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  1. Pale Hose Jon

    Law/Legal Thread

    I have not posted on this site in years (only lurking) but reading this post brought me out of retirement. As an attorney who works at the highest volume landlord/tenant firm in Chicago I STRONGLY suggest that you consult with an attorney prior to taking any steps with his belongings or his tenancy. There are many attorneys who can represent you or at least provide you with advice in this area for little to no money. If nothing else, go to the 6th floor of the Daley center and see if you can get free legal advice from the legal assistance staff there. Committing an unlawful forcible entry and detainer can warrant both Civil and Criminal cause of actions. The City of Chicago could not be more tenant friendly, and there are more than enough attorney's who love representing tenants due to the numerous penalty provisions in both the city ordinance and state statute. BE CAREFUL. Disclaimer: The content of this post is intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended to provide legal advice or solicit business.
  2. Pale Hose Jon

    I need some law help

    Hi, I have some experience doing this as a law clerk. I organized many LLC's and Corporations. Generally, I believe Illinois only requires registration of LLC/LLP's and corporations. At the firm I used to work at I believe we charged $500 (+ filing fee cost) for organizing the LLC/Corp and acting as the registerd agent for a year. It is a really basic process to incorporate a buisness or LLC but it is absolutley vital for security. Every year a LLC/Corp must file an anual registration. In Ill it is $350 for an LLC and around $100 for a corp based on issued shares and par value. Once again, I was a law clerk when I did this, and it has been a year since i took business organizations, so you might want to speak to an attorney. The ciberdrive site is great though.
  3. Pale Hose Jon

    Teaching Certificate

    QUOTE (SnB @ Jun 14, 2009 -> 08:11 PM) So after being out in the real world for a year......I'm considering going back to school. I'm really leaning toward getting a Masters of Education - Elementary Certificate. Anyone a teacher and can recommend me a program? I figure UIC is the cheapest. I am not a teacher, but many of my friends are. It is actually a bad idea to get you masters before you have a teaching job. If it comes down to it, and it is you and a teacher without a masters for your first job, they will take the teacher without the masters every time. Schools dont want to pay extra for the teacher with the masters, when both teachers have the same experience in the classroom. Your best bet would be to get a job, and then have the school pay for your classes. (disregard this if you already are a teacher)
  4. QUOTE (kjshoe04 @ Dec 20, 2008 -> 11:02 PM) No one else cares. I actually made the drive down to see the game last night. Was a great game to watch. The officiating was kinda rough at several points in the game, but i think it went both ways. UIC was just a 2 man show though. Mayo and the tall white guy were their offense the whole night. There was a pretty big crowd, but that damn town needs to start supporting that school. It is rediculas how small the crowds are some times. I can remember back in the day, when i was a student, there would only be around one or two thousand a game. For two cities with about 120,000 in population, they do not draw at all. It was nice to get some fried cheese balls from the pub II. Damn i miss the pub II. Oh yeah, they had the quick change artists there for half time. It was pretty crazy. In response to you question though, no one will care about this team until they win an NCAA game, or beat U of I. My real hope is that they get matched up against Davidson in the bracketbuster game so we can get some national TV. That would get some people to notice.
  5. QUOTE (greg775 @ Oct 15, 2008 -> 01:22 AM) How do you Redbirds like coach Jank? I know him. He's a great great man. I think that most redbird fans are pretty happy with him. Sadly, when i attended ISU Porter Moser was the coach and he was just terrible. Jank has doen a really good job and they got some good recruits coming in this year. Unfortunatley, they have no shot of making the tourney this year unless they win the conference tourney. Their schedule is absolutley terrible. After not going to the tourney last year due to a poor schedule, they went out and scheduled one of the worst schedules in the country. They literally will play no one of any significance this year. I am really disappointed in the scheduling job. I don't know if that is Jank's fault though.
  6. Pale Hose Jon

    Obama/McCain Round 2

    QUOTE (mr_genius @ Oct 7, 2008 -> 10:43 PM) I should preface this by saying that I don't think that Sean Hanity is an anti-semite. The point that he was trying to make is that the Ayer's stuff is beyond comprehensible. The fact that Sean Hanity had an anti-semite on his show does not make Sean Hanity an anti-Semite. The fact that Obama was on a charitable board with Ayers does not mean that Obama is a domestic terrorist. Just as Hanity denounced the anti-Semite’s views, so too has Obama denounced Ayer’s view.
  7. Pale Hose Jon

    Obama/McCain Round 2

    QUOTE (mr_genius @ Oct 7, 2008 -> 10:38 PM) LOL! there is the most dimwitted Obama campaign worker on FOX. you gotta turn it on. he completely just lost his mind Actually he seems to be making a good point.
  8. Pale Hose Jon

    Who will be at the game tonight?

    I had one hell of a time trying to pay attention in the only class i went to today, business organizations. To top it off, today we looked at a lawsuit by shareholders to force the Cubs to install lights so that they could play night games. I'm supposed to be researching in the library right now, but how in the hell am i supposed to pay attention. 6:30 can't get here fast enough. I can't wait to be going crazy in section 104 tonight.
  9. Pale Hose Jon

    *Official* Arch Madness Thread

    I really hope ISU can get the win over mo st. I honestly think that if they dont win that game the selection committe will screw them over. If only we could have hung on instead of pissing away leads in the two drake games. Since the talent of ISU is young, you dont know what team is going to show up. I hope that a strong showing in the tourniment will mean that the mentally tough team shows up for the NCAA's. Cause that is a team that can do some damage.
  10. Pale Hose Jon

    Food Thread

    I just ate my first Fontanos sub and it was amazing. Who knew that a sub sandwich could taste so good.
  11. Pale Hose Jon

    Whatcha Taking This Semester?

    Civil Procedure Constitutional Process Contracts Tort Law Legal Writing
  12. Pale Hose Jon

    65 million for a pair of pants?

    This Judge has gone too far http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070503/ap_on_..._dollar_pants_2
  13. Pale Hose Jon

    Alford to New Mexico?

    Tubby Smith as well Takes over at minnesota
  14. Pale Hose Jon

    Obama Watch

    I believe that he is referencing his vote in a resolution against the war during his time in the Illinois legislature.
  15. Pale Hose Jon

    Beckham to the MLS

    Looks like David Beckham is going to the LA galaxy in a deal that will pay him 250 million dollars. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story?id...465&cc=5901