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  1. Chisoxfn

    2018 NFL Draft

    Davenport certainly fits the bill of a prototypical Pace draft pick. Lots of upside, but obviously much more raw player.
  2. Chisoxfn

    How To / Site Issues / Username Changes

    Just copy and paste the tweet from the twitter page (like copy the link to the actual tweet) and than just hit paste in the post section. Once you hit paste, wait about a second or two and the link will automatically turn into an embedded tweet. Once that happens, just hit post/reply.
  3. Chisoxfn

    2017-18 official NBA discussion thread

    The reason I ask the above question is I have been shocked at how quiet the Bulls have been. Paxson has made it so public at how much he disliked tanking and that they have no intention of doing it for another season, which leads me to believe, they intend to get good and fast (vs. stay bad for a few years and accumulate high picks to increase the odds of maybe hitting a star on one of those high picks). With that in mind, are the Bulls secretly planning some big assault to get good and fast but quietly play coy in the public eye to keep expectations low? Or is it more that they don't like this free agent class enough and their intend is essentially get one more top 10-15 pick before loading up in free agency a year from now? The only problem with that strategy is there are likely to be a lot more teams under the cap at that point and recent history has shown bad teams have a hard time signing top free agents.
  4. Chisoxfn

    2017-18 official NBA discussion thread

    So I have a Bulls related question. Paxson and Gar have made it pretty clear that the Bulls are going to have a pretty quiet off-season. No one is expecting any aggressive courting of free agents with the plan really be to add in some more draft picks and let the team naturally improve. No intent to "tank" but given the talent level of the team, you are still probably talking about a team that will get a top 15 pick in next years draft (my bet would be it is a top 10 pick). Really the only major decision expected is related to Lavine and what happens. I presume it will be a long dragged out negotiation and ultimately I expect Bulls to sign him for 4 yrs 15M per year (+/- $3M/yr). With all this in mind is this the right path? Or is there an opportunity for the Bulls to make an aggressive play? They could do so via free agency (Paul George / Lebron / Boogie) or they could do so via trade and make an aggressive play on Kwahi? If you were running the franchise what would you do? Would you try to find your star piece via trade (i.e., Kwahi) and if so, what would it take for the Bulls to acquire him (meaning what assets would be left and would the franchise have money / cap space to add another piece via FA to go along with Kwahi).
  5. Given the move to the new site, I wanted to make a separate thread for anyone who has questions on the new software / tool or is running into any issues. Additionally, for those people who had changed usernames from their original and thus reverted back to the original username (upgrade required this), if you want your name changed, let us know and we can correct. If anyone is having issues and can't send messages or other items, please email me at Bullsback@gmail.com.
  6. Chisoxfn

    Site BackOnline

    It is what Southsider said. Occasionally posts or sub-forums have been cleaned up over the years. To the extent that happened, when the database and forum were refreshed, the user counts were updated. We tried to delete all of Southsider's posts but with how many posts he had, the site would have been down for weeks
  7. Chisoxfn

    2018 catch-all

    What was the trick / issue? Just in case others are running into it.
  8. Chisoxfn

    FS: Dylan Cease focus feature w/ video, quotes

    Cease's stuff is so good. Will be exciting if his arm and body can hold up and if the franchise can build up his stamina. Guy clearly has starters stuff. Downside wise, he'll be a darn good reliever (closer / set-up guy). I'm hoping he can stick as a starter though cause he's got electric stuff.
  9. Chisoxfn

    Brit newbie

    Welcome aboard; Great to have a fellow Sox fan on board. My one word of advice is be patient...you've jumped onto the Sox at a difficult time, yet exciting time. Difficult because the team is not very good at the moment, but exciting because we are in the 2nd year of a massive rebuild and our young players and minor league system are extremely strong and offer us fantastic hope at being a strong team in the near future (2020ish).
  10. Chisoxfn

    Rodon threw 3 IP today

    I consider everything "ifs" until they happen, but I see many scenarios where a few months from now we are getting much better quality starts (or are at least seeing upside out of our starters). Right now we are going to be as bad as it gets (i.e., Miguel (now his replacement) / Fulmer / Shields). Replace 2 of those guys with Rodon and Kopech and things are much more interesting, especially if Lopez keeps limiting guys while making strides with his command and of course Gio getting things back together and taking steps forward. Now all of a sudden you have 4 guys who long-term you believe in (still need to figure out if any can emerge as aces) but that is a huge difference from the current rotation. Of course it could always just completely blow up, Rodon could reinjure himself, Gio could continue sucking, Lopez gets hurt and Kopech gets hurt. The nice thing is when it comes to Kopech / Rodon, I see no scenario (where they are healthy) where they aren't at least good major league pitchers. Both of them have way too good of stuff. Injuries are the only thing that train-wreck their careers, imo.
  11. Chisoxfn

    Rodon threw 3 IP today

    Fantastic news. Getting him healthy and being the guy he is (and will become (if he is healthy) would be a huge benefit to the rebuild.
  12. Chisoxfn

    Earth Day!

    They would still be using straws, just these non-plastic paper based versions that are better for the environment. I presume they would use the rest of their existing straws and than go to the lower footprint ones.
  13. Way too premature for me to make any statement on Rick related to this years team. I was thoroughly impressed with him last year and think he is a good manager. That said, baseball is tough and he's going to have some bad squads that will be difficult to manage through (losing regularly is tough, whether you know your team is bad or not..it stings).
  14. Chisoxfn

    Reynaldo Lopez

    I'm not concerned; He's the one guy on our staff that I'm not worried about. I think Gio will turn it around as well. The real question will be what is there upside. In the case of Rey Lo, we are talking about a guy who has thrown just over 90 innings professionally at the big league level. I'm excited that he seems to be getting guys out and his stuff clearly plays. Pitchability and going deeper into games will come with experience. It isn't like his stuff deteriorates around the 80 pitch mark or something...this is more about him just learning to pitch more efficiently.
  15. Chisoxfn

    2018 NFL Draft

    That is awesome. I'm getting fired out. Quietly I hope we trade down...more fun to have more picks haha.