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  1. mac9001

    Matt Davidson - Shohei Ohtani-lite?

    It probably doesn't make sense for a guy like Oh tani, but Matt D is a fringe big leaguer. He should be perusing every avenue in bringing value to a team. One roster spot it worth a mediocre bat and arm.
  2. mac9001

    Matt Davidson - Shohei Ohtani-lite?

    I've always been somewhat surprised that aren't more guys that play the field/pitch. If you can throw 90+ I'd at least throw some MiLB bullpen innings to see what happens. The roster flexibility of having an extra bullpen arm (even mediocre) would be fairly valuable.
  3. mac9001

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    That's exactly what's likely to happen this off-season (big bullpen spend). Just sit back and give it a few months.
  4. mac9001

    Just for fun - what's your post-draft Top 30?

    With some many guys injured or coming back from injuries I'd have a hard time ranking them. If Hansen starts pitching well I could see him shoot up people's lists. Overall I've been very pleased with our drafts and the pitching talent we've acquired. Guys like Stephens, Battenfield, Flores & Lambert may not excite people, but I love that we're filling out our system with arms that have a legit shot at making it to the bigs. My guess is at least 1 of the above mentioned guys has more career success than our blue chip arms.
  5. mac9001

    6/23 Games

    Tough break for the kid, he was probably on a path to make his big league debut sometime next year. This probably set him back a few years.
  6. mac9001

    MiGo out for year (9-12 months)

    He's probably a better option than Giolito right now. That's counter-tank productive.
  7. mac9001

    Astros interested in Abreu?

    The flaw in your logic is they're not getting a stud. There's a reason teams won't offer a significant prospect package for Abreu. Defensively limited 1B/DH types are not that valuable. Add to the he fact he's been down right awful offensively in June and there's nothing particularly exciting about a guy like Abreu right now.
  8. mac9001

    Promotions/Releases/Demotions of Sox System

    Why in gods name is Matt Tomshaw even in the org?
  9. mac9001

    MiGo out for year (9-12 months)

    Any chance he gets cut at the end of his rehab?
  10. mac9001

    Astros interested in Abreu?

    Getting a offensive focused 1B/DH type on the open market is fairly trivial (and relatively affordable). The Sox are going to be really bad this year and likely only marginally better next year. There's plenty of arguments to be made to trade any piece that's not controlled through 2020 at a minimum If you see Abreu as potential add for the 2020 season we can just go sign him on the open market. Personally I'd much rather spend $10M on a value bat in 2020 then extended/commit long term money to Abreu.
  11. mac9001

    Promotions/Releases/Demotions of Sox System

    There's also been talk about Adolfo given the field a try again.
  12. mac9001

    Promotions/Releases/Demotions of Sox System

    Looks like Flores, Foster & Thompson are all going to B-Ham. Robert, Gonzalez, Battenfield, Henzman, Johnson , Rivera to W-S. OF is now even more crowded.
  13. mac9001

    6/20 Games- KOPECH NIGHT!!

    From my experience watching the Charlotte feed it's usually about 1-2 MPH slow. But the last Jordan Stephens start I watched he was sitting 87-88 so I'm starting to think it might even be a bit slower lately.
  14. mac9001

    6/17 Games

    There's nothing overly impressive about Stephens but when you watch him pitch there's never a moment where you feel like he isn't in control. At this point he's definitely #1 on my next man up list.
  15. mac9001

    6/7 Games

    I'm a Blake Battenfield believer, I can't wait to actually see the guy pitch.