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  1. knightni

    Dear Ricky

    Ozzie and Robin both used to do this. Remember shoehorning Keppinger, Wise, and Graffanino into lineup cards because they batted lefty or righty?
  2. knightni

    2019 Celebrity Death Thread

    Grumpy Cat, 7 UTI
  3. knightni

    2019 Celebrity Death Thread

    Doris Day, 97
  4. knightni

    **SPOILER THREAD * Avengers Endgame * SPOILER THREAD*

    I missed that. Pretty convenient I suppose.
  5. knightni

    **SPOILER THREAD * Avengers Endgame * SPOILER THREAD*

    Loki has the Tesseract, but he had it after Avengers anyway. Remember, he was taken back to Asgard with Thor and the Tesseract. Then, he broke out of "jail" and got it back, iirc.
  6. knightni

    **SPOILER THREAD * Avengers Endgame * SPOILER THREAD*

    Gamora, Loki and Vision's deaths are fixed. She (2014 Gamora) dusted when Iron Man snapped his fingers. I really believe that there will be an after-credits scene in GOTG 3 showing Cap returning the Soul Stone to the water and Black Widow returning.
  7. knightni

    **SPOILER THREAD * Avengers Endgame * SPOILER THREAD*

    A rat saved the universe.
  8. knightni

    2019 NFL Draft Thread

    Because the NFL is pushing offense, offense, offense with their rules and penalties.
  9. knightni

    2019 NFL Draft Thread

    That's also Miles Boykin, but he has issues with route running.
  10. knightni

    2019 NFL Draft Thread

    But, Lynch was so smart to steal from Pace...
  11. knightni

    MARVEL Universe Thread

  12. knightni

    Name Change? Anything else needed?

    You can now change your display name one time in 365 days. Go to the pull down menu - top right and go to your account settings.
  13. knightni

    Sox acquire Alex Colome For Narvaez

    Narvaez is hitting pretty well this year so far.
  14. knightni

    MARVEL Universe Thread

    Civil War Avengers 1 Ragnarok Avengers 3 Iron Man Winter Soldier Black Panther Guardians 1 Thor Captain 1 Captain Marvel Ant-Man and Wasp Avengers 2 Ant-Man Iron Man 2 Spider-Man 1 Guardians 2 Iron Man 3 Strange Hulk Thor 2
  15. knightni

    2019 MLB Catch All thread

    Would Baltimore eat the rest of the contact? It's like 70-90 mil.