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    I have done a lot of lurking between WSI and Soxtalk. I am not sure why, but I feel more at home here. I think the overall mood is not as pessimistic and a little more mature here. I feel like I can relate a little better with some of the older posters. I have never actually met a Chisox fan in person, so I find the information valuable here. I have been a fan since 1960 (missed it by that much). I caught a foul ball in a game in Toronto. I had an old Comisky Park seat shipped to my home in Ottawa. If they ever won, I think I might split in two. Needless to say, I am passionate about them. It is nice to see similar passion, even if only in an electronic sense.
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    Mark Buerle
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    C'mon Sweeney
  • Favorite Sox moment
    See above. (1) Catching a shanked foul off the bat of 'Wimpy' on a pitch from Roy Lee Jackson. (2) Receiving an old Comisky Park seat.
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    Tie. Robin Ventura and Pete Ward.

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  1. ottawa_sox

    ChiSox @ BoSox, 6/26, 12:05 CT

    It wasn't a lack of hustle, it was a brain cramp. Hopefully the resultant embarrassment will be his learning tool.
  2. ottawa_sox

    ChiSox @ BoSox, 6/26, 12:05 CT

    I would say that Jon Jay has more focus than ReyLo
  3. ottawa_sox

    ChiSox @ BoSox, 6/25, 6:10 CT, NSCH

    This made me laugh. I guess I needed a release as well.
  4. It was a safety squeeze, not a suicide.
  5. For me, the 'couple' and the 'few' might be within the norm. But the 7 is not. Still, pitchers with elbow problems that throw 100 don't seem to favour one jersey over another. And we have Hansen/Burdi/Kopech. Discouraging, but maybe only screwing the the timeline a bit. The ruptured achilles is a concensus long time wear and tear issue. We seemed to be an organization that for years escaped a lot of injuries. It's bound to momentarily sway the other way at some point.
  6. I feel like it took Hahn 2 years to convince Reinsdorf / Williams to stop 'going for it' with over-the-hill, off-season fill-ins. So we've had a lot of change in 3 years - Hostetler / Getz/ Paddy. 3 years feels like approaching the edge for me too. And I get the development / injury angle, but I always feel squeamish when an injury results in a finger quickly being pointed at someone in management. You would think mostly it's just plain bad luck.
  7. I agree. Getting healthy players and prospects back is the key. Shit happens and blaming management for bad luck seems misguided. But I do put more blame on one guy in management. The Chairman has the final say. The Machado fiasco was demoralising. What if another owner, with a willingness to open his pocketbook (what did the Padre owner say - something like "I had to do it for the fans"), oversaw the operations. I don't think Hahn would have nearly as much stink on him. How would Hahn do with a ballclub that had an owner that did not hamstring him. At least the team philosophies regarding international spending, player development and analytics have been trending upwards recently under our three headed monster. Too early to tell how it's turning out.
  8. Not that we think there's anything wrong with that. 😍
  9. Then how about Iguchi as a comparison. He hit for a little more power than what many people project for Madrigal, but he was a seasoned 30 year old veteran when he started for the Sox. With the juiced ball and Madrigal becoming man strong, who knows. Personally I don't care about the homers much. I look forward the to the increased pressure on the defence and excitement caused by a true contact hitter. And Iguchi struck out about twice as much as he walked. Aparicio / Fox; Pods / Iguchi ........ then who knows (maybe Robert / Madrigal). When a batter reaches first in the first inning and stays there it feels like 9 innings of corpseball mentality settling in. We've witnessed too much of that over the years. I used to hate seeing an aged Tim Raines standing on first, smiling a lot, while having an apparent aversion to negatively impacting his career stolen base percentage. If the guy hitting second can't be counted on to make contact we'll be missing out on a winning aspect of the game. It's an especially valuable skill set against very good pitchers. Also great defence, leadership qualities. Can't wait.
  10. ottawa_sox

    Update: Machado met with Sox

    That '59 season is what made me a life-long Sox fan. My father was extremely hyped over the evil empire not winning and his enthusiasm branded me for life. I stayed home from school and got to see Mazeroski stick it to the Yanks the next year. Luckily a note for my school absence wasn't an issue.
  11. I think Lyman Bostock tried to give some money back because he was playing poorly. I think management said 'no', so he gave some of his salary to charity. In a sad case of reverse karma, he was murdered not too much later.
  12. ottawa_sox


    No doubt money is the big factor, but it would be nice to offer a home that one doesn't associate with the ubiquitous label of non-winner.
  13. ottawa_sox


    I hope this proves true. But as our ineptitude becomes more concrete, you would think the pressure to not sign here would increase as the amount of money needed to entice a highly sought after player moves towards an untenable position.
  14. ottawa_sox


    The suggestion at the beginning of the season was that they would have lots of money available to make an offer to the appropriate free agent(s). I believe Hahn said as much. The implication was that they would be able to fill in areas of need for the big push. To me, this does not imply that you would have to wait until 1 given year to add a player(s). If after this year the assessment is that, for instance, there is no suitable 3rd baseman in the pipeline for say the next 2 or 3 years, then adding a Machado a year early might make sense. Where does the line "blow it all up, for free agents" or the insult of swapping pinstripes for Yankee pinstripes fit into this idea. My guess is I have been a Sox fan longer than you have been on this planet.
  15. ottawa_sox


    What difference making free agent from this coming offseason, other than a confirmed masochist, would choose this team. That's my biggest concern with what we are witnessing.