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  1. Chisoxfn

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    He is a professional coach who is pretty well respected around the league, including by players. I don't know that he's a home run coach - but from a respectability perspective, this is a home run hire. You went from Boylen who is the exact opposite to a guy who has real clout around the league.
  2. Chisoxfn

    9.21.20 GT | White Sox @ Cleveland | 5:10PM CT

    Is this "the cerb". I figure this is just like 2005 - start to struggle right at the end and than a new Joe Crede will appear and Sox will win the series. Hope all is well!
  3. Chisoxfn

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    I don't disagree with what you said. My view is - give me 7 or 8 weeks and than I'll come to judgement. I would be pretty slow to pull the trigger, but that is partly because I think pretty lowly of Foles. If I were running the franchise, we would have had Cam as our QB.
  4. Chisoxfn

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-mitchell-trubiskys-improvement-makes-the-chicago-bears-a-playoff-team Not sure I would buy it all - but would be great if he can keep building on things. Eyes have definitely said he's been better, but point production still leaves a lot to be desired. I've always said best thing that could possibly happen for Bears this season would be Mitch taking real steps forward.
  5. Chisoxfn

    Trevor Bauer updates

    On a 1 year deal - I don't get why a team would worry about him pitching more. If it works out, awesome and if it doesn't, worse case you are giving some extra rest to your arms that are signed LT and/or are going to be around a lot longer. Is there a reason why Bauer wants to pitch more - does he have a view that the more you throw the stronger and more resilient the arm is?
  6. Chisoxfn

    2019 Home Improvement

    Set up a new garbage disposal this weekend. Probably not a large feat for most - but I was pretty proud of my basic accomplishment there. I've now redone some electrical and redid my kitchen sink + fixed leaky garbage disposal.
  7. Chisoxfn

    Ron Gardenhire retires effective immediately

    Tigers were actually having a shockingly good season, so I dont' think that was the case - now it could have been one of those situations where he new next year he wasn't going to be back either way and thus why not start sooner vs. later. Hopefully whatever is ailing him isn't serious and is more short-term vs. long-term. He was a very good manager for a long time.
  8. Chisoxfn

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    Something is up with Anthony Miller - dude has a monster game in week 1, than this week he has a couple huge drops, but he's also barely on the field. It is pretty evident to me via play calling / snaps, the Bears just don't like what they see out of him and they can't trust him or at least there is that belief. Hope I'm wrong - because he seems to have the god given talent to play wideout. Maybe this is the wakeup call he needed - you can't jus rest on 1 great week - to deliver you got to do it week in and week out (and trust that the stats will show up when you flat out execute play in and play out). Mooney (sp?) brings some much needed speed to this offense. One thing about the Bears offense - it is flat out SLOW.
  9. Chisoxfn

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    A win is a win - it wasn't a pretty 2nd half but the team looks like it is finding a solid identity on offense (around a power rushing attack). They need to generate more points though and Miller had some really costly drops. Should be an interesting game against the Falcons. Defense is going to give up points and offense is going to need to be able to score quite a bit to win.
  10. Chisoxfn


    Wasn't it AJ?
  11. Chisoxfn

    Kopech update

    Excellent post & thank you for your service!
  12. Chisoxfn

    Garrett Crochet Called Up

    I presume next year he'll be back in the minors working things out and thus you probably aren't messing with his clock much at all? Now if he comes up and lights thinks up like K-Rod - that is a different conversation. Risk here from a service time manipulation perspective would be if he were to get hurt (kind of like Kopech where we lost a full season of eligibility while he was on the DL).
  13. Chisoxfn

    16 team playoffs here to stay?

    The league shares the money from TV deals which include playoffs - so yeah, gate money is something just the teams that make the playoffs make - but the real money is the TV money and that is what we are talking about here and what is going to be shared and ultimately when negotiating the union is going to look at the aggregate revenue streams (or they should).
  14. Chisoxfn

    16 team playoffs here to stay?

    This - Spot on
  15. Chisoxfn

    16 team playoffs here to stay?

    The league makes more money in playoffs - with the league making more money - that money needs to be shared - so if you get dispropriationely more money in playoffs than regular season (as a league) - than it makes sense from a revenue share perspective, etc, that you end up in a similar spot and I would ultimately assume a better spot (because I don't think owners are doing this if it didn't generate MORE revenue - and obviously players aren't signing off if they don't get their split of the extra revenue). So while they have to negotiate - principally speaking - as long as this brings in more revenue - it is good for PLAYERS and OWNERS