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  1. I Remember when the Sox brass thought he would have the same trajectory as Chris sale - rush him up ...pitch him out of the bullpen.... sprinkle some Cooper magic and voilà .. instant success
  2. Maybe For the Pirates ...or the Tigers. I don’t know who else can afford to have them on the roster
  3. chisoxt

    9/18 Sox@Twins

    He needs to be aware when the camera is on him (in the dugout)
  4. chisoxt

    9/18 Sox@Twins

    That play perhaps shows that if it came down to Engel or Leury, Engel gets the nod
  5. chisoxt

    9/17- Sox at Twins, 6:40, NBCSC

    Thanks for the kind words...Yes, the Tribe came so close in 2016 and I still think about that hanging breaking pitch that Chapman threw in the ninth inning that should have been hit about 10 miles that would have sealed a WS win for Cleveland. But alas, the pitch was fouled off, then the stupid rain delay, the dumb Jason Hayward speech, the ensuing Cub rally and then over. What might have been.
  6. chisoxt

    9/17- Sox at Twins, 6:40, NBCSC

    Good lord will this team win 5 more games this year?
  7. Its almost like they can’t see the ball coming to the plate
  8. Seriously Zack...what an awful job of framing
  9. chisoxt

    9/1- Sox at Braves, 4:10, WGN

    Its all about ME with TA
  10. Yep too much dwelling on the political capital from 2005 and the six Bulls championships. And I forgot, that unbelievable Black Out Game.
  11. And go back to his high school pitching coach for advice in the offseason
  12. As much as I loved the trade with the Cubs and yes, still do, it should be obvious to Cub fans that neither Cease or Eloy would have contributed anything during their championship window...both of these players will take a while to reach their prime.
  13. Timmay has looked awful since returning
  14. Eloys future as an offensive player is bright but he has to be better at situational hitting. It can’t always be home run or nothing...needs to think opposite field more