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  1. whitesoxin'

    Vote or DYE Trying

    Just stopping by to ask if anyone has gone to a Phils, Astros, Giants board etc. and asked to vote for Jermaine while they are voting for their guy to make it to the game? Also we should go to some of the big BoSox boards and get them to vote for Jermaine to keep the cheater Giambi out of the game. He stole the MVP from Frank in 2000 and now we can't let him steal Jermaine's trip to the All-Star Game. Yankees fans will be out in full force to get their man to the ASG at their home park so we're going to need all the help we can get. I don't know any of the other boards that is why I'm reaching out to you guys because I'm sure some of you might have posted over at some of these other teams boards once in awhile. For that guy who thinks Longoria deserves it more, Evan will have plenty of more chances to make the All-Star Game. I think Dye deserves it more this year, but he should be there instead of Crede. I'm sure as hell glad to see Joe there as a biased Sox fan though.
  2. whitesoxin'

    late spring training trades

    Are you serious? Come on, Balta.
  3. whitesoxin'

    late spring training trades

    QUOTE(max power @ Dec 17, 2007 -> 03:44 PM) Sadly most people here do need this. This board makes me ashamed of my fanaticism lately. ^^^^ I just stay out of Pale Hose and go to the other forums. At least there I only get criticized for supporting IU basketball and not for supporting the White Sox and their management.
  4. whitesoxin'

    Official 2007-08 College Basketball Thread

    Valpo is quietly having a very good season. They're 9-1 and will improve to 10-1 tonight if they defeat Chicago State. In their first ever Horizon Leauge game, they knocked off the defending champs, Wright State, on the road. With games against Wisconsin and UNC left this year, we'll see if they are for real by competing with these powerhouses on the road.
  5. whitesoxin'

    Mitchell Report Thread

    Even though Mitchell suggests no punishment, I think it would be a good idea to put some sort of patch on the sleeve of all the players named in the report, branding them as users.
  6. whitesoxin'

    Mitchell Report Thread

    QUOTE(klaus kinski @ Dec 13, 2007 -> 02:26 PM) When Cameron hit those HR off Parque it was JUICE against JUICE Jimmy didn't buy steroids until he was on Tampa and in the minors for Arizona. Maybe those dongers made him want to get steroids though ha.
  7. whitesoxin'

    Mitchell Report Thread

    That '03 Cubs team is loaded with users. Unfortunately there was one on our 2005 team according to the list I've seen, but it's Jurassic Carl so it's not that big of a deal.
  8. whitesoxin'

    Mitchell Report Thread

    That's a shame Pujols is on there. Wood AND Prior hahah. Thank god karma was served.
  9. whitesoxin'

    Finals Thread

    5 down, 2 to go!! It will feel sooo good to be done
  10. whitesoxin'

    Official 2007-08 College Basketball Thread

    Fans can't guarantee anything, I never made a "guarantee". I made a prediction. There is a massive discrepancy between the two. When an ESPN analysis says who he thinks will win, he is making a prediction. That is what I did. Anthony Smith mad a guarantee, that is by no means what I did. Only players can make guarantees. Everyone needs to lay the f*** off of me. The only time I even said the word guarantee was when I was referring to my opinion that no matter how the Hoosiers season ends up, it will be better than Illini's season.
  11. For which platform? I have a Wii so my advice is Madden for sure. It's a lot of fun with the Wii. If you're on some other platform I can't help you out. Fifa and the NBA 2k series are both solid choices too.
  12. whitesoxin'

    Official 2007-08 College Basketball Thread

    QUOTE(IlliniKrush @ Dec 6, 2007 -> 07:54 PM) I'd expect nothing less from a IU homer. Guaranteeing a championship, gotta love it. And I'd expect nothing less than criticism from a U of I homer whose username on a White Sox message board is related to Illinois basketball. If you had our team you would be saying the same thing.
  13. whitesoxin'

    Finals Thread

    7 finals for 6 classes, welcome to college! I submitted my written final for my "Computers in Business" class already and Saturday is the computer practical. Next week I have Psychology, Accounting, Micro, Finite, and Philosophy. At this point I'm more worried about the IU-Kentucky basketball game and the fantasy football playoffs starting this week.
  14. whitesoxin'

    South Shore/car accident

    That makes two people that have been killed by trains in Gary since this summer I believe. At home I have to cross over three railroad tracks basically everytime I leave or come home and while it's a pain in the ass, I still very rarely cross. Only if the train is several hundred yards away moving very slowly.
  15. whitesoxin'

    Do we need a philosophical change?

    To answer your questions posed in the title, it is because that is what people do here. No matter what.