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    Thomas "had a lot of teammates involved" in steroids

    QUOTE (maggsmaggs @ Jun 2, 2011 -> 08:42 AM) Well I can think of two big-time guys he played with. One was known as the Horse and one had a mysterious surgery in Vienna. I could name others I was suspicious of, too, but the list would be long. Also this further anoints Frank as my favorite player of all-time. Man I really am gonna try to get out to Cooperstown when he is inducted. Not only a clean guy, but such a good person. Never in trouble outside of baseball. Will see you there; can't wait.
  2. greasywheels121

    *Official* Work Out Thread

    QUOTE (Rowand44 @ May 31, 2011 -> 04:33 PM) Half marathon actually and I run about 5 miles every other day but I've never really tried to push myself much more than that, I think I'm capable of doing a decent amount more if need be. And it's the Rock n Roll half Chicago Marathon on August 14th. Awesome man, you'll have a blast. It was my favorite race I did last year. I'll be running that again this year too with the girl. It'll be her first half as well; she's in week 6 of training right now. And Higdon is still a great guide for a training plan for the half.
  3. greasywheels121

    *Official* Work Out Thread

    QUOTE (Rowand44 @ May 31, 2011 -> 12:19 AM) Zach or MaggsMaggs, one of you guys who run marathons, got any tips on a good plan for training? I'm going to be running one in August, so I'd like to get at least some decent training in. Hal Higdon is who I used for my first, and my 2nd go around was a more personalized plan but still heavily influenced by Higdon. I know you've been working out and running heavy, but hopefully you got yourself a strong base going. I know it's usually suggested to be capable of running at least 6 miles comfortably, before going into a MTP. Most plans will expect for you to officially have started training a few weeks ago, but I would suggest jumping into one where you're capable and as close to timing it out right with your race to ensure at least one 20 miler and a 2-3 week taper beforehand as well. Which one are you going to be running?
  4. greasywheels121

    *Official* Work Out Thread

    I've been doing this 1,000 push-ups/week challenge with a couple guys from work, in addition to my normal workouts. Last week was the first go at it, and this week I'm at 1,200 right now--doing a variation of different arm widths, leg height/angles, etc. It's a fun challenge, and I love the simplicity of the work-out--being that it can be done anywhere at anytime throughout the day.
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    *Official* Work Out Thread

    Became a multi-marathoner this AM, as I ran the Wisconsin Marathon in Kenosha in 4:10:23.
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    2010-2011 NBA Thread

    The Pacers definitely aren't winning this series or possibly even a game, but it's encouraging to think that we are going to finally become something from the way they have contended in this series.
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    Official SoxTalk Favorite Chicago Radio Shows

    Love Waddle & Silvy.
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    United Scout Seating

    Very cool thing you're doing here, hi8is. Hope you and your pops have a great time in Chicago.
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    *Official* Work Out Thread

    Had my first 20 miler of this MTP. Nice W, and it was nice not having to wear more than (a hat and gloves +) a long-sleeved and shorts versus the multiple layers on a run in the elements.
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    Things that need to come back...

    QUOTE (AssHatSoxFan @ Mar 23, 2011 -> 02:13 AM) Purplesaurus REX, the best Kool-Aid flavor http://www.x-entertainment.com/articles/0935/ Haha, well played. I used to love that stuff.
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    *Official* Work Out Thread

    Just wrapped up the 10th week (of 18 weeks) of my marathon training plan. I'm hoping the eventual turnaround of the weather gives me the push I need to finish the 2nd half of this plan stronger than the first. It's been a tougher go this time around, with so much of it being in the dark and cold.
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    2011 Music Thread

    Culdesac was better, but this is still swag. http://www.iamdonald.com/post/3720599556/n...p-download-here
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    Catch All Anything Thread

    QUOTE (Controlled Chaos @ Feb 11, 2011 -> 02:39 PM) My hometown.
  14. greasywheels121

    Has anyone received their season tickets

    Got a cool Sox calendar in the mail today; first time I've ever gotten such. I feel special.
  15. greasywheels121

    How did you get these photos in large scale?

    Unless I'm mistaken, CBS did away with making that accessible to the public.
  16. greasywheels121

    Happy Birthday Balta!

    Happy birthday, Brian!
  17. greasywheels121

    Music Thread

    The old thread can be found here: http://www.soxtalk.com/forums/index.php?sh...=22533&st=0
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    Happy birthday to Russ, Maggs and Chimp

    Happy birthdays!
  19. greasywheels121

    Happy Birthday Mike!!! (Ss2k5)

    Happy belated!
  20. greasywheels121

    Happy Birthday farmteam!

    Happy birthday farmteam!
  21. greasywheels121

    Happy Birthday greasywheels121!

    Thank you, sirs.
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    What's your opinion on psychics

    I knew you were going to ask this question.
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    Runners Thread

    Finished the racing year with a 20:23 in Buffalo Grove's Frozen Turkey 5K, one second off my racing PR. I still have never achieved the sub-20 5K in a race, but I know I have it in me and will get it soon. Definitely a big, successful year for me, running races in 9 of the 12 months, including my first four half-marathons and marathon. This definitely isn't a bucket list sport for me; I look forward to getting better and achieving more in the next year!
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    Soxtalk's Biggest Loser Club

    Great job, MB! It's definitely a great thing embracing this lifestyle.
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    Runners Thread

    On Thursday, I'll be doing the Frozen Turkey 5K in Buffalo Grove. I thought the race I did w/ my GF at Halloween would have been my last one for the year, but I couldn't resist. I'm fairly confident in saying this will be it for the year though. Also, I hinted at it above, but I am now officially signed up for the Wisconsin Marathon in May. Not that I'm not doing anything right now, but training for marathon #2 officially kicks off in the middle of January. I'm a bit nervous about the idea of training for something like this in the cold and dark of winter, with how averse I am to the season. But it will be good for me, and I know I can get it done.