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  1. maggsmaggs

    2018 Fantasy Football Discussion Thread

    So you have a TE on your bench in Burton? You must have a solid starter then. I would drop him and use Murray personally.
  2. maggsmaggs

    2018 Fantasy Football Discussion Thread

    Who else in on your bench? Murray is in line for a huge workload against the Bills. He could easily be a week winner.
  3. maggsmaggs

    Latest Fangraphs Prospect Rankings

    They have Madrigal (19) over Mize (33)? Was that how they had their final draft rankings? Found final rankings, they had Mize over Madrigal but barely.
  4. maggsmaggs

    Midterms 2018

    Prior to last week, it was definitely 3 to 1 Casten. But this past weekend, Roskam has definitely closed the gap it seems. Closer to 50/50.
  5. maggsmaggs

    Midterms 2018

    For what it's worth, I live in the district and, at least in Wheaton (which has a reputation for being super conservative), there are way more Casten signs than Roskam.
  6. maggsmaggs

    Eloy's Camp Unhappy: Grievance Possible

    They would not win a grievance. He's been in AAA half a season, the Sox have no history holding players back b/c of services time issues, and in fact have done the opposite with Kopech and Moncada as the article notes.
  7. maggsmaggs

    Giolito is saving his season

    This is why when you are in a rebuild, you exercise extreme patience with talented pitchers. I have no clue if Giolito will continue to improve and become a solid starter, but he has made strides as the season has progressed. Just keep sending him out there every fifth day.
  8. maggsmaggs

    2019 MLB draft thread

    MLB Pipeline came out with its post-summer top 10 for college prospects: 1. Adley Rutschman, C, Oregon State 2. Andrew Vaughn,1B, Cal 3. Logan Davidson, SS, Clemson 4. Shea Langeliers, C, Baylor 5. Nick Lodolo, LHP, TCU Rutschman seems to be in a class of his own currently among the college players. Vaughn seems like one of the better pure college hitters in the draft over the past few years, but his lack of defensive value might make him a reach in the top 5.
  9. maggsmaggs

    Is Luis Gonzalez really this good?

    He's really had a terrific year. IMO, second most likely OF to be a future major leaguer. His defense, left-handedness and general hitting ability should make him at worst a reserve outfielder.
  10. maggsmaggs


    Also selected Burdi. I generally don't get excited about any relief prospects until they perform at AA and above.
  11. maggsmaggs

    2018 Cubs catch-all thread

    Operating in a gray area. Got it.
  12. maggsmaggs

    2018 Cubs catch-all thread

    BA has an article about how the Cubs lost one of their top 2017 international free agents (https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/how-the-cubs-lost-their-top-2017-international-prospect/). It's behind a paywall, but an older article on a Cubs site (https://www.thecubreporter.com/06222018/manfred-cracks-down-mexican-league) seems to suggest the Cubs were may not playing by the rules. Does the BA article mention the Cubs skirting the rules?
  13. maggsmaggs

    8/13 Games

    His hit/power tools, even in a best-case scenario, are nowhere near those guys.
  14. maggsmaggs

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Hopefully now it's all moot. Haha.