taitt and $20,000 for the rights to Luke Appling-sent to the Cubs, who were the first team to put in a claim for Appling. Aaron Robinson for Billy Pierce Joe Tipton for Nellie Fox Luis Aparicio for Pete Ward, Hoyt Wilhelm and Ron Hansen Juan Pizarro for Wilbur Wood Chico Carresquel from the Brooklyn Dodgers farm system- for once, Branch Rickey got robbed blind. The deal helped bring the franchise back to life. Dave Philley and Gus Zernial for Minnie Minoso-THE trade that sparked the Sox in the 1950's. Rocky Colavito for Tommie Agee and Tommy John-part of a three team deal in which the Sox got Colavito from KC and sent him to Cleveland for John and Agee. Lamarr Hoyt for Ozzie Guillen-didn't look so good at first, did it? Jose DeLeon for Lance Johnson- makes up (sort of) for Bonilla for DeLeon. Three the hard way: three trades that breathed new life into the team and gave it short-term success, but at the cost of players that had great careers elsewhere. So were they good or bad trades? Tommy John for Dick Allen Bucky Dent for Oscar Gamble, Lamarr Hoyt and Bob Polinsky. Perhaps this one doesn't belong, as it yielded 1983 rock Hoyt, who later yielded Guillen. Of course, I'm sure this one is still lamented (and lamented and lamented and lamented) in Boston. Perhaps a fan or two wants to kill Bill Veeck for making the trade. Dan Shaughnessy might want to send Mike Veeck royalty checks, though. Rich Gossage and Terry Forster for Richie Zisk-same type of deal as John-for-Allen.
  15. NO!!MARY!!!

    Fun Topic : worst deals in Sox history

    I'll go with the classic response of the 1960 preseason deals: Johnny Callison for Gene Freese Norm Cash and John Romano for Minnie Minoso Earl Battey for Roy Sievers Plenty more to choose from. Howza bout these clunkers? Steve Stone for Ron Santo- the Sox of the early '70's needed pitchers. They did NOT need Ron Santo. Eddie Lopat for Bill Wight-Wight got lost on the way to his first Sox spring training and went on to be a 20 game loser. Lopat became a Yankee great. Brian Downing for Bobby Bonds-one good thing came out of this deal- Richard Dotson, who won 22 games for the 1983 Winning Uglies. He got hurt in 1985 and never reached his potential, though. Downing went on to a long, productive career. Bobby Bonilla for Jose DeLeon-funny how Hawk never talks about his 350-odd day tenure as Sox GM. Think this trade might have a l'il something to do with that? People may lament the waiving of Denny McLain. Well, perhaps. They lost his pitching skills but also his massive gambling habit and seedy underworld connections. Don Buford for Luis Aparicio, John Matias and Russ Snyder-not to knock the reacquisition of Little Louie, but it came at too high a price. Buford went on to be a star for the great Oriole teams of the late 60's-early 70's. Snyder and Matias were busts. If only they could've had Louie back without trading Buford. Tommie Agee for Tommy Davis- well, this one looked good on paper, I guess. Trade a .234 hitter for a .302 hitter. So what happens? The .302 guy slumps and is gone after a year, the .234 guy goes on to be a part of the legendary "Miracle Mets" and makes splendid plays in the World Series. Sandy Alomar for Bobby Knoop- a young, fast infielder for an aging, soon-to-retire one. Let's do it! Luis Aparicio for Luis Alvarado- had to do this one. After all, Bee Bee Richard was waiting in the wings. Mike Andrews, a part of this deal, contributed in 1972, however. Acquisition of Chick Gandil- no explanation needed.