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  1. suprised De Aza is playing considering he hit that bomb....
  2. letsgoarow

    Rumor: Rios/Thornton to Brewers for Gamel?

    Gamel was on the same team as Laporta in the minors, and was actually ranked the better prospect. Saw him hit some moon shots when i worked for the Rays in AA
  3. letsgoarow

    Tiggers @ Sox 7/27/11 Gamethread (1:10 CT)

    Man i wish this wasnt a day game!!
  4. letsgoarow

    Big Series vs Tigers

    the sox have a pitching advantage in 2 of the 3 games, and we hit Verlander well last game plus we took 2 out of 3 in Detroit like a week ago....so the prediction is Tigers take 2/3? Allrighty then.
  5. letsgoarow

    Sox @ Indians 7/22/11 Gamethread

    We really need to win this one. I sweep here might get the nasty taste out of my mouth. GO SOX!!! Give em hell Gavin.
  6. letsgoarow

    Predict the hits tonight against C.C.

    9 Hits, 6 runs.
  7. letsgoarow


    what a game, what a defensive effort by Brent! dont stop now boys!
  8. I've been here for years
  9. I feel like randy quaid from Major League
  10. letsgoarow

    4/20 GAME THREAD: Sox @ Rays, 5:40pm CT

    Lets do the Damn Thing....
  11. letsgoarow

    White Sox vs. Oakland A's

    Is Dunn playing tonight?
  12. letsgoarow

    4/6/11 - Sox vs. Royals - 1:10 (CSN)

    boy do i hate mark teahan right now
  13. letsgoarow

    4/6/11 - Sox vs. Royals - 1:10 (CSN)

    Too early for This.Team.Is.Dead? lol