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  1. knightni

    2022 Celebrity Death Thread

    Arguably the greatest Minecraft player of all time. Technoblade, 23 - Cancer
  2. knightni

    AAP: Sam Abbott

    Playing independent ball in Gary this year. Probably done in the Sox system.
  3. knightni

    AAP: Isaiah Carranza

    25 years old and still bad at WS.
  4. knightni

    AAP: Bryce Bush

    No longer in the Sox minor league system.
  5. knightni

    AAP: Joel Booker

    Playing independent ball this year. Not a Sox farm player any more.
  6. knightni

    2022 Celebrity Death Thread

    Fred Ward, 79 - Actor Known for Tremors and Remo Williams
  7. knightni

    2022 Celebrity Death Thread

    Gino Cappelletti, 89 - Former AFL Player with the Patriots
  8. knightni

    2022 Celebrity Death Thread

    Bob Lanier, 73 - Former NBA All Star
  9. knightni

    2022 Celebrity Death Thread

    Naomi Judd, 76 - Country Music Singer
  10. knightni

    AAP: Jake Burger

    Filling in for injured Moncada again. Doing decently well.
  11. knightni

    AAP: Gavin Sheets

    Platoon/bench OF/1B. ON the MLB roster unless he gets traded.
  12. knightni

    AAP: Garrett Crochet

    Tommy John - out til 2023 Will no longer be a rookie then. May never be a starter with the Sox.
  13. knightni

    AAP: Seby Zavala

    In AAA after losing backup job to Reese McGuire.