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  1. SEALgep

    Eloy's Camp Unhappy: Grievance Possible

    There’s 25 guys on the roster, why does he have a right to a spot that will be taken away from one of them? These are players that are developing and essentially showcasing for a future role. I’m excited about Eloy, don’t mind that he’s pushing to come up. With that said, he isn’t entitled to anything. That’s the price of being an employee.
  2. SEALgep

    Once Again, Fire Ricky Renteria

    I admittedly do not follow the minor leagues very closely, but I have to think excessive bunting has more to do with development than anything else. I could very well be wrong, it would seemingly also fit Omar's style of play.
  3. SEALgep

    Once Again, Fire Ricky Renteria

    I am a big fan, but I'm sure Ozzie had something to do with it. They went the opposite.
  4. SEALgep

    2018-2019 J2 Intl Signing Period - White Sox Preview

    Miguel Tejada Jr is interesting. It was mentioned he’s not in the top 50 of international prospects, but he’s 15 years old. If he takes $300,000 put him in the system.
  5. SEALgep

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    Blake Swihart still a catcher, or relegated to utility? Looks like the BoSox are ready to deal him.
  6. SEALgep

    Once Again, Fire Ricky Renteria

    Omar Vizquel and Aaron Rowand as bench coach
  7. SEALgep

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    Probably, but I almost wonder if some young replacements rejuvenate the team. Baseball is great, but odd in that what you expect on paper often ends up being the opposite.
  8. Walker may or may not have been BPA, but the scout rankings supposedly supported that he was. Take the good with the bad. If this shows to be a less than ideal pick, but held true to the system of selecting, then so be it. From top to bottom of the drafting philosophy, it will be a net benefit. Walker represents a commitment to the strategy.
  9. SEALgep

    Draft Day 2 Thread - Rounds 3-10 (Tracker in OP)

    104 Guangorena, Kameron St. John Bosco HS (CA) C L/R HS SR 6' 0 180lbs DOB: 10/16/99 Random search from the undrafted, but might be a nice option.
  10. SEALgep

    White Sox select Nick Madrigal with 4th overall pick

    That’s what she said
  11. SEALgep

    White Sox select Nick Madrigal with 4th overall pick

    https://www.sbnation.com/mlb/2018/6/5/17411486/mlb-draft-2018-grades Weird analysis for Madrigal lol
  12. SEALgep

    The 2018 MLB Draft Thread (Tracker in OP)

    Is it me or do all the Cubs picks look like underslots?
  13. SEALgep

    The 2018 MLB Draft Thread (Tracker in OP)

    Smart to grab them both, Kowar may be better once he fills out
  14. SEALgep

    The 2018 MLB Draft Thread (Tracker in OP)

    Money and punchable face