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  1. soxfan420

    2005 World Series Ring on EBAY

    It's about 15k over priced for a staff ring
  2. soxfan420

    White Sox sponsor Little League teams

    QUOTE (Swingandalongonetoleft @ Dec 18, 2012 -> 09:24 PM) A free weekend bunting clinic. Hosted by paco Martin?
  3. soxfan420

    5/12/12 Sox vs Royals

    QUOTE (Jake @ May 12, 2012 -> 07:19 PM) lol, Ohman gets pulled in the middle of at bat Good for robin he baulked then try's to play the blame game show some class
  4. soxfan420

    6 man rotation???

    Let's drop him while we can get something in return for him since, what do you think we can get back in return?
  5. soxfan420

    Leslie Anderson DFA'd by Rays

    QUOTE (WhiteSUX @ Feb 8, 2011 -> 06:28 PM) Kenny the only Cuban's you're gonna see this year are the ones Mauer and Morneau smoke after winning the A.L. central title SLAPSHOT! I know I dont post very often anymore, but I still read the forums all the time can you please ban this troll, he doesn't even have good arguments
  6. soxfan420

    Sox Sign Lastings Milledge to MLC

    Wow i can't belive this happened, i was just searching for what i thought was the best option left on the market for either a 3b or of(my only 2 concerns). btw im not sold on CQ ever staying healthy.
  7. seems like he might be a fit for outfield depth? opinions
  8. soxfan420


    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Jul 6, 2010 -> 09:49 PM) If only we could beat American league teams... I think you left out the word central, but I could be wrong great win tonight though
  9. soxfan420

    GT - 7/2/10 - Sox in Arlington 7:05 CT

    I live about 5 minutes from the stadium it is miserable outside and has been raining hard the last 4 days I don't think this game will happen
  10. soxfan420

    I blame ozzie

    Is it to late to bring dye and his AWFUL deffense back?
  11. soxfan420

    I blame ozzie

    QUOTE (chw42 @ Apr 9, 2010 -> 09:34 PM) I always didn't get the Pena hate. The guy's got good stuff and he can be a pretty damn good reliever. Pena played great tonight he was never stretch nor suppose to throw 60 plus pitches
  12. soxfan420

    I blame ozzie

    QUOTE (Jenksy Cat @ Apr 9, 2010 -> 09:08 PM) How about: why can't anyone on our f***ing team hit? Thats who I blame because Ozzie did not want a full time dh? Because Ozzie has a hard on for fast guys that can't get on base?
  13. soxfan420

    I blame ozzie

    Why did Ozzie leave pena in for so long with putz and jenks still in the pen? why did ozzie not pull ramirez from the game after not giving any effort after the error? Why did you empty your bench so early? Why did you you take konerko for a pinch runner? why pinch hit with kotsay in a one run game? These are just some of the things that left me scratching my head during the game sorry for the rant... I'm glad i don't have to see the sox live very often, and to think I was going to subscribe to the MLB network, but I don't think I would have any hair left
  14. soxfan420

    4/9 Twinkies vs Sox - 7:05pm cdt WCIU

    QUOTE (beckham15 @ Apr 9, 2010 -> 05:37 PM) DAMMIT RAMIREZ WTF ARE U DOING I'M sorry but he should have been yanked out of the game right there, not because of the error because it looked like he didnt give a **** and walked to the ball after wards
  15. soxfan420


    Keep them the way they are IMO, but throw the black ones away.