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  1. Ozzietheairedale


    Coming from the guy who sent me threatening emails - I'll let that one go.
  2. Ozzietheairedale


    Look, I am not saying I KNOW the Sox are done, like some sort of seer of the future with a crystal ball. I'm saying that after looking at the Sox as they're made up and looking at the Twins, my prediction is that they're done. That doesn't mean that I don't HOPE they win the division by some sort of miracle. That's why I'm still here. I'm hoping for a miracle - or at least ONE of you guys will say something other than "I'm a real Sox fan and therefore I think they'll win it forever" that would make me believe that the Sox will win.
  3. Ozzietheairedale


    I didn't throw in the towel, KW and the Sox did a week ago. I just noticed it before some of you.
  4. Ozzietheairedale

    You Gotta Be Kidding Me

    Yeah those guys will clear waivers If the Cubs managed to get Garciaparra for Gonzalez and Beltran, don't you think the Sox could have gotten him for ELo and Valentin? Jim Hendry and KW shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence.
  5. Ozzietheairedale


    I'm so sick and tired of the idiots who keep picking on those of us who have been right all along. That stupid IN or OUT thread was the start of it. Making lists of people who thought the Sox were out of the playoffs and then everybody else calling them all kinds of assinine names and telling them to shut up. This crap about how anybody who thinks the Sox are out of the playoffs is not a real Sox fan and should leave the board and shut up really pisses me off. As it turns out, those of us who thought that KW did a crap job of putting this team together in the first place and then with the loss of their 2 best hitters knew this team couldn't win the division certainly look smarter than the rest of you goofs.
  6. Ozzietheairedale

    Loaiza traded to NY, Contreras discussion

    Agreed. Cubs clinch wild card with this deal and, in my opinion, should now be the favorites for the World Series. It shows the difference between a GM who knows what he's doing and one (KW) who doesn't have a clue.
  7. Ozzietheairedale

    Pitching Statistics for Contreras

    No, that's not why he made the move. He made the move for 2005 and 2006. This year it's a negative for the Sox. Probably Loaiza would have been better if KW was just thinking about this year.
  8. Ozzietheairedale

    Ending July on a Positive Note

    Um, factor out the 4 game winning streak against Cleveland and Detroit and I'd call it a really bad month. Sorry - you just can't "factor out" a 6 game losing streak against 2 of your 3 main rivals in the division. I know it makes you feel better, but it's illogical.
  9. Ozzietheairedale

    Ending July on a Positive Note

    9-15 for the month is worse than a bad week. More like a bad month. But it makes a hell of a lot more sense than the other two comments.
  10. Ozzietheairedale

    Ending July on a Positive Note

    Oh my God - I've seen it all. The reason these multimillionaire major league ball players are playing poorly is either that: 1. They're not awake enough. 2. They're not having enough fun. Could it possibly be lack of talent? Could it just be that the opposition is better? Are you people serious? Otherwise put it in green.
  11. Ozzietheairedale

    This is the worst white sox team i have seen

    Worst White Sox team you've ever seen? What are you, 6 years old?
  12. Ozzietheairedale

    Ending July on a Positive Note

    You can't honestly believe that the reason the Sox have played poorly is because they haven't woken up in July. You can't honestly believe that they'll suddenly come to their senses and say to themselves "Self, I didn't realize until now that I really need to try harder. Holy cow, self, it's July 31 and I just played the last month asleep but now I realize that I should wake up and play better". Please. rolleyeyes.gif
  13. Ozzietheairedale

    Another Man Down?

    I know you put that in green, but how hard is it to predict that Everett would be injured sooner or later. He was injured most of this year and he's certainly nearing the end of his career. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. If the Sox hadn't picked this guy up, he'd still be sitting in Montreal on Sunday because of his high injury risk.
  14. Ozzietheairedale

    Have hope

    In all honesty, last night was a perfect example why the SOS is not that important if your team is down 4 games and playing like s***. The Sox lose 2 in a row to the lowly Tigers and Minnesota gets beat - and the Sox lose a half game. The only way the SOS helps is if your team beats the easy teams. And right now the Sox couldn't beat the Rockford Peaches.
  15. Ozzietheairedale

    Mets win Benson sweepstakes

    Both KW and Jerry said that money was not an issue. The issue is that the team is basically done and KW and Jerry know it. There is no point in throwing good money after bad. Nothing on the market would make this team any more likely to win this division or the wild card, so Kenny should just stand pat or possibly look to dump ELo or Valentin for young talent. Hopefully, Maggs or Frank will come back and the Twins will somehow miraculously collapse. They key was the series against Minnesota. As much as many of you "IN" guys didn't want to believe it, it didn't matter how many games were left, strength of schedule or Carl Everett. That critical series determined whether KW would go for broke or back out. He's backed out. And he's right.