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  1. Right now, I have DJ, Ekeler, Allen, Ridley, and Ross. Kirk over Ross or Ridley?
  2. I have two WR spots, two RB spots and a FLEX. Which five would you start this Sunday? David Johnson vs. Carolina Austin Ekeler vs. Houston Julian Edelman vs. Jets Brandin Cooks @ Cleveland Keenan Allen vs. Houston Calvin Ridley @ Indianapolis John Ross @ Buffalo James White vs. Jets Miles Sanders vs. Detroit Christian Kirk vs. Carolina
  3. knightni

    2019 Catch-All

    FYI - News is allowed, but politics are no longer allowed.
  4. knightni

    I don't think we can dump all this in Renteria's lap

    Renteria uses BUNT It's not very effective.
  5. Lost by 1 point because Joe Mixon forgot how to run - yes I know he got hurt.
  6. knightni

    2019 Celebrity Death Thread

    Esophageal Cancer from smoking.
  7. Collins played in two games for the Bears and was 1-0 as a starter. But, yes, Hanie was 0-4 as a starter.
  8. I would go to your predraft and take away 12 players per keeper allowed. Most likely, players 36+ will be the top available ones if there are two keepers.
  9. We had Michael Thomas 9 and Hunter Henry 16. Of course, Julio Jones and Nick Chubb were still there at 16.
  10. The worst thing for Indy is if they're just average and win 7 or 8 games. Brissett will be competent enough to be competitive, but not good enough to win anything. Middling draft selections for 5-7 years.
  11. knightni

    8/22 Games

    Att 22, he's too old for DOSL. He should be in Kanny at minimum.
  12. I don't trust the Panthers' offense; Cam is too unpredictable. Although, this is Carolina's season to be better. They alternate good and bad seasons depending on their schedule.
  13. knightni

    Field of Dreams Game: Sox vs. Yankees 8.13.20

    Overnight? They'll be in limos and to the Dubuque airport as quickly as the 7th inning ends.
  14. knightni

    Field of Dreams Game: Sox vs. Yankees 8.13.20

    They could have plastic corn. It's all about the look for the TV viewer anyway. No quality MLB-level baseball can be played in rural Iowa.