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    Western MI

    Does or has anyone lived there? Good things about the area? Bad things about the area? I may have a job offer for a position up there, and we're considering our options.
  2. greasywheels121

    Western MI

    So this is now happening.
  3. greasywheels121

    Happy Birthday Jason!

    Happy belated to the mighty one!
  4. greasywheels121

    Western MI

  5. greasywheels121

    March Madness Channels

    Chicagoland Comcast: 189: CBS 204: TNT 219: TBS 320: TRU
  6. greasywheels121

    East Region

    You're the new NUKE_CLEVELAND.
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    2013 Films Thread

    QUOTE (LittleHurt05 @ Mar 12, 2013 -> 07:02 AM) how f***ing awful is this magician movie gonna be? Shameful that a movie with Jim Carrey and Steve Carell doesn't look worth the time.
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    2012-2013 NCAA Basketball thread

    QUOTE (RockRaines @ Feb 20, 2013 -> 07:34 PM) Check out the ugly italian we run out there, Amedeo Della Valle. Not necessarily ugly, but my favorite is the big guy on Nebraska, Andre Almeida.
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    *Official* Work Out Thread

    Another vote for Hal Higdon here. I've used Higdon plans and based my own running plans off of his for the halfs and fulls that I've run.
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    I'm a finalist for the MLB Fan Cave.

    I got'chu.
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    *Official* Work Out Thread

    You can get the spicy effect you're going for in a lot healthier way in some crushed red. I'll put that on my veggies, when I'm looking to mix it up.
  12. greasywheels121

    Healthy Eating Thread

    QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Jan 23, 2013 -> 04:18 PM) I'm taking my wife there this weekend, actually. Are any of them open on the weekends? I tried taking my wife to one, after discovering it for lunch while doing jury duty, and the place was closed on weekends.
  13. greasywheels121

    New Years Eve Plans?

    I was eyeing that earlier this week, maggsmaggs. Hope it's a good time! We're going to a dinner and late comedy show in our suburban town. Looking forward to it being a low key night. -- I have to say NYE is one my least favorite holidays. You always feel obligated to do something, and you usually end up disappointed with what you do or don't do. And that is why 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, as I don't feel an obligation to do something, but I always have ended up doing something and had the best time.
  14. greasywheels121

    Resolution Time!

    Our biggest resolution/goal is to see our friends more. So many of our best friends are scattered around the Midwest, but they're all close enough to make weekend trips out of it and not have to use a lot or any vaca time. Like you Justin, I'd love to bulk up a little bit, especially in the arms. I've got a marathoner body, and I want more of a sprinter body. It's a challenging piece for me, as running will always be my favorite and go-to exercise, and I know that will only continually keep me slim. Also, I lost a lot of weight living this way, and watching what/when I eat (vs. eating garbage or because I was bored, etc.). As a former fatty, It's tough to think I have to eat more to achieve my new goal.
  15. greasywheels121

    Your White Sox Mt. Rushmore

    QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Dec 21, 2012 -> 10:14 PM) Blum, Ozuna, Harris, Widger. GROUP FOURRRRRR
  16. greasywheels121

    AJ Pierzynski Appreciation thread

    It was certainly time to turn the page; however, AJ was our first serviceable catcher at the dish and in the field since forever. He was an instrumental player in our successes in 2005 through last year. I'll never have a bad thing to say about him for all he did for this franchise.
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    Catch-All Anything Thread

    I'm getting married tomorrow. Pretty damn excited.
  18. greasywheels121

    2012-2013 NCAA Basketball thread

    QUOTE (zenryan @ Dec 1, 2012 -> 01:20 AM) Georgetown beats Tennessee 37-36 in MENS basketball tonight. GT made a jumper to make it 37-36 with 4:08 left in the game! haha Image of the game?
  19. greasywheels121

    *Official* Work Out Thread

    QUOTE (SexiAlexei @ Sep 4, 2012 -> 08:36 PM) I'm looking for some advice here. I have some friends interested in doing the Miami Marathon, or at least the 1/2. Being in Chicago, this would make training difficult, as the marathon is in January I believe. Has anyone trained for a marathon in the winter? If so, how have you done it? Indoors? Bundled up outside? And if you have done it, what was your experience like? I can't see running the distances it would take to train on a treadmill. Personally, my least favorite marathon training period was when I trained for a May marathon in Wisconsin. I had to do my training from January through April. I do the majority of my workouts before work, and it was tough/depressing to have to do just about every single workout/run in the dark. I ran outside as much as I could (absolutely all the long runs), but I did more treadmill runs than I did for any other race I've trained for.
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    QUOTE (flippedoutpunk @ Aug 31, 2012 -> 01:11 AM) I learned about this little place back in the day when the nfl-fans.com forum was poppin through an old poster by the name of goldmember. Ive made a bunch of friends here like carter224, qwerty and Ace even though he refuses to have a beer with me. Ill always love this place as I get to get in my daily trolling fix and also my greg fix. I think this is the first time ive ever posted in Pale Hose Talk.. You were the one who taught me about scan-lines back in the day. Goldy was the photoshop king though; I hope he's doing well. QUOTE (danman31 @ Aug 31, 2012 -> 02:14 AM) I decided to read through the last few innings of that thread just to see it. I was way too nervous to properly operate my laptop to be on here for that, but good times. That was a fun flashback. My fandom/obsession with the Sox was unhealthy back then, haha. That WS definitely made it all worth it though. The Sox are still my biggest unhealthy obsession, but my perspective on this stuff is a lot more sane now. Congrats to SoxTalk on 10 years. I've been here for a majority of it, though I didn't sign up right away. Some of my fav's through the years: the original front page (Soxnet), the original catch-all in the Sports Bar, the re-birth of the front page and the podcast that came with it, etc. To SoxTalk!
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    What song was #1 on the day you were born

    Call Me Maybe.
  22. greasywheels121

    Most Quotable Movies

    Home Alone and Elf are quoted with great frequency in my world.
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    Technology catch-all thread

    Last night, I retired my Samsung A930, and stepped into the 21st century of phone technology.
  24. greasywheels121

    Aj A clubhouse cancer?

    The catcher position was such a hole for the Sox in the lineup and on the field for so many years before AJ came over. Very appreciative for what he's done in a Sox uni. I'd definitely be supportive of re-signing him for another couple of years, until we have a more solid replacement option to take over.
  25. greasywheels121

    *Official* Work Out Thread

    Throwing this in my fav. thread on the board... http://www.thepostgame.com/blog/clip-board...e-griffin-blush