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  1. Dude was awesome for me in my OOTP league like 15 years ago.
  3. Fresh off a rain delay, new pitcher on the mound and you swing at the first pitch. I can not stress enough how dumb Leury Garcia is as a baseball player.
  4. Pretty good speed on the bases. DOUBLE STEAL YOU FUCKING BUFFOON OF A MANAGER.
  5. And if it doesn't rain, Zimmer probably catches that one.
  6. If it isn't raining, I think Robert gets that one out.
  7. I just turned on the game. BOOM. McCann homer. You're welcome.
  8. SoxAce

    Basabe traded to SF for cash considerations

    That is a great trade for the Giants. Low risk, high reward.
  9. This. Moncada himself said he does not like leading off. That's one of my biggest gripes with Renteria. Obviously guys will do what's best for the team, but listen to your guys.
  10. SoxAce

    Bummer to 10 Day IL, Lail DFA, Burdi Up

    Rooting for Burdi! And I hope he got more of his velocity back than before.
  11. SoxAce

    Official NHL COVID season thread

    Can not say enough good things about Toews. He was unbelievable that series.
  12. SoxAce

    Leadoff Man going forward - TA or Robert?

    I much rather see Eloy there to be honest. I think he's going to be a monster run producer down the road.
  13. SoxAce

    8/6/20 vs. BrewCrew @ 7:10PMCT

    Ryan Goins... LMAO fuck off Ricky.
  14. SoxAce

    8/6/20 vs. BrewCrew @ 7:10PMCT

    Those "mediocre" Brewers having quite a game eh? @YouCanPutItOnTheBoardYES!
  15. SoxAce

    8/6/20 vs. BrewCrew @ 7:10PMCT

    110 sporadic PAs, sure.