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  1. My bold prediction. Giolito is going to have a McCullers performance against them.
  2. Weak contact all game and then swinging at a pitch not even close. I'll give him credit though for battling.
  3. Low leverage situation. His favorite.
  4. Gavin looking like a rookie so far. Alot of weak contact by him today.
  5. Moncada is literally the only guy who has shown up today.
  6. I didn't agree with pitching to Brantley.
  7. Thank god Moncada was running. That was a usual double play for Abreu.
  8. Moncada one of the only guys who has shown up today.
  9. Giolito would've been better than this in my opinion.
  10. By the way not sure why a hitter as good as Brantley is bunting but hey we'll take it.
  11. Well we knew that most of the season basically, especially at RF.
  12. Making themselves look like idiots. But it is par for the course in game threads here over the years as we know.
  13. Rubarb hack into your account?
  14. Yup. Ump is consistent so far.
  15. Robert seems like he's lost a step post injury. He'll probably rehab it this offseason. But if there's anyone on the team who should be stealing (other than Hamilton) it's him.
  16. Shhhhh quiet. You'll get guys like RibbieRubarb on your ass.
  17. One guy is a PBP for the Chicago Bulls and the other guy helped win us a World Series... yea you are alone there bud.
  18. Best fastball hitting team in the AL (Astros) facing a guy who throws fastballs at 90+% of the time. Should be interesting.....
  19. Didn't know where to post this so just bought back up this thread. Hell of an accomplishment for the Sky. What they're doing is similar to that 8th seed Kings team in hockey that wound up winning it all. Hopefully they finish it off.
  20. SoxAce

    Lynn to start Game 1, Giolito Game 2

    Much, much prefer Giolito game 1.