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  1. Spiff

    Worst Sports TV Show

    oh man that f***in E60 show, I can't stand how they do research and interviews and produce actual stories. it really gets me mad.
  2. Spiff

    Music Thread

    In my quest to make the latest post on all forums Two pretty good albums come out tuesday Senses Fail - Life Is Not a Waiting Room Rise Against - Appeal to Reason I can assure you they are both great Where the f*** has murci been
  3. Spiff

    Official 2008-2009 NHL Thread

    QUOTE (Gage Loves Me @ Jul 3, 2008 -> 06:47 PM) He's had two 30 goal seasons, a 25 goal season, and last year he had an off season. Happens to everyone. I think $4 mil was a rather good signing by Boston who desperately needs offense. Boston also needs to get rid of that grandpa Glen Murray. Oh Muzz will probably be bought out to get under the cap, they are just waiting on Wideman's arbitration. I agree they needed offense, but a guy like Stillman only got 3.5. Ryder had fewer points than Metropolit last year, doghouse or no doghouse.
  4. 9 innings each for Linebrink and Logan; this starting staff has been ridiculous.
  5. Spiff

    Official 2008-2009 NHL Thread

    Michael Ryder for 4 mill per is high risk/high reward but at least Patrice is back next year. That's like signing a high-impact center by itself.
  6. If I was pitching to the opposing pitcher I would try to accidentally hit him in the arm.
  7. Spiff

    Happy Birthday Spiff!

    Hey duders sorry I didn't show up for this! Sunday was actually not a great day, it was spent packing and riding a bus. I totally forgot about this til now but thanks for the wishez. I wanna hang around here more now that I have a computer again.
  8. Spiff

    Juan Uribe Placed on Waivers

    I hope they don't release Juanny, I don't wanna have to buy another jersey.
  9. Spiff

    Official College Football Thread

    QUOTE(Rex Hudler @ Aug 6, 2007 -> 11:55 PM) Sleepers? Iowa will be lucky to find where 4th place in the Big Ten is and I think they will be looking up then. ND is no sleeper. They'll be lucky to be 8-4 and in the top 25 going into Bowl season. I think that is the point. In a Big 10 where Michigan, PSU, OSU and Wisconsin are all strong, Iowa is lookin to disrupt things. ND is a sleeper because of their ridiculous schedule. 6-2 in their first 8 will leave them in position for another BCS bowl. Nobody is saying it will happen but it could.
  10. Spiff

    We Don't Shuffle Anymore!

    QUOTE(The Critic @ Aug 16, 2007 -> 06:27 PM) You wanna shuffle, Oh, I'll SHUFFLE, all right.... Gwar - The Apes Of Wrath Aerosmith - Last Child Sidewinders - Witch Doctor Todd Rundgren - I Saw The Light Quiet Riot - Mama Weer All Crazee Now The Mission UK - Amelia Dramarama - Ain't It The Truth Bracket - Trailer Park Sloppy Seconds - The Mighty Heroes Only Crime - Now's The Time And the "Tuesday night, no drink specials, 14 people in the club INCLUDING employees" bonus track: Rise Against - Under The Knife I love you Critic, the world's only other Bracket fan. And as for Under the Knife, I'm going to see them Saturday in Providence with Smoke or Fire and Comeback Kid. Needless to say, chaos will ensue.
  11. QUOTE(briguy27 @ Aug 3, 2007 -> 02:20 AM) I'll do a Boston, but they aren't my favorite sports city. I already did a Chicago, so I'll do a Boston/Foxborough... Coaches: Bill Belichick (Patriots) Terry Francona (Red Sox) Doc Rivers (Celtics) Claude Julien (Bruins) GM's: Theo Epstein (Red Sox) Robert Kraft (Patriots) Chris Wallace (Celtics) Peter Chiarelli (Bruins) I think you got the coaches mostly right, though Julien could go above Doc right now. As far as GM's--what in the hell? First of all Theo is not a very good GM. Second of all the Pats GM's would be Pioli and Belichick and they would clearly be #1, they've won 3 Super Bowls. Danny Ainge is the GM of the Celtics. It would go 1. Pats 2. Red Sox 3. Celtics 4. Bruins
  12. Spiff

    Garnett to Boston?

    Steve I didn't crown them anything, unless you count "top half of the eastern conference", which I don't feel is a very bold prediction. As has been said already, it will be the bench and the defense. They just signed Eddie House for a microwave role off the bench, if he can do that it will help. But he's another guy who doesn't even know the meaning of the word "defense". Perkins is a really good defender, especially help-wise, like Hammerhead said. His problem is foul trouble. This man can foul out in 10 minutes on a good night. Although a lot of times he was helping on Jefferson's man and getting the foul, so with KG there we'll see what happens. I've heard rumors of trying to acquire Mutombo, but I'm pretty sure that's not happening. Rondo is the most interesting part of all this. He can slash but his shot is just so terrible. If teams want to double team it will be with his man. I know summer league means jack crap, but in the couple games I watched he would drive to the hoop, and have a shot, then pass it back out to the arc. Not exactly much confidence in his scoring ability. But his defense is above average, and that's key. It might sound funny but Scal is actually a good defender. He has the size, not so much the quickness but he makes up for it with effort. So yeah, this team has potential to go far. I can see them winning a lot of games in the 110-120's, because in the regular season, defense takes a backseat anyway. And we all know the Eastern Conference is weak and blah blah blah. You will know by March if this team is built for the playoffs.
  13. JACKSONVILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE Coaches 1. Jack Del Rio GM's 1. James Harris Mascots 1. Jaxson de Ville
  14. Spiff

    Garnett to Boston?

    I don't think some of you even watch basketball, nevermind the Celtics. Rondo a scorer? What? Jefferson better numbers than Garnett next year? What? Three ballhogs? What? Steve93 I don't even know what the hell you are on. The Celtics had the worst record in the east, yes. But they were hovering around .500 until Pierce (who was by far their best player, obviously) got hurt and they went on a losing streak. Then he came back and they did ok for a while then Danny and Doc decided it would be better to try and tank the rest of the year. Basing anything off of last year is probably one of the dumbest things you can do. Also I like how your top 3 seeds are Chicago, Orlando and Toronto. That sounds very logical. I am a bit wary of all the hype the Celtics are getting all of a sudden; I'm not ready to put them into the NBA Finals, but I do expect them to be in the top half of the east. They need a couple more bench guys, but in the NBA you only need an 8 or 9 man rotation anyway.
  15. Spiff

    Happy Birthday BrandoFan

    He still posts here but his name is Heads22.