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  1. My issue with Hahn and the Sox in general is they always take a half assed approach to going all in. I think the Lynn trade was the type of move you make after you've already added a quality arm. Kimbrel would have been the perfect move (given the cost) once you've added an impact bat. If you're going to give away two quality mlb ready assets like the Sox did then leverage the farm and upgrade everything you can and we absolutely could have found a way to expand the deal to include Bryant. I would prefer when you make moves like this it was part of a larger more aggressive strategy. 

  2. After thinking this over I think what displeases me the most is giving a take sign on 3-0. I don't give a fuck about unwritten rules, I want my guys trying to win every game by 20 runs. No mercy, no letting up, swing at 3-0 every time. 

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  3. His primary problem at the plate is making weak contact on bad pitches. He's small and he expands his zone way more than he should. Hopefully his approach matures, he starts looking middle in and actually puts some muscle into the swing. He should take one solid wack each AB before going into slap mode. 

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  4. 10 minutes ago, ptatc said:

    Soft fly ball to left? You are drinking.

    The ball had an exit velocity of 90 MPH and a launch angle of 30 degrees. Last year that was an out 92% of the time, a HR 3% of the time and a double 4% of the time. It's probably fair to say that's on out for the vast majority of LFers in baseball. 

  5. Oddly enough if someone had asked me to pick the least likely player to fall to TJ surgery I think Cordero would have topped my list. Just something about the way he went out there with the short sleeves and big guns made the dude seem invincible. I really feel for the guy and hope he makes a full recovery. 

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  6. I've always been somewhat perplexed by significant infield shifts. If you're going to put the 3rd baseman at SS on me I'm practicing my bunting down the line at third and taking first base every time. I probably only need to that that bunt down twice in a season to completely eliminate the shift.  

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  7. 11 hours ago, Chicago White Sox said:

    Where are you seeing those velocity numbers?

    The Athletics' James Fegan had Rodon sitting 93-94 and Lopez at 92-93. Mentioned Lopez was throwing a lot of curveballs that he was tipping and getting crushed.  Lopez specifically mentioned not trying to throw hard and focus on command. 

    Personally sounds like Lopez is taking the right approach. Work on your delivery and command and the results and velocity will probably be there.  

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  8. I hope Lopez becomes the clear favorite. I think they only way we get a productive season out of Rodon is out of the pen. Get a solid 50 pen innings and I'll be thrilled with his season. 

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  9. There's certainty on overinflated confidence in some of our hitters. Moncada and Robert are the epiphany of high risk. Anytime you're dealing with a young hitter with a K-rate north of 30% there's a very high probability his major league tenure is tentative.  Both those guys needs BABIPs north of .300 to produce at league average. There's obviously a lot of celling and projection with both those guys, but don't fool yourself into thinking they come with high floors. The probability of failure with both those guys is a real concern. 

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  10. If i had more confidence in Cease I would love this move. But personally I don't think anyone should view Cease with any more then the slightest of margins ahead of Lopez. I felt we're one solid rotation arm from solidifying the rotation and this move didn't fill that hole. 

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  11. I think it's safe to assume there's nothing "done" at this point. If it's a matter of just signing some paper work it would have leaked by now. If the Sox are truly this far along with Cruz it's because they have something in place to solve the rotation. The Sox have a habit of doing things half-assed. If you're going for a ring, be aggressive. Spend some money, cash your prospect chips in and go all out. If you're going to move Vaugh or Kopech it shouldn't be to fill a rotation hole. It should be part of an aggressive strategy to add impact players to the current roster. I'm hopeful that's the case here. If we're going to sign Cruz but not addresses the rotation it will again prove they lack a coherent strategy and just makes moves in isolation. 

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  12. 3 minutes ago, iWiN4PreP said:

    Well, we aren't trading Kopech/Vaughn/Madrigal in this deal (if we were willing to trade one of them, we'd be going after a SP with less risk).

    So Stevier + Bailey + Kelley + other like Dalquist or something. 

    I'm not convinced you get Burnes without Kopech or Vaughn, but I'm far more convinced if we were shopping Kopech or Vaughn the target would be better than Burnes.

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  13. I like Richards over Q only because I think he could also be an impact arm in the pen. He seems like a guy who could dominate an inning if he was solely focused on throwing 20 really good pitches. If you get 100 IP in the rotation and use him in the pen down the stretch we get to fill two needs half way at once. 

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  14. 29 minutes ago, manbearpuig said:

    If you're not putting that money towards Bauer, you should have enough for both with how many options there are.

    If the budget is $15M I'd rather spend 100% on a pitcher than say a 10/5 split. Go get the best SP with all the budget money left. 

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