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  1. SoxAce

    7/18 Games

  2. SoxAce

    7/18 Games

    Glass RBI double. Krogman RBI single. Nice.
  3. SoxAce

    7/18 Games

    Andrew Perez has a nasty slider. I can see why the Sox like him.
  4. SoxAce

    7/18 Games

    RBI double for Collins (off a lefty).
  5. SoxAce

    7/18 Games

    FYI, Glass and Krogman making their professional debuts. Both are in the AZL lineup tonight (playing RF and LF respectively).
  6. SoxAce

    7/18 Games

    Madrigal with a double. Hit it hard too.
  7. SoxAce

    7/18 Games

    After these 2 homers, Robert sits at a cool 1.603 OPS in AAA.
  8. Robert just hit another bomb FYI.
  9. SoxAce

    7/18 Games

  10. SoxAce

    7/18 Games

    Wasn't a cheapie either.
  11. SoxAce

    7/18 Games

    Rutherford BOMB.
  12. SoxAce

    7/18 Games

    Madrigal struck out... first time I've seen him strikeout live since college.
  13. SoxAce

    7/18 Games

    Robert just got under that one.
  14. SoxAce

    7/18 Games

    Vaughn BB. Walker BB.
  15. SoxAce

    7/18 Games

    Abreu gnarling his teeth at the front office right now.