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  1. striker

    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

    Colome to Braves for Wentz Bummer to Brewers for Dubon
  2. striker

    Cano to Mets deal official

    I disagree. The $20m cash knocks Canos cost down to $100m or $20m/yr. He has to be worth about 2-2.5 war per year to meet that cost or about 11 over 5. He was worth 2.9 war in half a season last year, so I still think he's a 4-5 war player next year. Swarzak and Bruce will cost the same in 2019 but might be worth 1-2 war. Diaz was a 3.5 war player last year. So say Swarzak and Bruce are worth 2 war combined in 2019 and Cano+Diaz is 7 war. They cost the same, so the Mets added 5 war for $0. Kelenic and Dunn are a coin toss. Sure they could pan out,but why wait when you have 2 of the best pitchers in baseball. There are two player in free agency that can give you 5 more WAR next year and they will cost you $350m.
  3. striker

    Creative Trades

    Assuming we get neither Harper or Machado. Sign Happ 3/$42m, White Sox get: Haniger, Seager no $ Mariners get: Rutherford, Dunning, Rivera White Sox get: Greinke, Peralta, no $ Diamondbacks get: Basabe and Stephens Do both of those and your payroll goes up about $55m but you add anywhere from 12 to 18 WAR. Then you also have a corner OF/DH logjam with Hanniger, Peralta, Jimenez, Palka RF Haniger LF Peralta 1B Abreu DH Jimenez 3B Seager CA Castillo 2B Moncada SS Anderson CF Engel SP Greinke SP Rodon SP Lopez SP Happ SP Giolito CL Colome RP Jones RP Fry RP Burr RP Hamilton RP Bummer RP Ruiz
  4. striker

    Creative Trades

    I wonder if we could get a window of negotiation if we traded for Goldschmidt. Take him and Greinke's from the dbacks. I'd only do this if we lost out on Machado and Harper.
  5. striker

    Creative Trades

    Cease for Senzel straight up. Reds need pitching.
  6. striker

    Trade Proposals

    Rodon and Sanchez to Red Sox for Devers, Houck, Hernandez.
  7. striker

    Trade Proposals

    Rodon to Rockies for Rodgers and Hampson.
  8. striker

    Make A Deal: Joakim Soria

    Cardinals - Kelly Astros - Stubbs Dodgers - Lux Braves - Toussaint Rockies - Dahl Brewers - Philips
  9. striker

    Trade Proposals

    Abreu and Rodon to Astros for Tucker, Alvarez and Perez.
  10. striker

    Trade Proposals

    Jose Abreu and Rodon to Yankees for Frazier, Andujar, Adams, Tate. Torres moves to 3B.
  11. striker

    Trade Proposals

    Carlos Rodon and Sanchez to Nationals for Robles, Kieboom and Jefry Rodriguez. They can make their last run with Harper, add depth with Sanchez and help their rotation with Rodon.
  12. striker

    Astros interested in Abreu?

    If Abreu walks, you MIGHT get a supplemental draft pick and a year and a half of mentoring. Players like Pham, Judge, Kluber, Hand etc were not on any top prospect lists. So you have to take some gamble and rely on your scouts. If you got one of Fisher, Davis or Stubbs, or got a couple top 10 players that aren't top 100s, you are still putting yourself in better position in the long run. Now I wouldn't just give him away for anything, but I wouldn't cry if we didn't get a top 100 prospect.
  13. striker

    Astros interested in Abreu?

    I would estimate Abreu's value to be close to what the Pirates got for Cole. There were no sexy names but the Pirates did well. Say Abreu and Cedeno for Martes, Davis and Stubbs.
  14. striker

    Shields attracting trade interest

    Last year, the Blue Jays got Teoscar Hernandez from the Astros for Francisco Liriano. Liriano at the time had a 5.88 ERA and a 1.62 WHIP. Hernandez was a top 10 Astros prospect. That would be my ask range for Shields.
  15. striker

    Abreu trade "unlikely"

    QUOTE (Y2JImmy0 @ Dec 12, 2017 -> 10:01 AM) Boston and the White Sox aren't really a match but I wonder if they could be in a 3 way discussion of some kind. Oakland and Boston probably don't do this but this would make sense for Sox. Boston Gets: Jose Abreu Oakland Gets: Jackie Bradley Jr. White Sox Get: OF Austin Beck, LHP Jesus Luzardo, two low level flyers I like Neuse. I don't want anymore OFS