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  1. The thing no one is talking about...outside of Allen Robinson, I have seen nothing from Cohen / Burton (thankfully he's back), Miller (recovering from his injury but still very little to show) and Gabriel (albeit Mitch's worse ball of the day was a pass to Gabriel). Shaheed made someone miss for the first time in his NFL career today, so I won't say anything negative about him. Still, I don't see a bunch of guys wide-open. Even Robinson, dude makes contested catches but he isn't exactly a speed demon who creates a ton of separation (see Chiefs offense where Mahoney is regularly throwing to guys with massive separation). I expect as we see the Bears offense take off, it will be because Burton & Miller are getting healthy and producing. Cohen too.
  2. And not to state the obvious, but Deshaun Watson only threw for 150 yards this week. The Bears just beat a team who had won 17 or 18 home openers and somehow powered through it. The altitude is real. This game is going to bet the catalyst. Strap on and get ready for a fun ride!!!
  3. Let's see how Nagy adjusts back. I have faith.
  4. Trubisky is not good enough that you can let him just throw and throw and throw. You need to scheme for him and be creative, etc. If you do that right, he can be good to very good (IMO). He is not Patrick Mahoney or Aaron Rodgers.
  5. Mitch had that nice read to Cohen on 1st drive of the game where he used his feet too (ball hung up just enough and Bronco DB made a good play). They haven't really leveraged Mitch's legs enough, imo. That said, online was better today. Progress still needs to be made though. Mitch had a couple misses but I still don't see the Bears playmakers doing much either. Either way...this was a huge win. I'm calling a 3 TD+ performance from Mitch next week.
  6. Both of those calls were awful. As was the call on the final drive against Trubisky. Albeit, I think the Floyd/Goldman one were worse than the one called on Trubisky.
  7. How did that homer stand through review? Was the yellow line a homer under Safeco rules?
  8. I don't think the Bears are in a position to continue to deplete there already depleted draft capital. I have long complained about it, but I really hate robbing from the future and think there are a few times where Pace wasted opportunities. That said, in general, Pace has done a good job. This game against Denver feels way bigger than it should and unfortunately it is really tough playing at mile-high (even if the Broncos aren't all that good and they too are coming in with a must win). The one thing I like (match-up wise) is that Flacco is very immobile which should play well to the Bears pass rush. The flip-side is the Broncos pass rush is superb and they are coming off a pathetic effort, so I see them coming out energized. This will be an important game where the Bears really need to start with the foot on the gas and grab the momentum early and go go go (without looking back).
  9. The way he speaks, the one thing I've noticed is, he doesn't come off as a guy with high confidence. Not sure if that is just him being humble or what? Probably the one thing I've always noticed. The reality is in this new era of instant overreaction (to extreme overreaction), that resiliency trait can be huge.
  10. Brady was not good from day one. I recognize the league standards were different, but his first full season was pedestrian and he had some up and down years (and this is coming from Tom Brady's #1 fan). ANd even in that 2002 year, he had quite a few atrocious games. 3 games where he threw for < 135 yards. My point in all of this is, TOm Brady, when he was young, had his fair share of turd games (which is what happened to Mitch this past week). None of those games in isolation meant that he stunk. Big Ben was pretty good from day 1, but he also had a season (his 3rd year), where he finished with a 75.4 QB Rating and had 18 TD to 23 INT (by no standard would that have been considered good). And that was 3 years into the league. Of the great QB's, about Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, and Patrick Mahomes are about the only guys I can think of who basically just crushed it (or had a small adjustment before kicking ass for good).
  11. Drew Brees - 3rd season in the league (11 starts), he threw for 11 TDs and 15 INT in 16 games. Yes, Drew Brees, one of the greatest QBs to ever live.
  12. Tom Brady had 3 games with zero TD's in his 3rd season and 4 games with 1 TD. He also had 6 games where he threw as many picks as he had TD's. His single worst game that season, he went 14-29 with 0 TD and 1 INT with 134 YDS. That game was following up a game where he threw for 133 YDS. Said another way, in Tom Brady's 3rd season, he threw for less than 140 yards in 2 of 3 games that season (with 1 TD and 2 INTs). In Tom Brady's fourth season, he had a 0 TD and 4 INT opening week performance where he threw for 123 yards. What if people overreacted to Tom Brady and managed him on a day to day and week to week basis? Would he ever have even gotten a chance to become a GOAT. I am not saying that Trubisky is going to be the next Tom Brady and he very well could be the next Blake Bortles, but you got to give him time to prove it out. My gut says he's not much different than Mariotta, but I could be wrong and there are plenty of times where I see Mitch make special throws. Whether he actually has that it factor and the game slows down super crazy, I don't know, but he is who we have and we need to put everything into getting everything we can out of him.
  13. Most teams in the NFL are pretty close to each other, so the difference between a few more good teams vs. some bottom feeders can be huge. Very few automatic wins in the NFL (imo). You have a few elites and a bunch of teams who depending on health and week to week execution could go either ways.
  14. Chisoxfn

    2019-2020 Official NBA Thread

    Agreed - Watching it right now. Fantastic.
  15. I actually don't think Carr is that bad of a QB. He played a great game and more importantly there oline kept him extremely clean (something the Bears oline didn't do against the Packers).