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  1. Hatchetman


    Bad fans.
  2. Hatchetman

    White Sox 2018 MVP : Joakim Soria

    This was a rare move for the Sox. Take on dough and flip him later for a prospect. Should be doing a lot more of that.
  3. Hatchetman

    FS: Have the Sox ever had a prospect like Eloy in AAA?

    I don't think they had any prospect rankings back then but I'm thinking Kittle would've had been at least top ten given his insane minor league numbers.
  4. Hatchetman

    FS: Have the Sox ever had a prospect like Eloy in AAA?

    Well Ron Kittle might have had a case. .345 and 50HR in AAA.
  5. Hatchetman

    White Sox @ Reds, 7/3/18, 6:10 pm CDT

    He's still miles ahead of Giolito on any metric you want to cite.
  6. Hatchetman

    White Sox @ Reds, 7/3/18, 6:10 pm CDT

    What the hell metrics are you talking about?
  7. Hatchetman


    Look on the bright side, he's hitting better than Trayce Thompson.
  8. Hatchetman

    Kopech "getting closer"

    my biggest concern is a sore arm.
  9. Hatchetman

    6/6 Games

    Exactly what I was just about to say. Lot of things can happen stealing a base and most of them are bad.
  10. Hatchetman

    2018 White Sox draft discussions thread

    Just getting it on the record that I am in favor of drafting Madrigal if available.
  11. Hatchetman

    05/30/18 Sox at Indians 12:10pm

    Got me by 10 years. You must REALLY be nuts....
  12. Hatchetman

    5/24 Games

    I’m thinking maybe A ball isn’t challenging Cease
  13. Hatchetman

    Surprise: Rosenbloom article bashes Sox/Renteria

    kind of a problem when your owner refuses to outbid anyone.
  14. Narvaez and Smith are both terrible defensively (Narvaez is just plain terrible). why would they be used to develop a very young staff?
  15. I'm kind of frustrated b/c I don't view Narvaez/Smith as even adequate backups, let alone starters. How could our AAA depth be that bad all across the board? We can't even stock replacement level players.