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    Qwerty Avatar?!?

    When I first saw it on another thread, I said the same thing. This girl at my school looks WAAAAAAAY better than her. I don't want to put her picture up here or we'll have a thread on my avitar as well..
  2. SoxAce

    Game Thread for 5/15 against the Twinks

    Let's Take The Next 2 Games From The Twinkies!!
  3. SoxAce

    Marte Being Overworked

    Correction El Caballo.. Marte was seriously overworked last year with Jerry Manuel. I believe I saw Marte always enter a game mostly every week and when he was pressured to get out of a big jam thanx to Manuel's decisions.
  4. SoxAce

    The official Jose is underrated thread

    Wite, Brando already broke down pretty much of what you said, so I won't say most of what you wrote was said already.. I agree that errors are overated, but that .275 is the only high average you will ever see from Jose. I already knew we are a large market team with an iffy payroll, but I'm saying that's what it'll be like for a big market team with a high payroll. You don't have to always tutor a poster if you don't agree with anything, even though your remarks are right on the money..
  5. SoxAce

    Wake up guys!!!!

  6. SoxAce

    lee batting second???

    Eh... I've seen better..
  7. SoxAce

    Game Thread Friday the 14th

    Ummmm.....Go Sox!!
  8. SoxAce

    Game Thread Friday the 14th

    So I'm sensing a sox win now thanx to Poppy!!!
  9. SoxAce

    Do the Sox have any allstars this year

    Juan Uribe if he has consistant playing time.
  10. SoxAce

    Game Thread Friday the 14th

    I hope Estaban eats another twinkee like he did last year.. LoL.
  11. SoxAce

    Who is our best gamethread starter

    Begood is by far the best gamethread starter. I believe we are 3-0 when he starts a game thread.
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  13. SoxAce

    The official Jose is underrated thread

    No problem..
  14. SoxAce

    Pretty Big Three Way Trade Rumor

    They are doing this because the Yankee$ took Arod away from them so they are gonna try and do the same with Beltran..
  15. SoxAce

    The official Jose is underrated thread

    Yes your right. Both are seriously overpaid, but Jose doesn't hit .300 40 150 like Arod or .320 20 110 like Jeter also, even though Jose hits 25 dingers a year. He also makes alittle more errors as well, and considering how high the yank$ and bosox money income is, 5+ million for him in a low market team like us, is like 15+ million for a high market team.
  16. SoxAce

    The official Jose is underrated thread

    If he wants 1-2 million, then I can live with that for another year or two, but if he wants 5+ million for next season....ship his ass to Japan for all I care.
  17. SoxAce


    No it's not ok... BTW, the other stuff you said after that I agree with.
  18. SoxAce

    Pretty Big Three Way Trade Rumor

    I'm surprise the Royals would do this considering on what they want in return for Beltran (stud cather, 3rd baseman etc..)
  19. SoxAce


    You have over 1,000 post Irish, and I'm sure everyone here respects you.. I respect everyone's opinion on a matter. But if it involves ripping on a player who is his making his first start or a player who has a bad game, there's a problem there. Opinion or not, that is just disrespectful to that player, the fans, etc..
  20. I'm hearing from laker fans all day in school right now. I was pissed at that shot from Fisher. But that was one of the best games in history I'd say. Damn you lakers!!
  21. SoxAce

    Proposed trade from the Southtown

    I have mixed feelings for this trade, but I won't get into it..
  22. SoxAce

    Diaz Could Be a Closer

    Joe Borowski didn't have closer stuff, and look how many times last year he got the job done. Ditto for Rocky Biddle.
  23. SoxAce

    5/13 Games

    Tha Schur!! My prospect to break out!!
  24. SoxAce

    Game Thread Game 2 Diaz first start

    So we are 12-2 in one-run games?! Sweeeeet.