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  1. Chisoxfn

    Jimmy Cordero...the forgotten breakout candidate

    I keep assuming we will see Vaughn sign an extension and that will kind of element that portion of the conversation - but if that doesn't happen - agree with you 100%.
  2. Chisoxfn

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    Bears hired the former Texas Longhorn Head Coach, Tom Herman as an analyst. Not sure what to think of this - I know Herman didn't succeed as HC at Texas but he was always thought of as a good offensive mind.
  3. I truly believe Robert will be the best player in White Sox history.
  4. Chisoxfn

    Jimmy Cordero...the forgotten breakout candidate

    I've always assumed Kopech is going to start in the minors - but Sox are talking everything up (with probably some truth) - to mitigate any "service time" issues.
  5. Chisoxfn

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    It really never made much sense. One thing about the Bears anyway - I've come to learn that the media usually doesn't have much of a clue what their front office is doing - they tend to operate in a bit more of a stealth mode than other front offices. I'm not saying that is good or bad - just that directionally speaking - it feels like what you see with those that cover the Bears is even more "speculation" vs. "fact" than most other orgs (speculation always runs high around NFL - so its what I call higher relative speculation - in my very scientific terms).
  6. Chisoxfn

    2021 Most likely to...

    Robert - Timmy - Madrigal
  7. Chisoxfn

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Fuck yeah!!!
  8. Chisoxfn

    Market/Financial Thread

    Yeah - except all those arms have caps that put a max on how much it can go up. I don’t know if these power plans had caps.
  9. Chisoxfn

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    If I were the Texans - I wouldn't budge. That said - I think they'll get some pretty tremendous trade offers that at some point outweigh the headache. But If I were in charge of them - well first - I wouldn't have got myself into this corner - but if I was - I wouldn't back down with ease on this. 25 year old franchise QB's don't grow on trees.
  10. Chisoxfn

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    So if Wilson really plays hardball and sticks to that list - the good news is - no one is dangling a top 5 type of 1st round pick and no team has massive cap space. In fact - if I look at the Saints - they are in a pretty tough spot so I don't know how they could actually get the cap in a position to add Wilson and they certainly have no more assets than the Bears. The Cowboys would seem to be the big wildcard - they have Dak - so that might take them out of the bidding. However, that also could make them the more lucrative partner as Seahawks could get a franchise QB back in Dak (presuming franchise and trade type of deal) plus maybe other picks. Oakland has a QB it can offer too - Carr - but similarly - they don't have a ton of stocked assets in terms of picks and their 1st round pick (17) is just 3 picks better than Bears - so not a huge difference. Honestly - if, big if - Wilson were to keep his list this tight and force the Seahawks hand - the Bears would seemingly be in as good of a position, if not better than most of the other competitors. If Wilson would expand his list to other teams - that probably quickly dissapates to point where others could and probably would offer more (i.e., Miami).
  11. Chisoxfn

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    I presume the price is going to be on par with all the other suggestions around Watson. So the price will be expensive and reality is Bears only chance is Wilson narrowing the market and forcing the Seahawks hand a bit.
  12. Chisoxfn

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    Please please please please.
  13. That call was terrible. Bulls did everything they could with turnovers to try and not win the game. That said - man that offense is fun to watch. Such a quiet 35 from Zach - dude is just picking his spots and making it look so easy right now. He should have had 40 - just a travesty how few foul calls he gets. Every night there are at least a few plays a game he gets hacked with no call - not some weak hack - a big hack. Needed this one cause bulls schedule gets real tough next.
  14. Chisoxfn

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Has there been any update on how the studies have been going on the vaccine for kids? I know everything there was delayed with way lower take-ups, etc but hadn't seen anything in past few weeks.
  15. Chisoxfn

    NFL 2021 offseason thread

    Yeah - Wilson has a lot of those ad-lib plays that make him look like he can be a special player when things break-down. Level of competition he played against was pretty weak though...but he definitely has a lot of those WTF (in a good way) throws.