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  1. What's the benefit of if Trump were to win GA on an overturn, if that could even happen?

    The little I understand makes me think Biden would still have the number he needed sans GA.

  2. 1 hour ago, WhiteSoxFan1993 said:

    "Benetti strikes a near-perfect balance between taking the game seriously and just sitting back and enjoying baseball."

    "One of my favorite booths in the game. They mix “new school” analytics with classic analysis and seem to have an enjoyable time doing it."

    Those two quotes sum up why I love this pairing.

    I 100% agree. The humor is needed; this doesn't need to be the most serious thing in the world. I feel Stone contributes a whole lot more now that Hawk is retired as well. I will always appreciate Hawk, but sometimes change is good/necessary.

  3. 1 hour ago, Balta1701 said:

    the new version with Dr. Strange as the Grinch was impressively entertaining, but 75% of that might be that they had perhaps the best ever version of an animated dog ever put in a movie. Seriously, they must have just brought in a dozen dog owners and told them to animate Max. It was beautiful. 

    The soundtrack is pretty solid too.

  4. Impressive. That was a finale. I wish that's how I felt when I left the final movie last year.

    Question - I've seen all the movies (minus Solo) and been invested in the Mandalorian. With all of the upcoming movies/shows on the horizon, are Clone Wars, Rebels, Resistance worth digging into? If so, do you have a suggestion on importance or priority? I've never seen a lick of those or read any of the comics or books. Curious to see what you guys think. 

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  5. Kinda pumped - just completed 8,577 meters (random number - standby...) on my rower to have completed 200,000 meters since Thanksgiving in the Concept Holiday Challenge.  A little bit of a physical carrot to keep me motivated/honest during this time of hibernation.  The 2 programmed goals are 100,000m and 200,000m - my goal was always to hit 250K.  The challenge ends on Xmas Eve - if I get ambitious enough, I'd love to move the first number again as well.  💪