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  1. SoxAce

    Sox @ Twins 5/24 Gamethread

    If I'm Minnesota, I'm pitching around Abreu any chance I get if there's runners on. Let Castillo beat you.
  2. SoxAce

    2019 MLB draft thread

    Yea keep loading up on those 1B/DH types Hostetler.. (for the record I'm not gung ho about Vaughn so I'm biased with my assessment there). I'm not big on Abrams like I am Witt, but I hope they do take the high school kid and get the weaker lower levels in pur system stronger. I also want to see if this organization has really "changed" as far as them developing players like they claim. Well.. develop the uber talented raw kid and prove everyone wrong.
  3. SoxAce

    5/23 Games

    Would be ideal. He's personally been one of my biggest disappointments this year cause of how he's looked. Might be because his timing still isn't down from the injury but he looked much better in AA last year in the games I saw.
  4. SoxAce

    2019 MLB All Star Game

    Not sure if McCann has enough PA's to be considered. I would say Giolito for sure if he keeps this up and maybe Abreu cause of how weak the 1B position is.
  5. SoxAce

    That's a big ol' CGSO winner!

    John McDonough was a Sox fan growing up... now he's more or less known as "McCub" so..
  6. SoxAce

    5/23 Games

    Madrigal BB.
  7. SoxAce

    Sox @ Astros 5/22 Gamethread

    I'd be happy if Giolito pitches well even if the Sox somehow lose. He's much more important in the long run. Would love to see him shut them down.
  8. SoxAce

    Sox @ Astros 5/22 Gamethread

    I'm sure teams will be after Kimbrel after the draft. Hell he may not sign until the deadline.
  9. SoxAce

    Sox @ Astros 5/22 Gamethread

    Nice Colome.
  10. SoxAce

    Sox @ Astros 5/22 Gamethread

    No he's not very good. But I'm encouraged that he only walked 1 batter. For him.. that's fantastic.
  11. SoxAce

    Sox @ Astros 5/22 Gamethread

    I can live with the hits.. So far 1 walk and hopefully not counting. Has always been his problem even in the minors.
  12. SoxAce

    Sox @ Astros 5/22 Gamethread

    You see that 99 painted on the corner?! Who the fuck is this guy and what has he done with the real Vieira?
  13. SoxAce

    Sox @ Astros 5/22 Gamethread

    Moncada 2 hits and a SB, Eloy 2 bombs, Timmy with a hit... this would be a nice rebuild win.
  14. SoxAce

    Sox @ Astros 5/22 Gamethread

    Atta boy Osich!
  15. SoxAce

    Sox @ Astros 5/22 Gamethread

    Yea I got 0 issue with how Ricky handled that one. Maybe he should've took him out after the first hitter reached, but Nova deserved to start that inning.