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  1. Hatchetman

    Official Ortiz/Jones ATL Rumors Thread

    Is this the last year on Ortiz' deal?
  2. Hatchetman

    Shoney on DL

    His ERA in Charlotte is now 3.51. He must be getting torn apart. Did he have like an 8 run outing or something?
  3. Hatchetman

    Astros close to trading for Urbina

    I don't care if he sings falsetto, just make intelligent moves.
  4. Hatchetman

    Frank Thomas

    He's chances go down with each 0-fer.
  5. Hatchetman

    Dallas Morning News Opinion Article

    Is this common? I don't know any other flesh and blood sox fans, so I can't comment. I was a big fan of the white flag trade. Goddam if Caruso hadn't lost his marbles and Barcelo didn't blow out his arm. Oh well...
  6. Hatchetman

    Its a Nice Win, But There are still a few Problems

    2 weeks ago i thought rauch was done and should be released. now i've got him penciled in for 14 wins next year
  7. Hatchetman

    Dallas Morning News Opinion Article

    I've been saying what that writer has been for years. But i'm way in the minority and you don't want to piss of 90% of your fans, so we must go for it! Future be damned!
  8. Hatchetman

    The Longball

    We're 2nd in the AL behind Tampa (at least according to that.)
  9. Hatchetman

    Felix Diaz

    what's his ERA down there, like 3.30?
  10. Didn't he have something like 24 straight outs before last night's game? or am I imagining things?
  11. Hatchetman

    Neal Cotts

    Over his last 6.2 relief innings, he's given up 9 runs.
  12. Hatchetman

    Your thoughts about Jason Grimsley?

    Grimsley is an ok reliever. We could use an ok reliever, but I wouldn't have given anything of value for him.
  13. Hatchetman

    Neal Cotts

    OK. Cotts has much better "stuff" than I imagined when he was in the minors. In AA, what really stood out was his ability to not give up the long ball. In the majors, that's probably his biggest weakness. His control is really lacking, not just talking about walks, but pitches in the strike zone too. The place for a guy with shaky control and gopheritis is not as a specialty reliever IMO. I think he should be down in AAA as a STARTER. If he can get his arm stretched out and get his control back, he could be useful to us in the second half of the year. Bring up Jose Santiago who is a proven mediocre major leaguer.
  14. Hatchetman

    BA update on Kris Honel

    this knuckle curve...he couldn't throw that exclusively (like a true knuckleballer), could he? it would be nice if the white sox tried to "create" a knuckleballer. that might be too unmanly for a guy like KW though.
  15. Hatchetman

    Good article on Gio Gonzalez

    he hasn't gone through the progression of sore arm - surgery - ineffective comeback phases yet. give him time.
  16. Hatchetman

    Good article on Gio Gonzalez

    After watching the video of him, he sort of reminds me of a young steve avery.
  17. Hatchetman

    Cubs as Champs

    Bring it on. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I'm willing to take the risk.
  18. Hatchetman

    When should the Sox start to panic?

    Where's the panic button? I can't find the GODDAM PANIC BUTTON! f***!! AHHHHH!
  19. Hatchetman

    White Sox Depression

    we sux. that bullpen is absolutely unbelievable. what a disgrace.
  20. Hatchetman

    What would it take to get Miguel Batista?

    big mistake not bringing in some veteran scrub starter into spring training.
  21. Hatchetman

    White Sox Sign 2nd Round Pick Donny Lucy

    What did Reed hit at long beach state? i don't really care about this enough to argue about it. just don't think .314 at stanford is impressive at all. maybe he'll be the next humberto quintero. i'm just happy (and shocked) the sox signed all their guys.
  22. Hatchetman

    White Sox Sign 2nd Round Pick Donny Lucy

    Perhaps, but that didn't prevent 4 other guys on the team from hitting between .356 and .399.
  23. Hatchetman

    White Sox Sign 2nd Round Pick Donny Lucy

    To me, Lucy seems to be one of the more questionable picks. .314 in college is pretty anemic actually....unless this guy throws like Karkovice.
  24. Hatchetman


    he has fooled me for the last time....just wanted to share.
  25. Hatchetman


    I thought maybe he had turned the corner with that hot streak, but the past 7-10 days he's done nothing.