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    Aj A clubhouse cancer?

    The catcher position was such a hole for the Sox in the lineup and on the field for so many years before AJ came over. Very appreciative for what he's done in a Sox uni. I'd definitely be supportive of re-signing him for another couple of years, until we have a more solid replacement option to take over.
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    *Official* Work Out Thread

    Throwing this in my fav. thread on the board... http://www.thepostgame.com/blog/clip-board...e-griffin-blush
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    Happy Birthday SnB!

    Oh god.
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    2012-13 Music Thread

    Has anyone listened to my man-crush, John Mayer's new album Born and Raised? Definitely a solid play and rebound from Battle Studies. This one has Continuum staying power, but it's in a more folk/Cali genre. Walt Grace is the star track of the album.
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    Natural peanut butter (on a chunky kick) and a spoon. No jelly. No bread. Peanut butter is my fav. thing of all time. All time!
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    Catch-All Anything Thread

    Appreciate the kind words, fellas.
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    Catch-All Anything Thread

    So I got engaged yesterday.
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    *Official* Work Out Thread

    Don't know if I mentioned this at the precursor or not, but the girlfriend and I just ran a minimum of a mile a day from Thanksgiving to New Years. We stretched it to yesterday, to make it an even 40 days. Signed up for the Shamrock Shuffle; this has been my kick-off race the past couple of years. Starting to brainstorm and figure what I want to accomplish with running for 2012.
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    The Official [SCRUBS] Thread

  10. greasywheels121

    Happy Birthday Greasywheels~

    Thank you for the birthday wishes, kind sirs.
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    *Official* Work Out Thread

    I've had great experiences with the RNR Half in the city, as I've ran it this year and last. One of my favorite city courses and the crowd support has been great. I feel RNR does a great job putting on a large-event race, unlike RAM Racing.
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    *Official* Work Out Thread

    Ran a marathon much closer to my capabilities this weekend and improved my PR by a little better than 22 minutes. Saturday I ran the Monumental Marathon in Indy with a 3:48:07. My previous best was a 4:10:23 I ran earlier this year in Kenosha's Wisconsin Marathon. It's been a successful running year, as I've eclipsed 20 minutes twice in the 5K this year and the nice improvement on the marathon between my 2nd and 3rd attempts.
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    Who will reach 100,000 posts first?

    That it was.
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    Happy Birthday Rowand44!

    Birthday Bonanza
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    *Official* Work Out Thread

    QUOTE (Rowand44 @ Aug 4, 2011 -> 06:34 PM) Ya, definitely. You still in arlington heights? Yessir. --- Week 6 of this MTP concludes w/ the half this weekend. I've been kicking ass so far with my training; here's hoping the next 12 weeks are more of the same.
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    What bugs/creatures/whatever freak you out?

    Red-winged black birds have attacked me one too many times on my runs this summer. Starting to freak me out, ha.
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    *Official* Work Out Thread

    The broken foot is valid reasoning enough to let being busy sneak under the rug. Good to hear it's not discouraging you from scratching the effort altogether. If you're still in the burbs, we should meet up sometime soon for some kind of workout or race. It would be times of good.
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    *Official* Work Out Thread

    Little over a week until the half, how's training going, Justin?
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    It is sooooo hot...

    I will never complain about the glory that is summer; winter's a different story.
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    Official 2011-2012 NCAA Football Thread

    QUOTE (He_Gawn @ Jul 29, 2011 -> 08:45 AM) Agreed, the Indiana AD is a big football guy oddly. Put millions into the stadium and it's facilties and is seemingly in the top tier in the bigten in that area now. Probably behind OSU and few others.... With IN HS football on the rise mostly because of the Colts, coupled with Purdue being a joke of a program and having Danny Hope (and ND recruiting nationally), the states top players are heading to Bloomington. Glass has been doing a great job and is creating excellent support for the football program; however, Greenspan does at least deserve credit for starting the stadium improvements and facility additions for the athletic department. That's about the only thing he deserves credit for, but it's a big one. I love Glass though; he's exactly the personality we needed in that role for years.
  21. greasywheels121

    *Official* Work Out Thread

    Thanks guys. I feel it's too early for me to explicit a specific time goal, but I will post one when it gets closer. I'll be running the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on November 5.
  22. greasywheels121

    *Official* Work Out Thread

    Just signed up for marathon #3.
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    The Official [SCRUBS] Thread

    Ha, nice bump. I've been slowly re-watching the series over with the girl this year, who's seeing it all for the first time. We're in the middle of season 5 right now.
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    Enough with the hyperbole

    QUOTE (WHarris1 @ Jun 23, 2011 -> 11:40 PM) I would say that I agree with many things in this thread FWIW, your sig is still the best in the history of this site.
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    Happy Birthday SnB!

    25, oh my.