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  1. Goober

    5/17 Sox @ Royals Game 2 | 6:10PM CT

    What a terrible send. Little league team all the way around
  2. What a pitiful minor league team
  3. Why throw a fastball out over the plate? Is this team full of idiots?
  4. Why even throw Naylor a fastball? You know that piece of shit is just going to sit on one
  5. How in the fuck do you blow 8-2 to a mediocre team
  6. Goober

    Battle of the Sox's--Game Two, 3:10 CT

    Cora such a joke, whines every game
  7. Should DFA this idiot on the mound just for taking so long. Get the game official and let the cancellation give you a win
  8. You think the 12 thousand fans in the stadium will get a refund?
  9. Lololol these losers are losing to the Royals
  10. Goober

    TLR 2022 Thread

    No he is definitely 100% cub fan
  11. Goober

    Sox @ Twins

    Bummer needs to be put out to pasture