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  1. Whitewashed in '05

    Eloy's Groin Injury Thread

    If Eloy was bad before, imagine him going Manny type of effort. He doesn’t have the natural ability, but he can learn things to be better without sacrificing his body. He’s a professional athlete so improvement isn’t out of the question.
  2. Whitewashed in '05

    All-time Soxtalk Whipping Boy

    Darin Erstad Mike McDougal David Aardsma
  3. Whitewashed in '05

    Bummer, Marshall to IL; Kopech back, Fry up

    Any metrics out there from all MLB teams players on IL this year compared to last year or previous year?
  4. Whitewashed in '05

    The TLR Manager Thread

    It all had to do with Sano deciding to wake up? I take it he made the conscious decision to go back to sleep vs Gio?
  5. Whitewashed in '05

    The Hawk Harrelson tribute thread

    I don't get a chance to watch many games these days. I made it a point to watch his last game. So even though I don't hear him often, its sad that I won't have the option anymore. Those last couple innings were hard to get through thinking "this is it" while you could hear him cry. His passion for the White Sox is real. Hawk is a big identity of the White Sox for me. That won't change now that he's retired. Enjoy retirement Hawk. We will never forget your contributions to White Sox baseball. I will quote you for my lifetime when watching baseball.
  6. Whitewashed in '05

    Jake Burger re-tears Achilles

    There’s not one GM that would say something like the first statement you mentioned. Imagine what that could do to an athelete’s mental state after hearing the GM of his team say that.
  7. Whitewashed in '05

    Jake Burger re-tears Achilles

    I’ve heard of this before when someone is rehabbing the injury and they rush through the rehab too quickly. From walking though, seems odd. I wonder if that’s the whole story though just “walking”. Maybe the body didn’t take the replaced tendon or he walked too early after surgery. More details are needed.
  8. Whitewashed in '05

    Carlos Rodon to the DL, will not pitch again in 2017

    QUOTE (SoxAce @ Sep 8, 2017 -> 07:06 PM) Atlanta please. Let's look for a return similar to Q and Sale.
  9. Whitewashed in '05

    MMA Thread

    QUOTE (zenryan @ Aug 8, 2017 -> 08:41 AM) It's crazy the two best LHW fighters in history, by a large margin, are competing at the same exact time. I wouldn't mind seeing DC move back to heavyweight and make a run there. Besides a Jones vs Rumble fight, there's nothing in the LHW division that moves the needle. A rematch with Gustafsson has lost some of its excitement but after those two, what's left in the division? I would like to see Jones move up too but I don't think he really wants that unless it involves mega money and only Lesnar can generate that. The UFC better make sure McGregor comes back after this Mayweather circus. Who is the face of the UFC if he doesn't come back? You can tell they're desperate by booking the GSP/Bisping fight. Does anyone truly care about this matchup? A WW champ who hasn't fought in years vs a MW who has only defended his belt against a middle aged fighter who was retiring and still got beat up. Are they trying to protect Bisping to keep the U.K. train rolling? There's not much in the LHW division. There's not any newcomers except for Volkam and he's barely got 3 wins. Gus rematch is going to happen. I'd like to see that one still. Cain vs Jones would be interesting as they can play the "revenge" card with Cain being DCs teammate. I'll watch any fight with Jones though. He's very fun to watch.
  10. Whitewashed in '05

    MMA Thread

    Say what you want about Jones the person, but that guy is one hell of a fighter. D.C. Wouldn't have ever had the belt if Jones wasn't an idiot. Either way everyone is entitled to their opinion. Hell I can't stand Conor.
  11. Whitewashed in '05

    Q traded to Cubs/Jimenez, Cease ++ to Sox

    Hopefully he finally gets the credit he deserves (and the run support).
  12. Whitewashed in '05

    Chris Sale 2016 vs 2017

    So far the number of Ks haven't affected him being able to pitch deep in to games. That'll be something interesting keep note of as the season goes on. The number of Ks could just be that the AL East isn't used to seeing him as much so he's just getting more swings and misses. Not taking anything away from the guy though. He's finally getting recognized as one of the very best. Something he's been for years.
  13. Whitewashed in '05

    Danks to the Braves

    QUOTE (caulfield12 @ Dec 12, 2016 -> 08:13 PM) So, off the top of my head, we have Linebrink, Greg Walker/Scott Fletcher, AJ, Tyler Flowers, Bonifacio, Beckham, Danks all going to ATL after the Sox...who else? Technically Flowers went back to ATL. Wish nothing but the best for Danks. Hopefully he makes it. He always took the ball and did well for us before his injury. Will never forget #163.
  14. Whitewashed in '05

    Technology catch-all thread

    I've had a very good experience with my Surface. I use it at work a lot for note taking in meetings with OneNote. Then I go back to my desk and everything is there without having to manually sync anything or if I write my notes during a meeting on paper I don't have to type it up. I use the pen when I have to stay on my feet and walk around noting things down. They are also powerful machines in terms of resources. I've seen people use Surfaces as their only computer with a docking station. I'm not a huge fan of the USB docking station, but it works. You also have the full Windows OS. If I want to connect it to a projector to demonstrate something, I can do that. If I want to print something, that's easy too. Not like an ipad where I have to buy additional hardware. The touch screen is also nice and responsive. I'm a fan. It works well for what I need it for.
  15. Whitewashed in '05

    Cooper has extension offer

    QUOTE (Donaldo @ Oct 8, 2016 -> 06:51 PM) That and Matt Thornton. Yup, just Matt Thornton.