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  1. http://www.suntimes.com/news/24-7/911336,r...s042308.article What's going on here? All the cockroaches come out at once or what? This and the 3 dozen shootings over the weekend?! This place is starting to look like Baghdad.

    Jimmy Carter = Hanoi Jane Fonda

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...id=opinionsbox1 Even the Washington Post, that bastion of conservative thought thinks Carter is wrong. Just how are we supposed to get anything sone in the middle east when we have this guy running around lending legitimacy to a known terrorist leader? Seems Mr Carter is getting a little senile in his old age and now he's every bit as bad of an EX-president as he was an actual one.

    NUKE's 5th annual s***ty beer poll

    Feel free to post write in candidates.

    White Sox vs. Yankees, 4/23, 7:11, ESPN

    Uribe K's looking?1?!??! How bout that range!!!!!

    The Economy, stupid

    I think the 1st thing the new President should do is strip all subsidies from the big oil firms and put the proceeds toward a viable alternative to oil. This dependence on foreign oil has got to end someplace.

    Pennsylvania Primary Thread

    You know what's funny? After all that posturing, and campaigning, and spent money and all the rest, Hillary only made a really small dent in Obama's lead. Honestly, I don't see how she can win the nomination except by hanging on until the convention and then using her connections to totally screw Obama in some back room deal.

    The Economy, stupid

    Thread should be changed to "It's the oil stupid" cause that's what's causing most of the problems these days.

    NUKE's 5th annual s***ty beer poll

    QUOTE (FlaSoxxJim @ Apr 23, 2008 -> 02:14 PM) Interesting Miller trivia: MGD and Miller High Life are the exact same recipe formulation (and both are 4.7%), but High Life is heat pasteurized while MGD is microfiltered under refrigeration............... ...........and they both suck ass. I can't believe they serve that crap at ball games and such.

    Stocks and investing thread

    Delta Airlines..........You fail at LIFE. http://www.foxbusiness.com/markets/industr...a_575096_8.html Fuel prices be damned. How do you lose almost 6 and a half billion in 1 freekin quarter?! In a few years there will be only 3-4 airlines and we'll be paying through the nose to fly.

    NUKE's 5th annual s***ty beer poll

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Apr 23, 2008 -> 07:09 AM) I'd like make an honorable mention for my favorite, Icehouse! LOL! A buddy of mine drinks that crap and we make fun of him all the damn time

    Pennsylvania Primary Thread

    QUOTE (Texsox @ Apr 23, 2008 -> 08:21 AM) Both have got to stay in until mathematically eliminated. But even then, pledged is not the same as legally bound, if I understand it correctly. I think I have been saying for six months is goes to the convention. Which I am really looking forward to. This convention will be the most watched in history. The biggest train wreck of a convention in history to boot.

    Lawmaker Claims Hybrid Cars Too Quiet

    QUOTE (Texsox @ Apr 23, 2008 -> 07:17 AM) The theory is, with quiet hybrids, then blind people could be hit as often as those idiots talking on their cell phones. What if the blind person WAS one of the idiots talking on his cell phone?

    Lawmaker Claims Hybrid Cars Too Quiet

    QUOTE (StrangeSox @ Apr 23, 2008 -> 08:00 AM) It's about blind people. I don't have research to back me up on this but I will bet you my last nickel that blind people get hit by vehicles far less than idiots on cell phones or people who just never learned to look both ways before they cross the street.

    White Sox loser

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Apr 23, 2008 -> 05:59 AM) 2 hits and 2 rbi in a game does suck. Even a broken clock is right twice a day........oh wait, how bout that bases loaded popup....... Uribe is the ultimate rally killer. I don't give a crap about how good an arm he has. Get rid of his ass.

    White Sox loser

    QUOTE (Wanne @ Apr 22, 2008 -> 11:31 PM) This game seemed destined for horses***tyness from the 1st inning. Just had that feeling. Plus...failure to drive in runners on 2nd and 3rd in consecutive innings really slowed down the train. It never helps when you have double digits in runners left on base. That was f***ing sorry. We shoulda knocked out Wang early and won in a laugher.

    Chat Crew 2008

    QUOTE (kyyle23 @ Apr 23, 2008 -> 06:37 AM) I would have to agree. The Soxtalk drinking game is slowly being created We'll have to discuss that tonight.

    Lawmaker Claims Hybrid Cars Too Quiet

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Apr 22, 2008 -> 02:34 PM) PC collides with PC... You mean PC collides with nanny state. I think we should introduce a bill that says if you get hit by a car because you weren't looking where you were going or dart into traffic then you should pay the repair cost to the car.

    NUKE's 5th annual s***ty beer poll

    QUOTE (FlaSoxxJim @ Apr 22, 2008 -> 11:50 PM) Colt 45 is still a favorite for a good old-fashioned game of Edward Fortyhands. I f***ing love that game. Better finish em fast though or you'll be doing the pee pee dance like a mofo.

    25 Worst Rappers Of All Time

    Vanilla Ice. WORD TO YO MOTHER!!!!

    White Sox vs. Yankees, 4/22, 7:11, CSN

    QUOTE (SoxFanForever @ Apr 22, 2008 -> 06:33 PM) Lol, new avatar Nuke or did I miss it before? Just changed it today

    White Sox vs. Yankees, 4/22, 7:11, CSN

    Hawk just told Wang to GET IT UP.

    White Sox vs. Yankees, 4/22, 7:11, CSN

    QUOTE (SoxFan562004 @ Apr 22, 2008 -> 04:56 PM) that's what she said A whole night of WANG jokes to look forward to. I LOVE IT!!!

    Konerko needs to be benched/traded

    QUOTE (DaveBrown85 @ Apr 22, 2008 -> 06:14 PM) i see this was given a lot of thought. Seriously its not even a month into a season.. just an idea maybe we should bury his jersey in wrigley then he will turn around I think it'd be hilarious if someone started that rumor online or something.

    $10,000 for child's birthday party?

    QUOTE (BigSqwert @ Apr 21, 2008 -> 09:52 AM) Not sure where else to put this but I figured we might get a heated debate on both sides of this issue. The article reminded me of a friend of mine that had a gigantic party for his son's 1 year birthday. My girlfriend and I were shocked when we arrived. It seemed like they spent more than we will be spending on our wedding this summer. FULL ARTICLE I see that kid is being well trained on how to be responsible with money.

    The environment thread

    QUOTE (mr_genius @ Apr 8, 2008 -> 04:05 PM) Well, I for one never considered wind turbines to be an eyesore. I actually think they look pretty cool. I suppose the honorable Ted Kennedy disagrees. NIMBY is the favorite acronym of these eco-hypocrites like AlGore and Ted Kennedy. The sacrifices that supposedly have to be made to save the planet are all well and good as long as they're not being made by them.