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  1. knightni

    Jeremy Reed has a new job

    There's a chance that we wouldn't have the 2005 title without him being traded away.
  2. knightni

    Jeremy Reed has a new job

    I just saw that Reed is Joe Maddon's new hitting coach for his 2020 Angels team. Has he coached before?
  3. Guy in my league waived Brady. Was I smart to pick him up for Rivers? He'll probably be only my bye week QB for Rodgers.
  4. knightni

    Josh Donaldson

    Well, since he made $23 mil for one season last year, I doubt that he'd accept less.
  5. knightni

    Josh Donaldson

    Why would you pay a guy $30 mil a year to rotate?
  6. knightni

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Granted, his OL is inexperienced/bad; but yes, he should have been tutored better by the coaching staff. He's still making the same poor progressions and decisions from the last 2 seasons. What makes it worse is that defenses are figuring him out and scheming to his weaknesses.
  7. knightni

    Josh Donaldson

    The beginning of this is flawed because Donaldson is a 3rd baseman and Moncada would have to be moved to another position if he signs. Will he be going back to 2nd and blocking Madrigal, or wasting away his youth at 1B and blocking Vaughn?
  8. knightni

    Hall of Fame Ballot (1970-1987)

    Whitaker should be automatic. I have a soft spot for Tommy John as he had a long career and is on the edge stats-wise for induction.
  9. knightni

    Kannapolis now has a new name

    So, Dale Earnhardt's colors, then.
  10. https://www.independenttribune.com/news/kannapolis-baseball-fans-invited-for-new-team-name-logo-mascot/article_4e984c84-cb32-11e9-bc84-7bf1d9cc42fe.html More updates soon.
  11. knightni

    2019 Celebrity Death Thread

    Arizona Cardinals owner Bill Bidwell, 88
  12. knightni

    2019 Celebrity Death Thread

    Actress Diahann Carroll, 84
  13. knightni

    2019 Celebrity Death Thread

    Comedian Rip Taylor, 88.
  14. Is MIke Evans okay? I got a trade offer from someone including him.
  15. Didn't they trade it because they went over the cap previously and couldn't use it anyway?