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  1. bjam44

    Spring Training Info

    I am interested in going to ST this year. i was wondering if anyone has done this and had tips on where to stay, best place to get tickets ect. Any help would be great.
  2. bjam44

    Least favorite Sox players

    Cory Snyder has to be my all time worst Sox player. I remember when the sox got him from cleveland he alway seemed to kill the sox. When he played a half a season a sucked. when clemens pitched in the the new park for the first time, (he started off real hot that year) and the sox scored two run in the first. He was playing Lf that night and let a ball pass between his legs to lose the lead and the game. bio Snyder was an instant hit in Cleveland with his power, strong throwing arm, and matinee-idol looks framed by long, shaggy-blond hair. His father Jim had been a minor-league infielder in the early 60s with the Milwaukee Braves. A member of the 1984 U.S. Olympic baseball team, Cory was the fourth overall pick in the 1984 draft. Snyder's 24 homers and 69 RBI in 416 at-bats in 1986 earned him fourth place in American League Rookie of the Year voting. He was a third baseman and shortstop in the minors, but his poor fielding necessitated a move to right field, where he led AL outfielders in assists in 1988. He hit more than 20 home runs his first three seasons, with a high of 33 in 1987, and has hit as high as .272 twice. However, he soon revealed several flaws, including striking out frequently while rarely walking. In a 1989 game, Pete O'Brien was intentionally walked three times in favor of pitching to Snyder. Later that season, while hitting .229, Snyder went on the disabled list with a bad back. Cleveland gave up Snyder him the next season after he posted a .270 on-base percentage, trading him to the Chicago White Sox with Lindsay Foster for Eric King and Shawn Hillegas. It looked as if his career was over when he batted just .175 in 1991, but his power stroke returned somewhat in San Fran and LA. On April 17, 1994 he joined Gil Hodges, Don Demeter, and Jimmy Wynn as the only Dodgers to hit three home runs in a game (Hodges had four). No clubs showed interest when he became a free agent after the 1994 strike year. (SFS/JT)
  3. bjam44

    Sox pride club members

    i was looking into joining the soxpride club I was wondering if it was really worth the $29.00 for a chance to buy prime game tix (opening day Cub- sox ect) i see there is only 60 seat in the section
  4. bjam44


    Can Toby Hall play 1b?? alot of fomer/older catchers do. Just a thought
  5. bjam44

    Predict the final 13 games...

    I think 9-4 and some real help across the board!!!!! Goonies never say die
  6. My roomate said that he heard on the score tonight that the bears aquired Deion Branch for a second round pick next year, did anyone else hear this????
  7. bjam44

    NIU Football

    QUOTE(bmags @ Jun 29, 2006 -> 02:10 AM) the fans at NIU pay more attention then the fans at Mizzou was my experience...mizzou's football was pathetic. Dekalb has a few good bars, if you want to watch the game and enjoy some good wings check out fatties, or mollys, if you want to go somewhere after the game check out starbusters or the barn
  8. bjam44

    Awkward Player you remember

    Chris Sabo...
  9. bjam44

    How long have you been a Sox fan

    my whole life.. My Grandfather liked to do things differnt from his older brother who was a cub fan .. The rest is history....
  10. bjam44

    Favorite Athlete Nicknames

    ''Big Smooth'' Sam Perkins
  11. bjam44

    Stacey Augmon

    his nickname dating back to college was the "plastice man" He was a hell of a college player and still is a good defensive player
  12. Eagles 21 Pats 16 Mvp Brian Westbrook
  13. In High School you can kick off a block..... setta did have problems with angles, maybe he can work them out in NFLE. never the less big changes need to be made in the kicker department
  14. bjam44

    Your Top 5 sox players of the 30 years

    easy Thomas Fisk McDowell Mags Ventura
  15. Not sure if this has ever been a topic before but I decided to post it anyway. I was over at my grandfather's house taking about the sox. He grew up on the southside and has been a die hard fan since the 1940's. We were talking about the greatet moments we have seen in person at the ball game. Just though it would be cool to read what other have seen. I have seen so many over the years I will only list a few. The first one was seeing Colon strike out Barry Bonds three times in one game and then in the 9th Seeing Barry Hit a shot into centerfield to tie the game. I stood up and claped after that. Seeing Bo jackson hit the game winning homerun to clinch the west then running around the outfield after the game was over to celebrate. I saw the last night game in old comiskey and watch the fire works after the game and watch them shut off the light for the last time. I was in 2nd Grade I saw the triple play the sox turned this summer againts the Angles. So many of Franks moster Shot. I could go on for hours.............