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  1. Wait, the Bulls sold low on Butler? Then what did Thibbs do?
  2. Chisoxfn

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    https://mobile.twitter.com/wojespn/status/1084251511214014464?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1084251511214014464&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fforums.realgm.com%2Fboards%2Fviewtopic.php%3Ft%3D1790182%26start%3D80 Woj being rationale too.
  3. Chisoxfn

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    https://twitter.com/intent/like?tweet_id=1084267508180361216&original_referer=https%3A%2F%2Fforums.realgm.com%2Fboards%2Fviewtopic.php%3Ft%3D1790182%26start%3D80&tw_i=1084267508180361216&tw_p=tweetembed&ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1084267508180361216&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fforums.realgm.com%2Fboards%2Fviewtopic.php%3Ft%3D1790182%26start%3D80 You all do realize he was already under contract next year, right? All they did was bump his pay a bit since he is now the head coach. Just like what would happen to any of us if we got promoted into a new job. I still think he's gone at the end of the year unless he turns it around. Pax has to make the comments he does because you need to ensure players don't run the show and they probably needed some of this toughness. And by by the way, the Bulls reported they would be doing this right when they fired Fred. This isn't even news. It isn't like they actually extended him today (and this whole thing was done previously.)
  4. Chisoxfn

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    I've never said Boylen is awesome (or even good)but I'll save my conclusions until the end of the year. Teams as young as the Bulls suck in the NBA with extremely rare exception (throughout the history of the NBA).
  5. Chisoxfn

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    I bet the bulls get back to playoffs before the Sox do. If the Bulls are a dumpster fire, the Sox are whatever is four times worse.
  6. Chisoxfn

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    A dumpster fire would be telling the interim coach you aren’t going to pay him any more...which is what the cheap Cavs tried to do after firing Tyron Lue. They tried to neuter the assistant coach. The bulls have tried to support their coach (at least this time and for now).
  7. Chisoxfn

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    Why are people surprised. Paxson said they intended to keep him around as a head coach...as such he needed to get a raise from his assistant coaches salary. This is what annoys me...people use this to refer to the bulls as being a dumpster fire. There are reasons to call them that...this is not one of them. And they aren’t the Browns. Lol. Let me know when the Browns has any of the success Pax had over his tenure as GM.
  8. Chisoxfn

    2018-2019 Official NBA thread

    Markanen stinks. He better improve because he has really taken a step back this year imo.
  9. Chisoxfn

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Just don't let it be Greg Williams or Rex Ryan.
  10. Chisoxfn

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    I figured this was exactly what would end up happening. And for those saying Bears are his best chance for another HC job, don't discount fact that Arians already retired once and whose to say he doesn't do this for a few years and then transition to Bowles.
  11. Chisoxfn

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    No -I think if he goes with Bucs it is more because he decided that his original decision and bond with Arians led him to go with his initial choice (and not walk away on an initial handshake agreement). I don't blame him if he adjusts and switches to Bears (given relationship with Nagy plus talent of team, etc). Position wasn't there a day ago, but I certainly could see him have a heavy lean of not letting Arians down either.
  12. Chisoxfn

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Will be interesting to see where everything stands when the dust settles. I have to think Arians words on live TV would imply he feels very confident.
  13. I know this...once Manny signs, I think Harper moves pretty quickly. I think he's waiting to make sure he ends up getting the largest contract in MLB history and Boras wants him to be the last to sign (as part of his normal MO).
  14. Chisoxfn

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    I was going to say, my gut was the Bears had to have feelers out to at least a top coordinator candidate or two in the case Vic was going to leave. If Vic was going to go, I'm glad it happened sooner vs. later (in the sense that the longer it played out...the less likely it would be to land other top assistants).
  15. Chisoxfn

    Official 2018-19 NFL Thread

    Wish Fangio nothing but the best. I wonder if we can make a late push for Bowles. Fangio should be able to make some noise with that Denver defense.