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  1. chisoxt

    9/27 GT: Cubs @ Sox (2:10pm)

    We’re so messed up at the plate, not sure it would matter
  2. chisoxt

    9/27 GT: Cubs @ Sox (2:10pm)

    Alzanoy has a great arm-Cubs may have found a gem
  3. chisoxt

    9/26 GT: Cubs @ Sox (6:10pm)

    In a Heartbeat I would’ve given Zach Collins at bats against right handed pitchers as a DH. It was very good offensively last year.
  4. I wonder if Gio ever pitches again.. he looks cooked
  5. We’re it not for Kenny’s first meatball trade after 2001 when we sent to very serviceable pitchers (Fogg and Wells) for the awful Todd Ritchie, we may fave won that division easily.
  6. It really never was... neither Cease (no control but great stuff) and Eloy (awful defensively) wouldn’t have helped the Cubs during their window as a much as a quality starter would have (Quintana) . It didn’t work out for the Cubs and Quintana, and the edge will go to the Sox but the logic was there on the Cubs part
  7. Thought it was gone off the bat
  8. chisoxt

    Sox @ Reds GT 9/20/20

    Can we not have Cishek on the playoff roster?
  9. chisoxt

    Sox @ Reds GT 9/20/20

    I have little faith that Cooper will fix Dylan, and make no mistake about it, he needs to be fixed. The Sox are between a rock and a hard place...
  10. chisoxt

    Sox @ Reds GT 9/19/20

    Half of the CGI people have left!
  11. chisoxt

    Sox @ Reds GT 9/19/20

    His defense has been lacking too...his throw to the wrong base allowed a runner to advance to second
  12. chisoxt

    Sox vs Twins. 9/15 - 7:10

    Ironically it was his best inning... but the Twins score a run
  13. chisoxt

    Sox vs Twins. 9/15 - 7:10

    He’s a rookie too. Give him time