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  1. knightni

    2018 NFL Draft

    You're correct. I meant Tremaine.
  2. knightni

    2018 NFL Draft

    Everyone keeps talking up Terell Edmunds. I'm not sure he works because he's a tweener and a ILB. I really think that they need OL help and corner DE help.
  3. knightni

    Sports Media discussion

    My local FM radio affiliate has Golic and Wingo, Dan Patrick, and Rich Eisen back to back to back.
  4. knightni

    MARVEL Universe Thread

    We have a discount theater. Tickets were $5.00 each and a large popcorn with two large drinks is $6.00.
  5. knightni

    MARVEL Universe Thread

    Got Thursday night preview tickets for Avengers Infinity War. #excited!
  6. knightni

    2018 NFL Draft

    I would like Nelson round one, then either an edge rusher or wide receiver in round two.
  7. knightni

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    QUOTE (WBWSF @ Apr 18, 2018 -> 09:53 AM) Forbes Magazine said that the White Sox will have $260 in yearly revenue in 2018. The Sun Times said the White Sox team payroll (which is 28th in MLB) for 2018 will be $60 million dollars. JR and his investors are laughing all the way to the bank with this dismal team. Good for them. I wish that my investments were as successful. Imagine the profits if fans actually showed up on a regular basis.
  8. knightni

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    I've never been a fan of Reinsdorf overall, but at least he cares enough about the teams to try to win. Some ownership groups are just in it for the cash.
  9. knightni

    2018 NFL off-season thread

    They say that his neck isn't a concern. https://247sports.com/nfl/pittsburgh-steele...ealth-117427961
  10. knightni

    2018 NFL off-season thread

    QUOTE (soxfan49 @ Apr 17, 2018 -> 04:08 PM) Supposedly LVE's neck is f***ed. Rumors swirled yesterday that he's off of most teams' boards. I think Edmunds can play EDGE although he never has. I guess the assumption is his athleticism and Fangio's coaching will eventually get him to be successful there. IMO, he's best inside and roaming all over, similar to Anthony Barr. Edmunds is so huge though (6'5" 250), he seems like a natural to be OLB/Edge in a 3-4.
  11. knightni

    2018 NFL off-season thread

    Would Edmunds be able to play edge in the 3-4 scheme? I'd love to have him and Vander esch both.
  12. knightni

    2018 Celebrity Death thread

    Feb 7 - Mickey Jones, 76 - Drummer for Kenny Rogers and New Edition; Actor in many TV shows and movies Feb 9 - Craig MacGregor, 68 - Bassist for Foghat Feb 9 - Wally Moon, 87 - Outfielder for the Dodgers and Cardinals Feb 11 - Vic Damone, 89 - Singer Feb 12 - Marty Allen, 95 - Comedian Feb 13 - Tito Francona, 84 - Outfielder for Indians and others; father of Terry Feb 21 - Billy Graham, 99 - Evangelist Mar 3 - Roger Bannister, 88 - Known for the first sub-4 minute mile Mar 3 - David Ogden Stiers, 75 - Actor M*A*S*H and other shows Mar 9 - Chris Gedney, 47 - Former Bears TE Mar 12 - Craig Mack, 47 - Rapper Mar 14 - Stephen Hawking, 76 - Theoretical Physicist Mar 15 - Tom Benson, 90 - New Orleans Saints owner Mar 22 - Wayne Huizenga, 80 - Businessman/Sports Owner Mar 29 - Rusty Staub, 73 - Baseball player for Mets/Expos Apr 13 - Milos Forman, 86 - Director of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Apr 16 - Hal Greer, 81 - Basketball player for the Philadelphia 76ers
  13. knightni

    Juan, 2B

    QUOTE (Quin @ Apr 14, 2018 -> 12:11 AM) This is the greatest thread in SoxTalk history. Not even close
  14. knightni

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Apr 13, 2018 -> 10:19 AM) I mean he got that great new modern facility built in San Francisco. How many years did he drag a 5 time SB champ on in an ancient, substandard, shared Candlestick Park?
  15. knightni

    2018 MLB catch all thread

    QUOTE (iWin4Ron @ Apr 5, 2018 -> 03:07 PM) 25 Greatest pitchers of all time : https://www.cheatsheet.com/sports/greatest-...html/?a=viewall "All-time" doesn't seem to remember anything much pre-1960.