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  1. SoxAce

    7/3 Games

    Another hit for Popeye.
  2. SoxAce

    Notice: We're about to get hot

    Hey we don't kink shame.
  3. SoxAce


    Lmao. Great find Dirty.
  4. Finally a team with worse defense than ours.
  5. SoxAce

    6/28 Games

    My guy Popeye 4-4, 2B, 2 R tonight. Great to see.
  6. SoxAce

    6/28 Games

    Montgomery and Colas both 1-2 so far.
  7. SoxAce

    Moncada Reinstated, Sosa Optioned to AAA

    I hope Sosa tears it up in AAA. Just a clown show organization.
  8. SoxAce

    2021 NHL Thread

    Bai Tampa Bay. Hawks and Pens still stand as the 3 cups crowd lately. Congrats to the Avalanche.
  9. SoxAce

    6/26 Games

    Colas 1-2, RBI, BB so far.
  10. SoxAce

    6.25 games

    Remember when Parkman said he was heading towards bust territory a month ago? Good times.
  11. SoxAce

    O's v. Sox, 6/23/22 GT

    Lopez is a stud. I don't see us doing much against him.
  12. SoxAce

    O's v. Sox, 6/23/22 GT

    Sosa only 6 walks away from tying Tim Anderson for the season.
  13. SoxAce

    O's v. Sox, 6/23/22 GT

    Jesus the Orioles defense in the OF is insane. We wouldn't know anything about that.
  14. SoxAce

    O's v. Sox, 6/23/22 GT

    Nothing like sending a kid from AA out there in a pinch hit situation against one of the better relievers in the game this year.