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  1. santo=dorf

    Fitting Ending to 2009 Season

    Ozzie is still the manager, and I have a feeling the Sox will bring back Wise and make an attempt to lure back Pods. I don't expect Dye to be back. Then there's also the idea that Ozzie played with in rotating the 4 OF's with the DH spot. So instead of having a full time CF and full time DH, we'll have a below average defensive player in CF (Pods) or brutal hitter in CF (Wise,) with a DH that has a 101 OPS+/
  2. I read a rumor on Motown sports where he has busted for a DUI. The article mentions his BAC but nothing about a DUI. .26 is ridiculous.
  3. santo=dorf

    Fitting Ending to 2009 Season

    Walker will fix him right? ...and if we're playing the career numbers game with a guy who doesn't look the same before and after he signed a huge deal, it should be pointed out his career OPS+ is 101. A tick above average. Not worth $12 million per, and not worth it in RF where he'll eventually end up.
  4. So did we sweep a 3 game series at all this season?
  5. santo=dorf

    Alex Rios

    Fitting way to end the season. That DP was his 7th (1 less than a slow and old Jim Thome,) despite how low in the order he was hitting. For reference he just knocked in his 9th run with the Sox last night. Pretty pathetic.
  6. santo=dorf

    Alex Rios

    I'm not a scout, so I couldn't have been the one quoted.
  7. santo=dorf

    Alex Rios

    Actually SI quoted one scout saying you'd have to light a stick of dynamite under him to get him going. Another scout described him as a "Hitting coach killer."
  8. santo=dorf

    10/3 Sox @ Det 6:05pm CSN

    Lil' Bridge having one of his best games despite the 8 men LOB.
  9. santo=dorf

    10/3 Sox @ Det 6:05pm CSN

    He's also been HBP twice.
  10. santo=dorf

    10/3 Sox @ Det 6:05pm CSN

    Pena has inherited 26 runners and allowed 14 of them to score since joining the Sox. That's Mike Jackson reincarnated. There's a difference between intentionally making a joke out of someone's name and a World Series hero's name incorrectly. 2005!!1!!! Hall robbed this organization blind. I think it's really sad to still see "Buerhle" around here considering he's a cornerstone of our franchise and has been here for nearly a decade. It's no different then when Sox fans would rip on Cubs fans for talking about "Kerry Woods" or owning a Greg Maddox jersey. He didn't have any power before he came here either. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/players/stats?playerId=4550
  11. santo=dorf

    10/3 Sox @ Det 6:05pm CSN

    Puh-leaze. I've never seen a player with such a body for softball lack so much power. Tubby was terrible.
  12. santo=dorf

    10/3 Sox @ Det 6:05pm CSN

    His name is Freddy He really is one of the worst Sox bench players of all time. Right next to Tubby Hall.
  13. santo=dorf

    2009: A Big Step To Our Next World Series

    Yeah, finishing below .500, in third place in a year coming off winning the division is definitely a step in the right direction.
  14. santo=dorf

    2009 AL Central Thread

    Twins need some strikeouts at the moment. Didn't realize how well Rauch was pitching for the Twins.
  15. santo=dorf

    i firmly believe

    Don't give up your day job.