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  1. So the Blackhawks coming into this game are going for a couple of records in the Colliton/Bowman era.

    They are currently down 4-1 now in the 2nd period. Reminder that Stan Bowman traded the Hawks 1st rounder next season (and it's only top 2 protected for the Hawks to keep it) for Seth Jones along with Boqvist and their own 11th overall pick in the past draft. Just like Pace, he was held onto a year + too long with this franchise. Hell, he should've been gone even before the assault charges.

  2. 2 minutes ago, fathom said:

    The play design on 2nd and goal was something awful. 

    Ah yes I forgot. Shit for coaching as well. Fields should be Lamar Jackson right now. But let's keep pretending he doesn't know how to run and keep dropping him back like a pocket passer.

  3. 5 hours ago, scs787 said:

    Let's say it's the trade deadline and Williams still hasn't got it. Who might realistically be out there as far as a PF goes? While KAT would be amazing, idk that they have the bullets to do it. 


    I think the best package they could do is Coby, Williams, and a 1st. Hate to give up on Williams, but this again assumes that he's just not taking the next step. Hopefully Ayo gets more time to show he can be a guy in place of Coby(not to mention I hope Thomas gets some rub when they need offense.)


    This team, especially if Ball starts playing like an All Star, which I absolutely think he can, can make some serious, serious noise if they add a legit 4. Maybe Toronto is out of it and they can trade the above package for Pascal. 


    Ball-Lavine-Derozan-Pascal-Vuc is just amazeballs.

    Siakam is the dream. He's literally the perfect fit for this team and IMO, the missing piece.