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  1. SoxAce

    The Wainwright Thread

  2. SoxAce

    2021 NHL Thread

    Hockey trade.
  3. SoxAce

    Garrett Richards to Boston, 1 year $10 million.

    Same. Wasn't a big Richards guy anyways compared to some here. I wanted Quintana and a couple others over him.
  4. He's contributed to the dumbness lets not get that twisted. LaVine has never had a high basketball I.Q. But he was always an intriguing player because of his elite athleticism. I commend him for his outstanding work ethic as well. He has improved in every part of his game, even on defense (when he tries). For my money, he's an all star, no question this year (and I say this as not a big LaVine guy).
  5. SoxAce

    The Wainwright Thread

    Shit I'd rather have Trevor Cahill.
  6. He was phenomenal. Was efficient, took what the defense gave him, showed some solid I.Q. out there for once, didn't force anything or play hero ball. Only 2 turnovers to 9 assists. That'll freakin work anyday. Even saw him D up Gordon Heyward and use his athleticism defensively. I'd argue one of the best games he's played in a Bulls uniform.
  7. SoxAce

    Hank Aaron Passes Away, was 86.

    Damn. RIP to my grandfather's favorite player.
  8. SoxAce

    NFL Thread 2020-2021

    Bears RB coach Charles London is leaving to join the Falcons. Can't blame any of these guys leaving for more secure jobs.
  9. SoxAce

    the Corbin Burnes thread **on ice***

    I'd rather give up Cease than Kopech, but I would drive either to the airport for Burnes.