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  1. maggsmaggs

    Promotions/Releases/Demotions of Sox System

    This. I have seen too many Sox minor leaguers perform great in age-inappropriate levels only to see them falter when they are promoted.
  2. maggsmaggs

    Ed Farmer and Darrin Jackson

    This is the problem. Farmer is not a play-by-play guy, just does not have the talent for it yet he does the PBP. He is a solid analyst, so is DJ, but both need a legit PBP guy to be successful. Rooney was that.
  3. maggsmaggs

    What is up with Lucas Giolito?

    Agree to some extent. Prospect development is not linear. The top 10 pitchers in WAR this year (Fangraphs) broke out at various points in their career: Scherzer, late 20s; DeGrom at 26; Severino, early 20s; Bauer, this year at 27; Verlander right away; Cole pretty early; and Paxton/Kluber late 20s. So patience is clearly justified. On the other hand, at some point soon, others prospects will force the issue and need to be given a chance over Giolito if he keeps struggling. Lopez/Covey/Rodon are the three best right now. Within the next year, Kopech "should" be ready. Jordan Stephens also appears ready to be given a shot soon. So if Giolito does not turn it around in the next three and a half months, you may have no choice but to bump him from the rotation.
  4. maggsmaggs

    Immigration thread

    You know how much of a BS artist she is when even her husband doesn't buy it. https://twitter.com/gtconway3d?lang=en He is a hilarious follow on Twitter because he trolls the Trump Admin nonstop despite her wife being Kellyanne. And he is demonstrably conservative.
  5. maggsmaggs

    Official 2018-2019 NHL thread

    So is this going to be another deal where we have to send a decent prospect along with Hossa?
  6. maggsmaggs

    6/16 Games

    I was totally expecting the next news about him to be TJ surgery and out for the year. So glad he is healthy and ready to roll.
  7. maggsmaggs

    Do the White Sox have too much starting pitching?

    Easy, no. We won't have too much pitching depth until we have five starters in the majors all producing well and two guys in AAA who are making a mockery of AAA.
  8. maggsmaggs

    6/14 Games

    The reports at the time of the trade were that the Sox were targeting Beinetendi and Devers. And eventually "settled" for Moncada and Kopech.
  9. maggsmaggs

    What is up with Lucas Giolito?

    Was not trying to be snarky at you, just at the Coop/Gio session itself.
  10. maggsmaggs

    What is up with Lucas Giolito?

    When he walks three in the first inning in his next start, we'll realize how meaningless this was.
  11. maggsmaggs

    6/10 games

    That's why it's important to never react to small samples (good or bad). I remember Garfein talking him up based on such a limited sample size.
  12. maggsmaggs

    Passan analyzes 2018-19 FA class, Harper vs. Machado

    If they can find value, I would be all for it. Something like the Cubs approach with Tyler Chatwood. Now granted that has not worked out, but I would not be opposed to a deal like that for someone the team identifies as a burgeoning talent.
  13. maggsmaggs

    2018 Watercooler thread

    Ok, so I bailed on the American after season 1 for the show just seeming overly proposterous. Basically the whole Clark/Martha stuff turned me off. But it looks like I bailed too soon.
  14. maggsmaggs

    White Sox select Nick Madrigal with 4th overall pick

    While Machado is a great 3B, he is below average at SS (this year his defensive runs save is -8, which is tied for second worst in the game for SSs). The Sox will likely bid for him as a 3B and so will many other teams knowing he is way better there than SS.
  15. maggsmaggs

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Re his first 2018 Mock Draft done in June 2017. So while mocks are interesting, there will be enormous player movement up and down draft boards.