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  1. HoosierSox

    Is There a Good Loss?

    2 cheap home runs in the Crawford box. Unlucky loss. Probably win it at home.
  2. HoosierSox

    Too soon to panic

    Not when you have a manager costing you games left and right.
  3. HoosierSox

    Fire Tony Chant

    Can we fire Jerry too. He's the only reason Tony is here.
  4. TLR doesn't care. Only handedness matters. He's managing like it's the1980's.
  5. HoosierSox

    Who Would Buy The White Sox?

    Is Elon Musk interested in owning a baseball t team?
  6. HoosierSox

    Who Would Buy The White Sox?

    Need somebody like Steve Cohen who is willing to spend money.
  7. HoosierSox

    TA out 3 weeks

    In other news, Royce Lewis and Sonny Gray were injured in the Twins game yesterday. I still think the division is up for grabs even if TA is out for a significant chunk of time.
  8. HoosierSox

    5/22 GT - Sox @ NYY (Double Header)

    Minny gets Detroit and KC next week too. They have hit an easy part of their schedule.
  9. HoosierSox

    Chicago vs Boston Game 3

    Hopefully this is Kuechels last start.
  10. HoosierSox

    At what point does Hahn "blow it up"?

    Time to go Billy Beane in Moneyball and start trading TLRs favorites so he can't play them.
  11. HoosierSox

    Offseason Part 3 - Because Part 2 Was a Dud

    Offer Conforto the Grandal contract with an opt out after year 2. Come on Hahn, get this done.
  12. HoosierSox

    FS: 2021-2022 International Preview

    Offer him whatever we have left and see if he bites.
  13. HoosierSox

    Where could Kimbrel be traded, and for what?

    Who would we want from the Mets?
  14. HoosierSox

    MLB 2021-2 off season thread

    A+ name.
  15. HoosierSox

    Sox give no qualifying offers

    Dumb question. Are the Sox able to talk with Boras/Rodon to see if he would accept or reject the QO before they make a decision?