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  1. Now sign Bauer!! Yeah not likely but would be a hell of a capper..
  2. EvilJester99

    Oscar Colas declared free agent

    Just a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude.
  3. EvilJester99

    Kyle Schwarber signs with Nationals: 1 year 10mil

    An outfield or Eloy and Schwarb?? Yikes.. the meltdowns would be epic though..
  4. EvilJester99

    Ozzie not a candidate

  5. EvilJester99

    Trade Watch Rumor

    What an absolute waste of a day off..
  6. EvilJester99

    White Sox Acquire Jarrod Dyson from PIT

    Pretty much a nothing burger.. meh
  7. EvilJester99

    7/26 GT - Twins at Sox - 1:10pm

    What happened to Eloy?
  8. Waited forever.. for this. Sheesh
  9. EvilJester99

    Giants @ Sox (SS) | 2:05 PM CT | Whitesox.com

    Hawk would be going nuts.. Mike Yastrzemski is Yaz’ grandson.
  10. EvilJester99

    White Sox Sign Robert to Extension

    Awesome sauce!! Let’s fucking go!!
  11. EvilJester99

    Castellanos to Reds , rumored 4/64M

    Personally I’d take Puig..