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  1. SoxFan562004

    Home Opener pushed to Friday

    That's my plan as well. Just googled and nothing about delay as of yet, but we'll see. I'm taking tomorrow off if they don't cancel it today and if it doesn't get in, then oh well, I'll just have a fun day with my friends and not come back Friday.
  2. SoxFan562004

    Weekday tailgating

    Yeah, I'm in same boat, but just talked to my friend that I'm going with and we're just going to do Thursday, if it gets rained out we'll just enjoy the day.
  3. SoxFan562004

    Weekday tailgating

    Yeah, there's always some. My friends and I often do it and we're certainly not the only ones.
  4. SoxFan562004

    If White Sox are sold

    Right, or NOLA. Look, I'm pissed at the Sox right now as others are here because I know they could afford the Machado contract and they didn't step up, likely, because JR is old school and wouldn't sign the biggest FA contract in history, but this comes down to money for MLB. As noted above, Sox as a distant 2nd team in this market still is valuable and has a potential to be more lucrative than other markets.
  5. SoxFan562004

    If White Sox are sold

    Right, and MLB would push for expansion, not a move. It's a several hundred million dollar difference in revenue to MLB.
  6. SoxFan562004

    If White Sox are sold

    I'm not saying there's a zero possibility, but a city wanting a team and being able to bamboozle its citizens into paying for a stadium isn't as easy as it once was. I'm sure MLB would love all those cities to be ready to take a team tomorrow, but realistically that is not going to happen.
  7. SoxFan562004

    If White Sox are sold

    MLB is looking at expanding, due to the ridiculous expansion fees they can get, they'll discourage teams moving as to not burn a potential expansion market. White Sox are in a major media market and have had decent payrolls in the past and will do well business-wise if they win. I don't see MLB or MLBA wanting them to move.
  8. SoxFan562004

    Bob Nightengale Once Again Nails It

    He is an extreme case, but Chase Daniel has a career earnings a bit less than 30mm and he's a "short" quarterback, that total is also without a first round contract that Murray is likely to get (Daniel was undrafted).
  9. any word if Philly is taking on a contract back?
  10. SoxFan562004

    Update: Machado met with Sox

    I'd go over. As mentioned on thread, NYY are known commodity to him, likely least to discuss.
  11. SoxFan562004

    Update: Machado met with Sox

    Anyone on Machado watch in Philly? Did he go to Gino or Pat's? I hope they didn't borrow Gritty from the Flyers, or Sox and NYY chances diminish. Seriously, anyone know the Philly schedule for today?
  12. Right, a formal offer is one that Harper can sign the second it comes over, meaning those aren't made, especially for a 300-400mm 10 or so year deal, until you're 100% ready for it to be signed.
  13. That doesn't mean offers haven't been discussed, which I'm sure they have been.
  14. SoxFan562004

    Sports Media discussion

    Yeah, I knew it wasn't a joke as he didn't do Jambaroo last Thursday, or anything since Wednesday and he didn't tweet all weekend, which is rare for him. He normally says when he's taking a trip or on assignment. I actually googled him yesterday to see if there was news or he signed with another company. Yes, as you note, with twitter comments of his colleagues this actually seems really serious. Hoping he's OK!
  15. SoxFan562004

    Sports Media discussion

    https://deadspin.com/a-note-on-drew-1830961589 Something is wrong with Drew Magary. Hope it's nothing serious, but no real info. I really like his writing and met him at a live deadcast a few months ago. He couldn't have been nicer and talked to my sister, bro-in-law and me for like 15 minutes just shooting the shit.